So that your haircut does not make you look old

September 16, 2016 — by MCutts0

Basically, beautiful hair is the result of optimal hair care. But only the appropriate haircut makes it something special. It is no longer just women who explicitly make sure that the hairstyle is correct. But women in particular can look years older with the wrong styling. This can be due to the length and color of the hair or the hairstyle itself. With the HairstyleFinder from Sastre, however, such styling errors can be avoided so that your haircut does not make you look unnecessarily old.

Possible reasons why your haircut makes you look older

Both the hair color and the hair structure are given to us from birth. While some can look forward to wonderful curls, others love their straight blonde hair. In the course of our lives, however, we change the hairstyle to go with the trend or simply because you feel more comfortable with it. But even the hair color is sometimes inferior to your own mood or a trend, which is why it is quite quickly changed nowadays. But hairstyles and hair colors are not always true to type and can have the more negative effect of looking older, especially for women.

A short haircut is not always optimal:

A short haircut is not always just a matter of taste and short hairstyles. Often it can be too thin or too old thinning hair be the reason why you choose a chic short hairstyle. But depending on the type, it can make it look old. You can easily test whether a short hairstyle suits you with Sastre’s HairstyleFinder.

Hair that is too long always needs care and a good haircut:

Long hair has always been very popular, but many identify themselves with this optical feature. In addition, long hair has the advantage that you can flexibly bring it into a variety of shapes and hairstyles. From everyday ponytails to elaborate updos, hairstyles with long hair can be created for every occasion. But without a reasonable haircut, long hair quickly looks neglected and unhealthy, which is why a regular visit to the hairdresser should definitely be in order. Which haircut best suits you with long hair can be practically tried out in a few minutes with Sastre’s HairstyleFinder software.

Hairstyles that are too strict cannot always score:

In some professions it has become established in recent years that the hairstyles for women can be described as strict. A tight bun not only conveys a well-groomed appearance, but also symbolizes strength and toughness that women like to flaunt, especially on executive floors or as decision makers. Unfortunately, such strict hairstyles make every woman look older. Try to add a bit of variety to your appearance with the Sastre HairstyleFinder app and try hairstyles with bangs.

But hair colors that are too dark or too blonde can also help you to be perceived as much older than you actually are. Especially from a certain age, the hair color can play a crucial role. But broken hair, which often results from straightening or blow drying too often, can make someone look old.

Sastre’s HairstyleFinder software has great potential

With the easy-to-use Hairstyle Finder app from Sastre, you can test which hairstyle is right with a virtual haircut for her best suited. Based on your photo, your face after the golden Cut to measure, and then send you a detailed report via email after one to three days. This comprehensive report includes all of the individual information about your face. In addition, in this evaluation you will find hairstyle suggestions that suit you. Leave the hairstyle that suits you no longer just a mood, but use Sastra and his professional face measurement. Because beautiful hair is given to you – with us you get the best out of your haircut.


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