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December 22, 2016 — by MCutts0

S open trends, fashionable new styles every season, but the timeless and classic styles of the others [The hairstyles we will talk about in this article will also be popular in the coming seasons. Here are the outdated hairstyles!


If you are looking for a haircut that is not easy to wear, we will introduce you to the pixie! The most common situation in recent years is the fact that famous stars have a long way to go and make the transition to the pixie model. If your hair is curly, you should stay away from this model.

Kakulli hair with hair

If you want a modern and classic hairstyle, you can choose the hairstyles for your hair. If you you can get your hairstyle asymmetrical, but not the same size.

Bob cut the haircut

One of the hairstyles we’ve talked about the most in recent years. Bob’s hair a The length of the hair that extends to the shoulders makes it one of the indispensable hairstyles that is suitable for everyone and is practical. It also gives the person a style so fashionable that he chooses famous names after the style icons.

Asymmetrical haircuts

Cut hair shortly before one side or just before the long hair of the style and the choice of brave human arks. Such hairstyles for a little courage and a hairdresser are required. Because if an asymmetrical cut does not form in the right hands, this can lead to great disappointment.

Short bangs

All straight fringes of the same size are fashionable, but the clown fringes look a bit more modern and unbiased. These traps will continue to be a trend in the coming seasons and can be for long as well as for short Hair can be used.

For those who can not give up the hair, there is a great hair trend that does not go out of style: Long hair Uzun With this cut that unites the long bottoms modern Gives the look, the hair can be wavy or used straight. Very cool and voluminous hair is obtained in every respect.

The indestructible trend of street fashion: The High Bun! We encourage you to read our article.


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