Simple prom hairstyles for long hair

For any high school girl, the Prom Night, the final event of student life is one of the most dreamed and expected nights of her life. All stones are as perfect as possible – it is the silk clothes or the perfect make-up and of course the hairstyle. When the girl boasts a thick shiny mane of long hair, getting this perfect, romantic, classically trendy hairstyle is vital for the overall flawlessly glamorous prom look!

Here are a few simple great long hairstyles for prom

Ballerina bun with a bow

Top knot buns are the latest fashions, so why not the ballerina style. Extremely simple prom hairstyle for long hair, this simple, cute yet chic bun can enhance any outfit and improve the femininity and glamor quotient of any young lady. Add a satin bow that complete a stunning look. But don’t forget the spray to stay clean for the buns as you dance the night away.

Here’s a video on how to do ballerina buns with a bow:

Elegant prom half updo

For those looking for a simple but elegant long hairstyle for prom, nothing beats the elegant prom half updo. Those with curly hair absolutely adore updo hairstyles for prom, but those with straight strands can get the perfect curls in less than minutes. The hair remains loose to have its own dance, yet perfectly arranged things to keep effort free for you. Soft locks on the front, high heels and a stylish evening dress and whoa! You are ready to steal all attention. Pass it on pep with narrow and long danglers.

Here’s a video on how to do elegantly prom half-updo

Side-Swept Fishtail Braid for very long hair

If traditionally as updos are not your prom style for the long strands, that`s perfectly fine! decorate instead of the sophisticated and glamorous braids as a fashion style statement. Creating great fashion news this season, braids are definitely the latest chic and glamor idea from prom hairstyle for long hair. Among all types of braids, fishtail braids hairstyle remain an exclusive favorite with me. Make the side-swept fishtail braid hairstyle and give it every character you desire. Loosen the braid carefully to give the in-vogue messy and natural look. Raise it to a celebrity braid by leaving some haircuts slightly wavy and loose. If you have some color accents on your hair before braiding it or decorating it with flowers, be sure that the flirtiness of your braid will attract the attention of the opposite sex. In pompadour volume on the front part and transform the catchy style statement into a more polished and glamorous perfect prom hairstyle.

top: The style can also be done with any type of French braid.

Here is a video on how to side-swept fishtail braid haircut for very long To create hair:

The long and straight look

Sometimes those gorgeous and thick manes of straight hair don’t need crutches to attract attention. Long straight hairstyles look great when smooth and healthy. In addition, gals of any height and shape can be worn on any outfit with great momentum. No wonder it’s an all-time favorite prom hairstyles for long hair. Give him a side or middle parting and generous dose of the gloss serum with a little spray so that it remains manageable. Go over the red carpet with him with complete confidence to make a style statement.

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For those who add characters to prom hairdos, layer them or accents of color or light ruffles Add and see the party go crazy about you.

Braided bun

This classic prom hairstyle is not only prey style at the time, but has a timeless quality as well associated with it. With a variety of braids and a side bun, center piece or top knot bun to create it, the options of styling are enormous. Equipping it with flowers, decorations, or decorative hairpins can take these braided buns to a whole new level. Compatible with any type of dress, heels and woman of any shape and facial features, the style is tied to others positively amazed .Few worth leaving super simple and more popular to mention are boho chic braid, lace weave updo, star burst braid bun hairstyle etc are just a few worth mentioning.

Here is a video on how to create a braided bun hairstyle:

Glam pony

Contrary to popular belief, a simple ponytail can grace the most glamorous and polished look like a prom of any formal event. Simple and solid, this surefire style`s charm is enhanced with loose curls or a simple flower hidden on the ponytail style.

We hope this article was helpful to you. Let us know which hairstyle adorns you. Do you have any other simple style of your sleeves? Share with our readers. You would love it like us!


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