Skilfully concealed: the best hairstyles for fine hair

February 5, 2016 — by MCutts0

You have fine hair by nature and you want a hairstyle that conjures up more volume? All you need is the right haircut and the tender strands become a seductive mane. We’ll show you the right hairstyles for fine hair to make it look more voluminous.

A bob is always the perfect style for fine hair

It is also important that you have the right care and styling products for your fine hair used. Pay attention, easy to use so that your fine hair is not weighed down and just hangs down. For this we recommend the right conditioner in the shower, such as the Schauma miracle fill conditioner. For the subsequent styling of your hairstyle you use the Schauma Power volume 48 h hair dryer spray.

Volume and momentum for your fine hair: With these hairstyles it works

We do not recommend long hair, since the long strands often hang weakly and it is particularly noticeable that your hair structure is rather fine. Short hairstyles, on the other hand, are ideal for fine hair. You look really stylish with a cheeky pixie cut or a garcon cut. You can quickly get these trendy short haircuts with or without bangs in the morning with a little gel, like the Taft Power Elastic Gel. Even an asymmetrical cut is always the perfect partner for fine hair, because the unusual cut distracts optically from the delicate structure of the hair.

The bob: your favorite for thin hair

With steps in your under hair, your hairstyle looks fuller

However, short cuts on fine hair are not a must. That doesn’t mean you have to cut your delicate strands radically now. A medium-length bob or a long bob are go-to hairstyles for women with fine hair. With a small Trick you can make your hair look even more voluminous. Ask your hairdresser to cut very light, unobtrusive steps under the top coat. This will make your hair look fuller. But be careful: This is only possible if you have fine hair but a lot of it.

Strands optically provide more volume

Styling with waves also creates more volume

You can also give your fine hair more volume with special coloring techniques. Color accents such as highlights will help you here. The various highlights give your hair more depth and make it appear fuller. In addition, you can provide a handy mane with little helpers. The Got2b Powderful Volume Powder instantly gives your fine hair more volume. You simply distribute it at the base and in just a few seconds you experience the power boost.


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