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Hairstyles have a big impact when you attend a special occasion. You can’t go with a simple ponytail or "I wake up like a messy bun", many hairstyles are reserved by the hair protectors for such precious moments. And you only have to accept one of them to meet your needs.

If you have one long hair is a blessing for you. You can play and experiment with it Updos . One of the best suggestions can be special updo. It looks great on short or medium length hair. But it is needless to say that perfection only comes on long hair. It gives it a distinctive, extravagant look and you can hold it in the same excellent position with pins, spray wax and lots of hairspray.

So the next time you go out with friends or go on your first date with the traditional hairstyle, wear one of these special updos for long Hair and get a super-glam look to rock your day.

1. Wedding updo for long hair

While may not want to be typical bridal hairstyle On your wedding day, trying this wedding updo on your long hair can be enjoyable. This elegant updo requires a lot of commitment to be firmly arranged. These layers of strands of twisted hair just add more and more Glamor in any color you choose to be your wedding dress.

2. Long hair French updo

French updos are something that doesn’t take too long. Depending on your specific hair type, you can skip combing the back for more volume and a classic look. It requires a step by step guide to follow. Layers initially produced are given the strength to be in their place by being plugged in. And before you finish, apply the required amount of spray to get the piece-by-piece texture you want


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