Short veil

At the time of the crusades in Europe, the tradition of presenting the bride to the knight-groom who went from head to toe in one white Veil is wrapped. Modern customs are not that conservative – brides can choose a veil of any length. That is why a short veil becomes a common feature of wedding dresses.

What is the short wedding veil?

Wear today brides this veil that is more fit style of clothing, hairstyle and face type: lush veil at the waist, just a short thin chiffon shoulder length line or a small veil. The only requirement is a short veil in the selection of a suitable fabric trim veil dress. It is desirable in this case to repeat the floor veil repeat wedding skirt floor contours. It is noteworthy that a short one veil is not for everyone. Owners of plump cheeks and round faces must think carefully before putting on a very short veil.

Veil for short hair

Nothing will decorate a short cut of the bride, As a short veil, the shorter the hair, the shorter the veil. Laying waves in retro style in a complex with a short veil or veil will create a nice vintage picture. The veil can be fixed directly on the hair, as well as on a small hat, which should be better on one side.

Wedding hairstyles with short veils

In addition to a vintage picture with severe waves, there are several popular wedding hairstyles for a short veil:

  • High retro hairstyle in the style of the 60s;
  • Loose curls of the same length as the veil;
  • A sleek hairstyle with a knot at the back of the neck for a lush short veil is no longer than the belt.

Short veil hairstyles can also be asymmetrical. They are effectively topped with a long veil that can be fixed on the side of the hairstyle where the strands are longer.

Fat with a short dress

A short wedding dress is back Fashion The shorter the dress skirt, the shorter the fat. A short, lush veil goes perfectly with the dress, whose skirt is shorter at the front than the back. A trendy version is a straight mini dress over the knee in the system with the veil on the shoulders.


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