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This season, fashion will pleasantly surprise the owners of short hair and those who want to shorten it. The trend will be bold and bold hairstyles, cheeky bangs and bright color solutions. Let’s have a look Hairstyles for Women 2019 trends and ideas.

Short hairstyles for women 2019: trendy grunge style updos

Grunge styling

Give your picture a new charm with the help of charming short updos in grunge style. Grunge hairstyles give your updo a special stylish chic that will not go unnoticed under fashion trends.

With the help of special styling techniques, you can add a touch of grunge in short hairstyles for women 2019.

Here is the easiest way to make amazing grunge style updo: you can apply modeling styling product on wet hair. Then you dry the hair with the diffuser and model the hair with your hands to get slightly tousled, messy strands. Do not comb dry hair, just give your hair the final shape with your hands.

With the process of hair bio-carving you can take great pictures in grunge style. How to get stylish structured strands and curls on straight hair. Varieties of grunge-style hairstyles, for both straight and curly hair, are many.

Short hairstyles for women 2019: stylish mohawks and punk

If you prefer extravagant creative images, take a look at stylish Iroquois who are back at the height of fashion.

If you are a cheeky and independent lady, then short hairstyles are a brilliant opportunity to create a fashionable image and do daring experiments.

This is how hair cuts Behind and rather short on the sides. And massive upper part of the hair is in the form of a comb, which you can decorate in the form of sharp needles, waves or curls. The shorter the hair length on the temples and on the back of the head, the stronger the picture will look.

Short punk style hairstyles

If you prefer even more vocal avant-garde style and want to attract attention, then you can certainly choose bright punk images this season. Punk Style Hair is a trend in Paris Fashion Week.

In contrast to previous hairstyles, the punk hairstyle takes on a minimal length of hair on the back of the head and on the temples. You can put long hair on the crown, both in the form of high mohawks and in the form of long, combed foreheads.

Fashionable hairstyles in the style of the 80s

Stylists in New York Fashion Week recommend this season to draw attention to the hairdressing art of the 80s. Namely, haircut with short hair length on the sides and back, but considerable hair length in the upper part of the head.

Voluminous top mass of hair should fall on one side in the form of lush, messy curls, also in the form of high vertical chunks. You can use styling products and various silk stocking options to stack this shocking short hairstyle.

Retro style hairstyles

Lovers of vintage style stylists offer a variety of short retro hairstyles and haircuts that will be very popular in hairstyles 2019.

Gorgeous hairstyles with a focus on bangs

Hairstyles with short neck and long smooth bangs

These fashionable hairstyles with glamorous long bangs are perfect for women who reject the traditional conservative style of hair styling.

Female hairstyles with a short back of the head and long bangs on the face look very subtle when the hair is ideally stretched and bangs are placed forward or slightly to the side.

The hair gets a special chic when it looks flawless and shiny. In beauty salons you can always get professional shampoos, masks and care products for smoothness and mirror shine of the hair.

Hairstyles with short neck and long structured bangs

The theme continues hairstyles with short necks and elongated layered bangs. In this option, bangs are textured and more voluminous.

Styling such a hairstyle should emphasize the fashionably layered structure of bangs. Chichi bangs can take the form of textured strands. It falls on the face, but can be increased slightly.

Trendy hairstyles with volume

Short haircut is a wonderful option for fans of voluminous and lush styling.

It is convenient to give volume to short hairstyles and put them in the right direction. Short voluminous haircuts soften the facial features and give the picture femininity and romance.

As a basis for these hairstyles, you can use light organic curling, long-term styling or radical hair curl.

In 2019, voluminous hairstyles with raised crown and bangs are still in trend, which should be lifted up and fixed with the laying techniques. You can easily correct and renew this classy updo all day long.

If your hair is not getting full, there are many styling products with which you can visually increase the volume of the hair several times and form an elastic root zone.

Trendy curly and androgynous short hairstyle ideas

There are many professional tricks to turn curly hair into shiny big curls! Milan Fashion Week has lots of trendy ideas for curly short hairstyles.

Androgynous style in short hairstyles

Androgynous style is still in demand this season. Such haircuts recommend stylists not only for straight, but also for curly hair. It is a very short Haircut that, depending on the style, harmonizes perfectly with sporty outfits and evening wear.

Fashionable short updos for curly hair

At the peak of popularity is short curly hairstyle with elongated front and side strands that can be symmetrical or of different lengths.

As always, short, asymmetrical curly hairstyles with voluminous bangs, which are designed with elegant curls or waves, and various options for cascading haircuts are still in vogue.

We also recommend fashionable grunge style with slightly tousled, in artistic chaos ringellets that is easy to perform on curly locks.

To achieve the noble effect of the textured, laid strands, you can use the modeling method of laying.

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