Short hairstyle: from short to long hair

March 6, 2020 — by MCutts0

Admittedly, women and hair – that’s a delicate topic. After life-changing events such as a breakup, the trip to the hairdresser often follows. Something new is needed – also on the head. Short-circuit reactions are not excluded. A flowing pixie cut quickly turns into a flowing lion’s mane. But once the separation is digested, doubts suddenly arise about the new hairstyle and many regret the radical cut. Then it takes a little patience until the short hairstyle becomes a mane again. And an undercut has not disappeared from now on. The good news: the transition from short to long hair doesn’t have to be a compromise. These transition hairstyles are the best proof!

Transitional hairstyle: tips & tricks

It’s hair-raising: The new short hairstyle just seemed to be the best decision, but suddenly doubts arise – and you want your long hair back.

Another case: the once well-fitting trend hairstyle has grown out of the cut and is no longer sitting in the front and back. Although many want a new haircut, they resort to scissors again and stick to the short haircut.

There is a great alternative to hairstyle frustration: intermediate lengths are no longer a problem – they are the solution! Whether choppy or clavi cut, medium-length hairstyles are more popular than ever. If you look at the streets of the fashion capitals and heads of trendy influencers, it quickly becomes clear – Caro Daur has long been wearing her hair in the trendy length and Olivia Palermo is also a fan of the hairstyle trend.

Half-length hairstyles: inspiration & stylings

As an ideal transition hairstyle after a short haircut (such as a page head), a step cut is suitable. As soon as the hair has reached the shoulder length, regular tip cutting is sufficient. In order to make the hair grow healthy and fast, you should pay attention to the right hair care. The healthier the scalp and hair are, the faster to grow the hair. Regular rinsing and care cures are highly recommended.

Undercut, pixie cut & Bob: This is how it becomes a new hairstyle

A trip to the hairdresser is also worthwhile for a beautiful transition hairstyle. After all, very few dream of a transitional mullet. To prevent this from happening, undercut women should make sure that the hair on the neck is regularly adjusted to the length of the top coat. If you want to breed a pixie cut for a long time, it is much easier: Since the short hairstyle is already cut in stages, it doesn’t take too long to from the "unsightly" In between a stylish transition hairstyle has grown.

In the context, too "Effilieren" don’t miss out. Never heard? It is the name for thinning – if you want to grow a bob hairstyle out, you should definitely thin out the tips so that there are no bulky areas at chin level. Be careful with thin hair: only minimal thinning is allowed here.

Hairstyles for long hair

Jennifer Lawrence wears a transition hairstyle

Jennifer Lawrence shows how stylish transition hairstyles can look: The actress parted from her long mane and decided on a trendy pixie cut. Just a few months later, the short hairstyle became a casual bob-Hairstyle and soon a trendy clavi cut.

Victoria Beckham’s transition from pixie cut to clavi cut

The trusted hairdresser can also be a real savior when it comes to transition hairstyles. The more often the hair tips are cut, the less split ends are created. The result: the hair stays healthy and grows faster. Victoria Beckham also shows what a successful transition from a short hairstyle to the trendy Clavi Cut can look like. After the fashion designer swapped her long hairstyle for a pixie cut, it didn’t take too long for her short hair to grow again.

Styling tips for transition hairstyles

Anyone who thinks that there are not so many styling options for transition hairstyles is wrong. Updos with hair accessories, classic chignons or braided hairstyles can be styled without much effort. Beach waves or sleek looks also look great on women’s hairstyles. By the way: hairbands, hair bands and other hair accessories are not only ideal for intermediate lengths, but also for growing out ponies. With a certain length, the bangs can also be gelled behind the ear or pinned with hair clips.


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