Short hair and very modern and original hairstyles – German style

February 25, 2018 — by MCutts0

The short hair They are always in fashion and appear more and more hairstyles what can you do for this type of hair?

There are also very original and attractive haircuts with which you can change a very modern look. So in this article we are going to talk about short manes and different hairstyles that you can do and that you will be good at the shape of the face and its functions.

Short hair and very modern hairstyles for women

Keep in mind that medium haircuts and very short haircuts are very suitable for women with small faces who do not have a very long neck. This way the little face will open up and discover, but if the neck is too long, the focus of the hairstyle will focus on that part of the body.

Some hairstyles with half hair for women with hair on the shoulders

In addition to all the hairstyles and styles that exist with short hair today, you have many hairstyles to choose from. However, you have to remember that the number of hairstyles for this type of hair will always be smaller than long hair. On the other hand, half haircuts can also be combined with a longer or shorter bangs and you can give the bangs the shape you want because everything will be fine.

A very modern and elegant haircut for women with medium hair and bangs

On the other hand, at Mane Short with Bangs, you can add more details that give your picture a new look. You can comb the ends of your hair inwards and this way you can close your face a little. This hairstyle is very suitable for women who have the widest part of the jaw and want to dress it up. Instead, the combed tips will do the opposite and open the face and fill it with light.

They make very fashionable curls in the men’s men’s shoulders

Another is the Short hairstyles Hair that is very good naturally has curly hair and give it a small volume. For this type of natural hairstyle, you can use hair iron to make the curls, because with the curls or with the curl wrap, the curls don’t have the natural effect you want to achieve. On the other hand, the wicks are also very suitable to give your hairstyle a volume effect.

A hairstyle with straight hair and bangs for women with short hair

Instead, short manes cut tamibén to give them smoothness and can leave your bangs with a length up to the cheekbones. On the other hand, you can also bet on hairstyles and bob style haircuts. These modern hairstyles can be done by leaving the strands that fall near the face a little longer. This way you get an asymmetrical haircut that works very well for square faces as they break with the straight lines of the features.

A short bangs and short hair to the muca with very modest curls

On the other hand, the foam can also help create some light, natural waves and pull out some of the tips. This hairstyle is very good a short fringe that will give a retro look, but is ideal for women with small faces.

Make a very modern and elegant hairstyle with waves in the edge

You also have to keep in mind that with short hair you can also make very elegant hairstyles with larger waves that emanate from the edge. On the other hand, the waves in the roots give more volume to the hairstyle and you can’t combine them with small curls or waves in the tufts very well.

A short mane without bangs with the stripe in the middle of the head to part the hair

However, you also have to consider that it is more difficult to change hairstyles with very short manes and these are less than a number.

Hairstyles and bob style haircuts with straight bangs and bangs on the side

Straight and short strokes that follow the forehead line were popular a few decades ago, but this trend came a few years ago and is now widely used in combining different hairstyles like bob-cut style. However, this hairstyle can also be combined with a fringe on one side that reaches the height of the cheekbones.

A bob hairstyle for a short haired woman with bangs on the side

On the other hand, when it comes to short hair and hairstyles for this type of hair goes, you can choose a hairstyle short bob style that comes through the jaw. For this hairstyle, you can straighten the hair by pulling the tips inwards. This way you will make a very elegant curve.

A combination of hairstyles and fringes for elegant women

This curve to the tips can also be made with the short hairstyle bob with straight fringes. Keep in mind that this way of combing the tips inwards will make your face look slimmer and more stylized.

A hairstyle for women with very short hair and asymmetrical cut and with a long bangs

On the other hand, short hairstyles of this type are suitable for women who have softer facial features and also have a smaller face because this way the face opens and fills with light. On the other hand, long hair closes these faces.

A very original and very short haircut with a very small bangs that starts from the middle of the head

A bob style hairstyle for women with longer hair and long strands near the face

A very attractive haircut for brave women who like radical changes

A very short haircut that makes facial features visible

The short hair and hairstyles that can be done with straight and curly hair

A short mane smoothed and bangs

A hairstyle for a woman with very short hair and a fringe with strands that are combed back and to one side

A hairstyle and a very interesting and original haircut for a woman with short hair and bangs

A very modern and original haircut with a very short fringe and a longer mane

Give your hairstyle with a long fringe a very attractive and bold style

A very delicate hairstyle with asymmetrical fringes combed on the side and with short hair


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