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Every day the ladies ask themselves the same question: what should I wear today and how should I wear my hair? And the same scenario is always played: got up late and only a short time to prettish up. In our hectic life, every woman wants to look elegant, stylish and modern in just a few steps. Whether you are in a hurry for the office or for a date, the possibilities are numerous. In our post you will find great and simple hairstyles for everyday life.

Simple hairstyles for everyday life: look pretty in just a few steps

Ponytails, updos, braids are just that some of the variants that you can try. It may look complicated, but you can easily create such hairstyles quickly. All you need is simple instructions and a little patience to create the look you want. Today the ladies strive for a more casual and pleasing look and the complex hairstyles are a real kitsch. You can also combine different hairstyles, just use your imagination! Check out our guides for simple hairstyles for everyday wear.

Instructions for a toupee ponytail:

  1. Dab your hair down to length
  2. You should then comb the top hair back
  3. Leave out a finger-wide strand at the nape of your neck and tie a deep braid.
  4. Wrap the lock of hair around the hair band and pin it

“Cable loop” for straight hair

  1. Divide a section of pony-sized hair on the front of the head
  2. Tie the rest of the hair into a deep ponytail using a rubber
  3. Part the previously divided part in the middle
  4. Take both strands to the side and lay them crosswise around the rubber
  5. Fix it “invisibly” underneath with a hair clip

More casual waves:

  1. Divide your hair into 4 large parts and braid them from the roots to the ends
  2. Quickly pull the braids through a flat iron and then let the hair cool down
  3. Then use hairspray to fix the hair
  4. Loosen the braids and then comb through with fingers. Now you have nice, smooth waves

Braid with bun

  1. Comb your hair back and do a braid on the nape of your neck
  2. Use dry shampoo in the lengths
  3. Divide the braid into two and then knot until processing the whole braid
  4. Twist the knot into a bun and pin it
  5. Fix with hairspray

Braided wreath: perfect for a party

  1. Pull a middle parting up to the neck
  2. You should then divide a 5 cm strand on the left neck into three and braid a French braid towards your forehead
  3. Repeat the same action on the right side of the neck
  4. Cross the braid ends and fasten loosely

Chubby braid

  1. With a curling iron, wave the outer hair into broad strands . Let cool the hair.
  2. Fix with hairspray and then knead in
  3. Starting at the back of the neck, braid a loose braid. Pull a few strands of forehead for better effect
  4. Fix again with hairspray

Celebrity hairstyles and simple instructions

Do you want to look like a star? You may also have noticed that the intricate hairstyles are actually old-fashioned and even the celebrities strive for a natural look. Many famous women have shared their opinions about makeup and glamorous hair. And everyone agrees: The more natural, the better. Therefore, simple hairstyles have a big advantage for everyday life: they are just as suitable for parties and official occasions. Half bun, Beach waves, braids, casual bun: there is a wide variety. In our gallery you will find examples inspired by the stars and also some simple photo instructions that you can try out.


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