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August 16, 2016 — by MCutts0

Because in casual dating inner values ​​are not essential, count beautiful hair and the right hairstyle play a bigger role than you might think. C-Date tells you what that is.

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Inner values ​​or appearance – what is important when it comes to eroticism?

Is it just the inner values ​​that matter? Nonsense, according to some recent surveys. Here the Germans record that they the sexual attraction and attractiveness of the other person would be more important than an equal level of education or shared hobbies. Of course, it could be discussed: Who wants to go through life with a person who looks stunning, but is super boring and is also a fool? After all, the survey was about serious dating, i.e. finding the partner for life. On the other hand, we are convinced that this information about casual dating would be quite appropriate. At a sex meeting, job and leisure activities really don’t matter, the main thing is that the erotic charisma is right!

What makes women with great hair so seductive?

The crucial question is: What do men find attractive about women? If you think that now big breasts or a crisp bottom is in first place, then you are wrong. Neither can be found in the top 5. 67 percent of men find long hair particularly attractive, 52 percent blonde hair.

Hair color and erotic attraction – all just a cliché?

Men associate certain characteristics with the hair color that a woman wears. Basically, this is pretty nonsensical, because, dear gentlemen, women don’t just like variety in bed! Almost everyone changes their hair color at least once in their life. Most of them quite regularly. In any case, the male imagination seems to inspire the color of the hair, so it continues to hold Blondes for not very smart, but willing in bed, but also for unfaithful. Redheads are considered to be particularly sexually adventurous but not very humorous. Black-haired people like to be chosen for an affair, but seem less in demand as a good friend in the men’s world. The brunettes remain – and they have the best chances when choosing a partner, but they are little for erotic adventures. They are considered successful, intelligent and should have a very large potential for love, but unfortunately they should also be quite boring.

What hairstyles do men find so sexy??

Hairstyle trends are constantly changing. What is trendy today can be completely out tomorrow. And some styles should like to say goodbye forever, at least if it were in the men’s opinion. There are hairstyles in which the hair color can no longer save anything: men are simply deterred by it. Above all, these would be:

  • Little Girl Hairstyles
    Of course, you can wear your hair like you do would like, but with two childish braids or colored barrettes and flowers in their hair, they don’t excite a guy.
  • A dominant, strict hairstyle may be perfect for one or the other role-playing game, but in general the stale "secretary look" is as unsexy as a strict bun.
  • All perfect hairstyles, accurate parting, blow-dried updos, straightened, and possibly even blow-dried hair at the tips, look good, boring and frightening Men from.
  • Incidentally, this also applies to the use of too many care products. If the mane is tamed with hair lacquer, hair spray and gel, no man dares to rummage around in it. But he does not want to be considerate during sex the haircut to take!
  • Ultimately, most short hairstyles are not so well received by men. A neat bob is still okay, but a masculine or cheeky cut is not.

What erotic signals hair send out?

The erotic signal power was known at all times. Think, for example, of the legend of the Lorelei, who was sitting on a rock on the Rhine, combing her golden hair and thereby driving the sailors out of their minds. Hairstyles were subject to fashion dictation in ancient times. Each age knew its own trend and this also differed, for example, between nobility and ordinary people. In the Gothic style, women had to hide their hair under hoods and veils as soon as they were married, in order not to whet the appetite of other guys with sexy hair.

Not every trend hairstyle is sexy, some are real erotic killers! Think, for example, of the mullet, the terrible hairstyle trend from the 1980s that is actually currently trying to make a comeback.

Sexy hair – which celebrities show how to do it?

Few women naturally have great hair that they can easily grow and look stunning. In the course of evolution, the Homo Sapiens has lost its fur, at least except for a few areas of the body. While hair in the armpits, in the genital area and on female legs is undesirable, the scalp hair serves as jewelry and can – if cared for and suits the type – look stunning and super erotic. Stars and asterisks show how every hair type with the perfect cut and correct styling can send out erotic signals. Would you like some examples? There would be absolutely Meg Ryan to name the with a cheeky bob cute and sexy at the same time looks. Her undone look is casual and uncomplicated, which is neat and yet somehow always looks as if she just got out of bed. Sure men love it, right? Even supermodel Kate Moss always has an undone look to see him casually falling over her shoulders. And what guy wouldn’t like to be in Pretty womans reddish brown curls dig? Julia Roberts wears her hair tamed today, but she still looks biting with her long, wavy curls.

There is the perfect hairstyle for casual dating?

If you want to seduce men, it is best to wear the hair a little longer. Casually pinned up with a clip, a few strands that fall in the face as if by chance – they are already perfectly styled for the casual date. Of course, you can also wear your hair open. It’s better to stay away from a bun or other good hairstyles if you want to turn his head. By the way: your favorite fragrance sticks particularly well in freshly washed hair!


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