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Owners of oval faces are very happy. After all, this is the type for which almost any hairstyle is suitable. Therefore, you can safely experiment with the length, color and shape of your hair. Stay true to the classics or try something trendy or extravagant, it’s up to you. We only tell you which options for short hair are worth paying attention to. Find ideas for short haircuts for oval faces 2019.

Short haircuts for oval faces 2019: features and tips

A few years ago, the trend was long straight, straight hair. Nowadays you often see short hairstyles among pop stars, models. So what different short haircuts for oval faces 2019 you can try?

The oval shape of the face is ideal for choosing hairstyle, makeup and jewelry. In this case, many haircuts look natural. You can experiment with different options while changing your image and style very often.

However, there are some features that should be considered when choosing the hairstyle:

  • Girls with high foreheads should choose a variant with a long bang
  • Bang in the form of an arch emphasizes the expressiveness of the eyes and the softness of the cheekbones

  • Choose straight strands and the same type of bangs to create a more business and rigorous image

  • Haircuts for thin hair for oval faces should be voluminous. It is recommended to use stowage tools that can be used to create the root volume. It will be appropriate to wave

  • For long strands, you can choose a luxurious version of the highlighting or coloring
  • With this face shape you can try out different experiments. Not just wavy hair, but also graphic bangs or tousled short curls.

Creative solution will be ultra-short haircuts. For example like Bean or Pixie. Look perfectly at all types of styling: waves, cascades or any volume.

Pixie for oval face

Owners of an oval face can try all variants of this haircut. Pixie is equally good and on thin, and on thick hair, she will appeal to curls and straight strands owners.

Short haircut reduces additional years. It’s no wonder that stars like Rihanna, Holly Barry and Sharon Stone recently preferred this special haircut. However, short haircuts for oval faces 2019 have certain nuances that should be considered:

You need to go to the hairdresser regularly to update the haircut (about once a month). Most likely, such a haircut will need to be stacked to keep it in shape. It is necessary to treat your face carefully as short hair is allocated. The skin should be flawless and the makeup should be neat. For these reasons, many prefer a medium length. Such haircuts do not have to be constantly updated, stacked and the selection allows everyone to find their own hairstyle.

Short haircut owners do not need protruding ears. So don’t show them.

Fashionable ultra-short hairstyle and Sassoon updo

The ultra-short haircut is for those who want to radically change their image. You will surely succeed with this haircut. If you opt for such a haircut, you will look like a man, which is a big mistake.

It is ideal for oval faces, looks fashionable and stylish and is suitable for middle-aged women. If you learn to use it properly, it all depends on your style, for example, if you give the haircut slight carelessness or comb it properly. You will look like a style icon, fashionable, fresh and modern.


This hairstyle has become a legend in the cosmetics industry. Sassoon first appeared in the 1960s. The creator was hairdresser Vidal Sassoon. At that time, the English stylist made a real discovery and destroyed the myth that for the Volume of hair requires careful styling.

Now the haircut is back in vogue and it has kept its original technique, but only a high-end stylist or hairdresser can do it.


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