Simple hairstyles: if it has to be quick: 5-minute hairstyles for the office

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by Redaktion July 13th 2018 at 4:32 p.m.

In the morning we are often in a hurry and there is actually no time for hairstyling. Actually – because with these 5-minute hairstyles you can still come to the office with a great style.

Was the snooze button all too tempting again? When time is short in the morning, it is not so easy to get a reasonable hairstyle. But there are everyday hairstyles that you can do at any time in a few minutes . This easy Hairstyles are practically always successful and still look stylish.

An important requirement is that your hair is generally well cared for. Straw-like, split hair doesn’t look good in an elaborate hairstyle, and certainly not in a quick one. But if you have a good haircut by default and your hair is healthy and shiny , you can get these quick hairstyles in the morning in no time.

5 hairstyles each 5 minutes

Half-open: A classic look that always goes for the office: You wear your hair mostly open and only take the front parts off your face. This prevents the hair from falling into your face all the time and is therefore practical at work . You can also try out this simple hairstyle in different versions: with or without parting, antoup or smooth, high or low tied. In any case, you grab the front strands of hair and tie them together at the back of the head. It is also a clever variant to twist the hair in while doing so. Disadvantage: If the hair is already slightly greasy and you do not have time to wash, this hairstyle is not optimal, because you can clearly see the approach at the back of the head.


Messy Dutt: This hairstyle is perfect if the hair somehow doesn’t want to lie and you don’t even have enough time to comb it thoroughly. The hair is wanted to look a little messy! Simply form a high braid . The scrunchy it’s best to put it around your right wrist. Now you pull the hair through the ribbon and form a bun. If individual hairs come loose, that’s not a problem!

Hairstyle with a hair band: With a hair band you can quickly form a simple hairstyle that also looks classy if your hair is at least shoulder length. Put the hair band on as you like it. It doesn’t matter how far in front or behind it sits . Secure the ribbon with hair clips. Now you stuff the hair in streaks from above into the hair band. Work your way from one side to the middle. Especially in the middle, you should then fix the hair with hair clips. A little glossy hairspray completes the look.

Braid: A ponytail is always made quickly. Even if you only have 5 minutes, you can spice it up a bit. For example, you can tie a very high ponytail or attach the tail at medium height and lightly topple the back of the head. It also looks girly and pretty to roll up the side panels beforehand . With very long hair, you have the option of dividing the ponytail with hair ties. Simply tie hair ties into the braid at constant intervals. A deep ponytail looks very serious: Simply pull a middle or side parting and tie the hair at the neck.

Open hair: The easiest and fastest way: just wear your hair open. Five minutes are enough to lightly screw in the tips with a curling iron or a warm air brush and thereby give the hair new momentum. However, this everyday hairstyle only looks suitable for the office if your hair is nice and smooth and shiny.


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