Short hairstyles conquer the heart of angelina jolie

July 21, 2017 — by MCutts0

Angelina Jolie opened her eyes and blinked in the soft sunlight. It was a lonely morning on the French Riviera. Long legs slid from their luxurious bed sheets. Angelina got up and stretched her back like a cat. She shook her long wavy hair and entered the terrace to look at the azure sea. Angelina breathed deeply into the fresh breeze and smiled with a sad expression. Miss Jolie felt alone because her family was gone. The man and children have been traveling for a week. They promised to be back before the afternoon of this sunny Sunday. Time became slower than usual. The white birds flew in circles and the blue lake water was unusually calm.

A lost thought came back. Angelina remembered a promise that was almost forgotten. Two months earlier, she had promised herself to change her dusty look. Now was the time to act quickly. She had one of the hairstyles for beautiful short hair women after a friendly stylist showed her the colorful pictures of short hairstyles for women’s hair. She wanted to be younger, but didn’t know how. She felt excited by the hip, modern looks. She wanted to be stronger and more determined to color her black, wavy hair in a magical color from blonde women who know how to attract attention from official intellectuals.

Angelina was unemployed for the fifth month now. Life became boring and slow. Change was requested. Change was necessary. Change was wanted, but it never came. Angelina wondered if and how her next job would be. She decided to distract herself. Angelina decided to prepare for the return of her husband and children because she missed her beautiful husband very much.

Loud voices interrupted still thoughts. It was the voices of screaming wholesalers from the big market nearby. The large market was often colorful and noisy on weekends. It had fresh fruits and natural vegetables from all parts of the Milky Way. Brave Angelina decided to stroll into the noisy market because she wanted to buy fresh food for her family. She dressed in a simple red linen dress with the white sandalwood from Spain. She tied her soft Italian bandana under her smooth chin and protected her beautiful eyes with her new Polaroid sunglasses. Angelina was ready to leave. She remembered how her husband said that her mother had one of the most beautiful, short hair styles. He also said that beautiful, blonde women have a more peaceful life. Angelina made this little memory to become very jealous. She felt angry and envious because her husband was talking about other women. she went from the Walk the door without closing it. She got into the nearest beauty salon and ordered the hairdresser to break her hair. Angelina ordered the stylist to make it blonde and soft. The work was done quickly. Now Blonder Angelina, at the beauty salon, ran out and went to the market. She hoped to distract herself from the envy she felt.

In the noisy market, Angelina Jolie was pleasantly surprised that no one accepted her with the new haircut because it was unusually short and blonde. She leisurely surveyed the variety of red neckerchiefs, colorful toys, elegant dresses, and gold jewelry that were put on the white tables by Arab wholesalers. The wallet was full and Angelina was ready to spend the money for fun. She bought a sparkling bracelet for her feet. The golden color of the new bracelet reflected the sun in the eyes of young men who looked at Angelina’s feet more often than usual. She felt more confident and happy about her beauty because of this attention from the young men.

The feeling of hunger started to grow stronger. Angelina went to the stands with the colorful food. She bought beautiful purple grapes, red strawberries, golden peaches and a large bouquet of sweet flowers. She paid the wholesalers and turned to go home. A positive surprise came from behind. A loud, male voice spoke to her. Angelina recognized the voice. It was her friend Roberto. He was a young actor and a film director of documentaries. She smiled and waved to him. Roberto looked at her with curiosity. He was surprised by the new short haircut. Angelina removed her golden sunglasses and came closer. Roberto’s face went red because he was attracted to Angelina but didn’t want her to know.

In a shy voice, he said slowly: "Hello Angelina, it was difficult to recognize you with the new short hairstyle for blonde women". He hugged Angelina Jolie with an embarrassed face and said that his sister also had one of the best short hairstyles for women with curls. Angelina listened to Roberto and smiled with joy. He told her about a new project that he was trying to start. The conversation grew longer and longer. They decided to go to the nearest bar and drink colorful drinks with the herb. Roberto congratulated Angelina on finding that her short haircut made her feel younger and more natural. He smiled and took her hand as they went to visit the French street of restaurants.

The place to drink was quickly found. The green bar was quiet and comfortable for entertainment. The lovely couple sat down and spoke to the waiter. Angelina ordered milk coffee. Roberto ordered red tea from Africa. Angelina Jolie looked into her elegant cup. She drank her warm coffee with a smile on her face. She played with the ends of her layered hair. Suddenly Roberto stopped speaking and froze in thought. He smiled softly and said that Angelina Jolie’s new hairstyle delighted his complicated brain. He explained that he was working on a new project and that he needed a strong actress to star. He said Angelina’s fresh blonde haircut would be perfect for this project. He said her elegant new look was perfect because her beautiful short hairstyle for blonde women is perfect for the neat wedding scenes that were an important part of the film.

This new project was exactly what Angelina Jolie was looking for. She hoped to use this project as the next step in her career. She wanted to develop a new personality and new interests because she had been tired of playing the same roles for years. Angelina was ready to meet Roberto the next day because she wanted to discuss her payment and contract details. She felt confident and secure. Her tired legs went leisurely back to her lovely house, where she wanted to prepare for the return of her husband and children. She placed the red fruits in transparent bowls and polished the apples because she wanted to do more than was necessary. She arranged a bouquet of Chinese roses and remembered her visit to China. She remembered the Asian children with round faces. She realized that the short hairstyles for girls from Asia would be perfect for their own daughters. Smiling to herself, she thought that a simple new hairstyle can be a perfect way to empower and delight a woman. This inspiration gave her even more ideas. She imagined one of the cute short hairstyles for women with round faces on the cute head of her brunette cousin with curly hair.

The soft doorbell rang. Happy voices disturbed the silence. The man and children came back from the trip. Angelina Jolie hugged her with her long arms and kissed the tired man on the Forehead. The children looked at their new, cheeky head in surprise. Angelina smiled and explained that she had to change to distract herself from the loneliness. She said the cute pictures of short hairstyles helped her be bold and nervous. The man pretended to be cold. He smiled and hugged her tightly. He felt uncomfortable and curious at the same time. He felt distant from Angelina because she looked different.

He tried to hide his feelings and said Angelina looked beautiful and fresh. He whispered something in her ear and kissed her soft lips. The little children started eating the red fruits. The oldest daughters came to her with a magazine. They dragged their mother to the Japanese table and sat on the floor with her. They said that they also looked at the cute pictures of short hairstyles. They said their mother’s new style helped them be more confident in trying the new and short hairstyles for round faces. Angelina smiled with pride. She felt good and happy because her children developed their own personality. She kept her close and promised that on Friday they would go to an expensive beauty salon and order the beautiful, short hairstyles for her. The man suggested that they all go to the beach to play in the white sand because he was tired of traveling in the green Alps.

The children smiled and started collecting their toys for the beach. The silent man started the car and drove them to the empty beach. The children went down the narrow path to the beach. Angelina took her husband’s hand as they walked closely together. She started telling him about the new project with Roberto. She told him that Roberto was attracted to her and that she pretended not to know. The breeze blew into her short hair. The head was fresh and light. The sun sky and blue sea invited to rest on the beach until sunset. Her husband’s warm hand and the laughter of her children made Angelina to feel happy. She felt to be the happiest woman in her known universe of friends and relatives.


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