Simple and beautiful hairstyles – the best ideas for summer 2019 – german style

Modern people try to follow fashion in everything, even in their hair. Modern hairstyles differ in their originality and practicality. In a beauty salon or hair salon, a competent teacher will surely decide what is suitable for the customer. However, for every day there are options for hairstyles that you can do yourself at home.

Consider the most popular variants of simple and beautiful hairstyles for women

A modern girl should always look perfect and her elegant look depends heavily on the hairstyle. So what are the current fashion trends regarding hairstyles in girls? Nowadays the image of carefree women is very popular among women.

The leading position in the fashion and style world has been occupied by long hair for some time. The types of long haircuts are very different and your choice depends on many shades. Long hair is good because not only does it look impressive, it also provides the basis for the imagination when we try to create simple and beautiful hairstyles, and it is possible to choose from many variations of the hairstyles.

What simple and beautiful hairstyles does modernity offer us??

We try to do everything possible so that our hair seems to have more volume and dynamism. Today we’re going to show you hairstyles inspired by the famous American film actors. Today’s article offers many ideas for a woman’s modern style. The hair can be collected or left loose, everything depends on your mood. If you want, you can create a somewhat bold and happy picture. If you want to take a picture for an official appointment, there are a number of ways you can take hair.

Simple and beautiful hairstyles for women

There are ideas for every type of haircut, such as the irregular haircut, which has recently gained popularity, or the very short hair. The 21st century is a time of self-expression, and a good hairstyle gives the picture full of individuality and independence. Therefore, it is possible to create a natural feeling, which is another fashionable thing these days. It is worth noting that our ideas are simple and beautiful hairstyles that you won’t need long. Everything for you to have a more creative and sophisticated appearance without losing your time.

Simple and beautiful hairstyles for every day

Simple and beautiful hairstyles – ponytail with accessories: Blake Lively

The high ponytails are great, but adorned with a braid that has a shiny ribbon that better intertwines the hairstyle. It will look like you spent hours combing your hair when you really took less than 10 minutes! Become your own stylist with this hairstyle that deserves a red carpet.

The wet look: Ashley Graham

The look of wet hair has been very fashionable for about a year now and won’t go anywhere this summer. But that’s the secret: They don’t really use water to get the “wet” look. It’s about gel. Start with a small serving and only use more when you need it.

Simple and beautiful hairstyles – elegant and smooth: Kim Kardashian West

Kim’s look will make his morning very easy. The key is a reliable straightener that is also strong. Additional tip: A narrow plate allows you to get closer to your roots to achieve a clear look. Be sure to spray a heat protectant to protect your hair from damage.

Simple and beautiful hairstyles – Priyanka Chopra’s wild hair

Is there a look that means more summer and beach waves than slightly curly hair? Well no! Get them with the help of a small dry shampoo, run your hands through your hair and you’re good to go.

Braid headband: Tyra Banks

Tyra’s style seems very complicated, but in reality it’s incredibly easy to get to. Simply create two braids on one side of your head (you choose which one) and gently place them on top of the head. Adjust the setting with the hairpins (use the same color as your hair to hide them!), And you’ll have a “natural” headband in no time.

Simple and beautiful hairstyles – Kat Graham’s jumbled curls

Don’t be afraid to wear a more natural style this summer to make the most of your natural curls. To prevent heat from ruining your look, use a small mousse on your hair and fold your curls in no time.

Hair was pulled back by Gigi Hadid

If you’re tired of dealing with loose wicks or hair falling on your face this summer, just take a few hairpins, get inspiration from this 90s hairstyle, and remove the hair from your face. Colored clips make the weekend fun, while silver or gold clips for the Job are smarter.

Lucy Hale’s collected hair

If you want something original, choose this idea. Everyone will think you’re wearing an elegant, low tail when looking at you from the front, but when you turn around there’s a braid on your back. If you’re tired of ponytails, try braiding the hair in the middle of your head, then attach it with a rubber band.

Simple and beautiful hairstyles – very natural: Viola Davis

Summer is the perfect time to show off your natural hair! If you have natural curls, shine them best. To achieve a look like that of Viola Davis, use a shampoo that contains nourishing ingredients to soften the curls and help keep them tied together.

The Zoe Kravitz pixie haircut

Are you thinking of a very short hairstyle for this summer? Don’t be afraid to keep it messy. Ask your hairdresser to cut a few layers into your hair and apply some hair wax through your detonators with your fingers to give it a very structured look.

The pixie cut with the long back part of Scarlett Johansson

If you have shorter hair, get inspired by a lazy girl who doesn’t have time to waste in Scarlett’s intricate hairstyles by giving your hair some texture with some wax and putting it back with your fingers. It’s easy

Wavy hair is fashionable and more with the Mandy Moore cut

Are you ready for a simple style that takes just a few minutes? Just make a few slingshots for your hair and pin it Behind the ears.

The Semirecogido by Camila Cabello

It’s easy to add some texture to a half-combed hairstyle. To create this summer hairstyle, just twist the hair on each side of the head and secure it with hairpins.

Shay Mitchell’s shaggy tail

Are you ready for a simple style that takes just a few minutes? Gather your hair with a low tail and use a hair curler to create gentle waves for a Shay Mitchell-style hairstyle.

A side tail with a braid in the style of Jessica Alba

Do you love braids Then Jessica’s style could become her new goal. Simply braid your hair on the back of a head and then wrap it in a side tail. Make it more elegant by wrapping a strand of hair around the elastic.

The high chignon from Karrueche Tran

Perhaps one of the simplest summer hairstyles in history. A big bun like Karrueche will keep your hair out all day. However, add a braid on the back of the head to match your hairstyle.

Another idea for a natural bow is that of the singer Ciara

If possible, the laziest hairstyle favorite of all girls looks flawless. This deep arch is easy to restore and takes only a few seconds.

The natural hairstyle with a stripe in the center of Alison Brie

The median strips are everywhere now and they can look good if done well. Always have an iron ready in case your hair needs to be quickly tamed and straightened so that there are no waves in your hair. Use a little ointment to fix your hair.

Half-shrunk hair from Blake Lively

This classic and light Look is back. The actress has left half down and is making an elegant bun for a nice and elegant look on the top, showing some waves at the bottom.

Side panel collected by Anne Hathaway

For medium length hair, a slightly curved side part is super soft and sexy. Use a structured balm to bring the hair to one side and achieve a dramatic effect.

The Courteney Cox Bob

Fine hair is much more manageable when cutting at shoulder height and makes it very easy to put on loops. Use a volume spray to get a texture without stiffness.

The imperfect bob from Rihanna

To create a hairstyle and punk style, Rihanna looks beautiful with her bob. Start with a moisturizing treatment. Then use an iron until you reach the bottom third of your hair, then twist the iron to the end and turn it outward alternately to create the texture.

If you want a hairstyle with bangs

Delight in a casual Dakota fringe that is thick and thin for the best look. Check the oily hair between your face and hair with a dry shampoo so your bangs look messy.

High chignon style Kerry Washington

Modern, but so relaxed, the top bun from Kerry is very easy to make. First, dry your hair with a volumizing spray, stylists recommend. Then she says that she should put all her hair in a tight ponytail, which will then lay tightly around the base of the pony and hold her hair in place with a ponytail support. A solid foundation is needed to join this hairstyle. When you’re done, you can pull a few hairs out of the bun to create a modern and messy look.

Cheryl Cole’s original hairstyle

Messy and full body, the next hairstyle shows its wild side. Use a straightener to create waves and comb the hair from top to back. When you pull the hair back, squeeze the sides and loosen the top to make sure you don’t lose volume.

An accent braid like Brie Larson

Bries French Braid is a great way to avoid unwanted hair on hot, sweaty days. If you’re not sure what braiding skills you have, you can always make two turns and snap in with two X-shaped hairpins. Never use only one because it slips off.

Rose Byrne’s cut bob and curly curls

In the case of rose curls, Brown should wrap random curls around a curling iron, starting at the level of the cheek and ensuring that the direction of wrapping is alternating with each strand. When wrapping, remember to leave tips for a really messy appearance. Finish the hair by folding your hair down and shaking it to break the curls. Finally finish with hairspray, then separate well to separate.


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