Simple and cute hairstyles for short, medium and long hair – new hairstyle style

Simple and cute hairstyles for short, medium and long hair

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Date: 7 July 2018 – 9:16 pm

Every hair length deserves its light and sweet hairstyles. Simple hairstyles for short hair can look perfect and beautiful, as well as cute simple hairstyles for long hair. Don’t be afraid of experimentation and try other ideas, from simple curly hairstyles to simple pinup hairstyles.

Nice simple hairstyles for short hair

Romantic and simple hairstyle for short hair

This not only beautiful and elegant, but also light pin up hairstyle is achieved with short, straight hair. You just have to style your hair in curly curls with the help of a curling iron. Then comb it lightly on the crown and sweep your hair into a deep side part, grab random sections, pin the hair back and over the neck. To finish your wonderful style, you need to curl the strands and strands that don’t make it into the gathered pin. Furthermore, if you already have curly hair, you will waste your time curling save on how you can instantly get a curly hairstyle with just a few pins.

Sweet cake short simple hairstyle

This short, light hairstyle is for those women who want something a little bolder than the typical A-line bob. You can take on a new, popular shape and add a fun fashion color to impress everyone. To achieve such a simple and cute hairstyle, you need to apply a light hair foam, if your hair is still damp (it gives your hair shine and weightless volume), blow dry it with a round brush and comb your hair towards part of the hair and, finally, use some light hairspray to get a gorgeous look. This cute light hairstyle for short hair fits all face shapes. If your hair is in order, it will experience more movement with this quick cute hairstyle. If your hair is curly and thick, this simple short hairstyle will give it more texture.

Nice simple hairstyle for short hair, stacked bob

Here is a timeless classic short pile bob that is really easy to maintain and put on. You can easily make this simple cute hairstyle yourself if you leave a small length in the front to add variety to your styling options. First, it is recommended to apply a little smoothing cream to damp hair and then dry with a Denman brush or a small paddle brush. Second, it is advisable to dry a side part in the hair by following the shape of the head with a brush while blow drying.

If necessary, you can straighten the hair with a flat iron. And finally, apply some glossy soft hairspray without hold but very delicious smell. It is worth noting that this short light hairstyle works well for all face shapes except for round faces and full cheeks. You should always remember that this cute quick hairstyle emphasizes roundness. It is not recommended for loose hair types as they have to seriously invest in a smoothing treatment.

There’s also an important tip for this quick cute hairstyle – don’t lie flat on your hair unless it is all of the same color. If you choose a color that matches your main aspect, you will definitely emphasize your perfect look.

Sweet simple hairstyles for medium hair

This quick and easy hairstyle is cute, sexy, and can definitely be worn day to night. To start styling, it is advisable to apply some thickening lotion or gel to clean and damp hair. While drying your hair, use a small round brush until the ends of your hair fold up. When the hair is completely dry, slide an iron over the ends in an upward motion. To accentuate the texture and give your style some hold, put a small amount of pomade on your fingertips and run through the ends of your hair. This simple hairstyle for medium-sized hair looks wonderful on oval and round face shapes; In addition, all hair types are suitable for this.

Modern wet set straight hairstyle for medium hair

When the weather is right, the wet styling holds the longest of all known hairdressing techniques. The hardest thing is to get used to it, but once you find out, you will be able to create simple and cute hairstyle. First, you should choose flexi rods that are suitable for your medium length hair and the desired curl. When the hair is damp, apply cream and gel and comb through. After that, you need to wrap and twist the hair around a flexi bar while curling near the scalp. To keep the rods in place, they should be bent.

The easiest way to dry the rods overnight, but if you want to do it quickly, do it under a dryer. Carefully unwind your hair from the chopsticks when they are completely dry. When you take out the curls, you define them one by one with the product. Especially women with small faces and thick hair should opt for larger rods so as not to lose face in thick, thick curls. In fact, this is not just a simple hairstyle for medium hair, but also one of the curly hairstyles.

Simple hairstyles for shoulder length hair

Flirty easy hairstyle for shoulder length hair

A bit of volume goes a long way with a quick and easy hairstyle for shoulder-length hair like this. The most important thing about shoulder length hair is that just a little styling can show a lot. As always, it is recommended to apply a hair styling cream when the hair is still damp and combing it through. Then blow-dry the hair with a medium round brush. If you want to create a special part, comb your hair in its direction.

However, a central part will come back into fashion and will make your look more glamorous. In addition, if you combine it with volume and curls, you will be the most beautiful lady of the day. Then dry the hair against your face with the help of this round brush and bend the ends inwards. Finally, you can apply some gloss serum. This simple quick hairstyle is universal and fits almost everyone. It can be worn on straight hair as well as a curly hairstyle.

Pinged back Easy hairstyle for shoulder length hair

The look refers to simple pin-up hairstyles and can be styled on day-old curls to get a nice look every day. This cute quick hairstyle features shoulder-length fringe hair. To style it, you need to spray a heat protection hair spray on your dry hair, and then you need to separate and straighten the fringe. Curl your hair with the help of a large curling iron or curling iron. After combing the hair in the crown near the root, do not forget to straighten the crown.

After you’ve done all of these procedures, add the hair from the top and sides and shape it into the desired size bouffant. To complete it, pin the hair in place and loose curls around. As a hint, it’s worth noting that a medium-sized curling iron or a small curling iron can give smaller face shapes the same effect, but can be more proportional.

Nice simple hairstyles for long hair

Beach hippie easy quick hairstyle for long hair

This simple cute hairstyle takes two minutes in a state where you have several large hair clips, a curling iron, a light hair spray, and a glossy spray. It works well on long hair that is dry, slept, and even unwashed. This sweet, simple hairstyle for long hair is accomplished in six steps.

First you need to turn your hair over and spray hairspray lightly on the bottom, you should tip up and spray on the top as it dries gently

Second, collect the bang hair area and pin it with the help of hairpins so you can style the rest of your hair.

The third step says that you rolled away a few sections, the face wraps the hair around the iron at ear level and releases the ends from the curling iron.

Then you should unplug the bang to curl it like the rest of your hair.

The last two steps are easy too – just put your fingers apart in the hair at the back of your neck and shake the hair to make your curls look messy, but don’t pass your fingers through. Finally, put a piece of hair back on each side of the part and fix it with a hair clip, at the end the light pin up hairstyle with glossy spray.

braided cute simple hairstyle for long hair

A simple, cute hairstyle only takes five minutes if you have a small, clear hair tie, four small hairpins, a light hairspray, and a texturing cream. It works well on long hair that is curly, wavy or straight, it can be freshly blow dried or even unwashed. To begin with, you should part your hair where you do it, in fact the middle or side part will work just fine. Then you need to grab two finger-wide sections on each side of the part. After loosely making a braid of both sections to the back of the head where they will meet.

In order not to unravel it easily, it is recommended to apply a drop of pomade or texturing cream to the bottom of each braid. Now you have to secure both braids in the back with the help of transparent elastic. Finally, close the hairpins under the braid along your scalp, do it carefully so that the loose braids cannot fall out.


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