Salma hayek beauty tips and fitness secrets, styles on life

With her voluptuous body and wonderful talent, Salma Hayek is considered to be the most magnificent actress in the industry. She’s not just a good actor, she’s has a well shaped and well defined body. Your good looks, melodious voice, beautiful black hair and sensual eyes talk a lot about them. Her beauties’ secrets have recently been spilled and are shared below.

1. Skin:

As we all know, Salma Hayek is one of Hollywood’s sexiest actresses. Not only is she talented, she also has beautiful and flawless skin. She surprised her fans by saying that she doesn’t wash her face in the morning and instead cleanses it at night. She uses apricot jam to add sparks to her skin and also claims to use the secret of Super Moisturizing Body Cream, which is full of vitamin E and honey.

2. Hair:

Salma uses her beauty secrets for her skin and hair grandmother`s. She cuts it regularly and likes to last a long time. Although she also experiments with different hairstyles, she tries to keep it as simple as possible all the time. Because Salma loves natural ingredients, it stays away from artificial products.

3. Eyes:

To make her eyes bright and exciting, Salma uses very bright colors. She also uses dark eye shadows at times, all depending on the occasion she gets dressed. Green eye shadow is her favorite and she often wears it at parties and awards ceremonies.

4. Nutrition:

Salma Hayek’s diet plan is very healthy and light. She drinks a lot of carrot and apple juice to stay fit and in shape. She is very fond of Mexican food from her home country, but since she believes she tends to be forgiving, drinking healthy juices prevents her from spoiling her eating habits. It is also against ready-made fruit juices and chooses to make them alone at home.


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