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Here you can find simple and quick hairstyles for everyday life.

On a whole normal day at school or university you certainly don’t want to style yourself for hours in the morning and put your hair on a complex hairstyle. Rather, it has to Go hair styling quickly and require little effort. We have here to keep you from a hair disaster and so that you don’t always walk around with the same look ten simple hairstyles listed for every day. So you are perfectly prepared in everyday life and need for it no more than ten minutes.

Ten simple hairstyles for every day

1.Ponytail: We start with that classic. The ponytail sounds boring at first, but is one of the most diverse simple hairstyles. First you can choose whether you want the ponytail athletic design by placing it as high as possible on the head or whether you prefer the elegant Choose a variant in the neck area. In addition, this hairstyle works with a side and middle parting, ponies of all variations as well as simply with completely combed back hair. You can drop the elegant ponytail straight and one streak of your hair wrap around the hair tie, which you pin with a hairpin. This clean look is especially suitable for those cold season. It also looks stylish when you wear the braid under an extravagant scarf.

2.Braided ponytail: A great variant of the ponytail are built-in braiding. You can use this anywhere on the head. The easiest way is to just braid the loose strands of your ponytail down. But you can only do that at first hair on the top of the head adorn with flourishes and then fix it with a hair tie. The actual braid then remains unbraided. It is also possible to braid only a few thin strands of the ponytail. This way you create a casual one Hippielook. Depending on the braiding variant, you need about ten minutes for this hairstyle. It also fits perfectly in spring and summer if you have a playful dress and sweet Sandeltten wear.

3. Side braid with braiding:

A braid on the side is also suitable for everyday wear.

You can of course vary the ponytail by its position. Side braids are – especially with braiding – on the Oktoberfest often seen, but are also suitable for the normal school day. You can start braiding at the top of your head and then work your way down. The fastest is the braid variant with three strands that are placed on top of each other. Advanced braiders can also use a side braider Fischgrätenzopf create. You need about seven to ten minutes to do this.

4. Lateral bun: You can also easily play one from the 3rd hairstyle variant side bun conjure. Rotate for this the one hanging over your shoulder Part of the braid and put it behind your ear hairclips firmly. For the side bun you need about five minutes extra.

5. Messy Bun:

The Messy Bun is the trend hairstyle of last year

The trend hairstyle of last year par excellence and particularly popular with Long hair wearers the Messy Bun- is the messy bun. This is usually worn high on the head, but can theoretically be placed anywhere. To do this, first combine your hair into a simple ponytail. Toupiere then put your hair on and wrap it around the hair tie. Then all you have to do is pin your Messy Bun with hair clips and pins. This straightforward, wild hairstyle is done in seven minutes.

6. Open hair with braided or twisted lock: Comb your hair strictly back and let it fall open. Then take one at a time left and right streak in the front of your head and twirl or braid this backwards. You can then pin the two strands with hairpins on the back of the head or connect them with a hair tie. This hairstyle is especially suitable for long hair without bangs and goes particularly well with yours Fall outfit, if you have some thin highlights from the Pull out braiding. This creates an untamed look that takes about ten minutes.

7.Inside-out braid: The principle described under 6 is also used for the inside-out braid. So grab two strands of hair at the back of the head, which can also be braided or twisted, with an inconspicuous one scrunchy together. Then you lift this braid slightly and pull the covered by the hair tie Streak through the opening, which was created at the point where the left and right strands meet. So these are rotated again and it is created elegant Look for which you need five to ten minutes, depending on whether you previously braided.

8.Double braid: This hairstyle is for women with medium or long hair suitable. First tie all for the double braid guard hairs with a hair tie high on the head. The second braid is then made with the remaining hair over the neck including the strand of the upper braid.

9. Sleek Hair: For girls with straight hair the so-called sleek hair is suitable. This combs and solved You pull your hair backwards and the liquid creates a kind Wetlook. This hairstyle can be used with both long as well as short hair be imitated. It is important that the gel is on the Side or middle parting is attached and then combed into the lower hair regions. If you have no or a longer bangs, you can simply pull your hair back. Depending on how smooth and wet you want your hairstyle to be, you need five to ten minutes for the sleek look.

10. Hairstyle screwed into the hair band: For the last simple hairstyle you need a hairband, which you first put over the upper part of your head. Then you put your hair in the neck area little by little under the tape, basically wrapping it around. You then roll the hair tips that are left over into the ribbon. Use hairpins and clips to fix this ten-minute hairstyle.

But a little fancier? With these three accessories you can upgrade simple hairstyles

Accessories adorn your simple hairstyle and make it more chic.

1. Flowers in the hair: This year THE Trend on the big Runways – Hairbands or ribbons with showy flowers. These are allowed to do something greater drop out and round up spring or summer outfit only from. This will also upgrade your hairstyle. For example, braid a side braid or leave your hair open. With flowers in your hair you can also see in the autumn and perfectly styled especially at the Oktoberfest.

2nd loop: Also welcomed at the fashion shows plain colored ribbons, the too grind were knotted. You can use this to get a high Upgrading ponytails, by simply wrapping the ribbon around the hair tie and tying a bow in the top or side area. This way you create a girlish, playful look that fits perfectly in school or university.

3. Silk scarves: In the 90s, triangular scarves were modern, but they were simply placed on the head with the long edge forward and knotted at the neck. This trend is coming a bit now high-quality back with silk scarves, but more like your hairstyle support than to cover your head entirely. For example, wear a messy bun and then wrap a colorful silk scarf – also messy – for the bun.


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