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Hair highlights short to medium hairstyles for women of color

Did you wait for your hair to grow longer, for it to color? If so, you should know that it is not worth the wait! There are different colors you can choose from, even if your hair is medium length. While short hairstyles have numerous color options to choose from medium-sized hairstyles, they will have more!

In the following section we discuss a number of Hair color ideas for medium hair along with hair styling tips. You can choose the one that suits you best, and make sure it matches your basic hair color, skin tone, and face type!

Ideas for blonde, brown, and white hair colors for medium hair

If you want to try something really eye-catching, you can choose from two colors for your hair coloring idea. Blonde goes very well with brown. You also have the option to choose a different hair color with a lighter shade. You can also choose black if you are more blonde so that the color tone dominates. This is a medium length of hair that goes straight down before curling up towards the end.

light brown & blonde hairstyle and light brown hairstyle

The selection of light brown & Blonde could result in a pleasant color combination. If you are against having more than two colors, this pair is ideal. Not only do they complement each other, they also produce the finest shades. A curvy bob with a mix of brown and Blond is ideal for every occasion and every outfit!

Choose something that gives your hair a unique look, rather than sticking to most universal shades of brown. A lighter shade of brown than one Hair color for short black hairThe selection is definitely worth it. You can also follow the hairstyle by straightening the hair and then separating it from one side.


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