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The rockabilly hairstyle: In retrospect, the 50s were an era that shows what few artists could show for significant differences from each other. Because actually the 50s were dressed more strictly, depending on the living region and the upper class was at the same time boring. That has worked with artists like Elvis Presley or the famous Marilyn Monroe as well as James Dean and a cartoon character named Betty Boop, however, quickly changed. Not only did the notorious rockabilly sound emerge, but also the associated look. This is still a real trend due to the hairstyles, although this is a passion for real rockabellas and rockabillys, but a way of life and motto, but not a trend. If you also want to see what hairstyles were available, which celebrities still like to wear today and which ones you might like, you’ve come to the right place.

Rockabellas – her hair is still the most striking of the 50s to this day

Back then, like today, the gentlemen had the easiest hairstyle. However, this does not mean that they are not sensitive when the "James Dean"-Haircut does not fit or the popular Elvis Tolle is not curled correctly. Everyone is sensitive to their hair differently, but you as a woman have a choice of agony. Because the 50s offer you a lot Rockabilly Hairstyles, that you could use to find your style according to the Rockabellas. Of course, you can also try it out in peace and see whether one hairstyle suits you better than the other.

Victory Rolls & Co.

For example, there is a small list of the most common ones Rockabilly Hairstyles, then and now again and again manage to inspire women.

  • Victory Rolls
  • Betty Bang
  • Pin-up curls
  • distinctive ponies, such as Bettie Page
  • Updos

These are all options that stand by your side to quickly imitate the rockabella look as a lady. Of course you need some practice to do that Rockabilly hairstyle Mastering alone, but maybe you know someone who is learned and can help you a little with advice and action?

Rockabellas and their special hair accessories

Of course, you have long seen that some pin-up girls have certain extras immortalized in their hair. Because that is also part of a chic Rockabella look.

In addition to Victory Rolls, these include Bandanas a preferred accessory that, for example, beautifies the hair and of course causes a certain sensation. In addition, you can use them to set accents and make your look stand out. It is important that the knot of the bandana is on the side of your head to get the typical 50s look. It would also be best if the bandana is in red because this stands out particularly for gaudy lips and was also preferred in the 50s. As a woman, as you can surely see, you have more leeway with your hair than the men. Skilfully take advantage of this opportunity.

You can find wrapping instructions for bandanas here.

Different hairstyles >

Which rockabilly type are you? Rather the rocky or the elegant? We already have the question of all questions, which ones Rockabilly hairstyle suits which man?

There is one thing you need to know about the 1950s, which is still partially seen today, but not to that extent. There are different rockabillys. Some are wild, rocky and rebellious like them Teddy boys and the others more elegant maybe like that Swing Rockabillys. This is the reason why you should probably choose a direction, because the rockabilly hairstyles of the men would often not match if you "rocking" With "elegant" paarst. Especially not if you really want to look like a real rockabilly. So here the question arises for men, "Which rockabilly type am I and which one would I passionately represent?" If you can answer that yourself, you will also find the right hairstyles.

quiff & Rocker styles are always popular with rockabillys

Two particularly stylish rockabilly hairstyles that many men should like are the quiff and the classic rocker style. These two types of hairstyles have been very popular and are still in demand today. Because the quiff, which was mainly shaped by Elvis Presley, James Dean and Johnny Cash, has it all, of course. She stands out rebelliously and can really top off the popular rockabilly look. While hair gelled laterally backwards and the back coat gels can also provide the rock-heavy look over the forehead. What type of rockabilly do you want to be? Do you dare to step out with the eye-catching madness like John Travolta in Grease? Incidentally, is "Grease", although later filmed, a film that took place in the late 58s. John Travolta is a well-known in it Teddy boy of the rockabilly period. If you want to embody exactly that, then it has to be great or the combed rock haircut.

As a man you have to take care of your top coat

The rockabilly hairstyles for men are less complex than the hairstyles for women, but they are also significantly lighter. Nevertheless, there is a requirement for the men among you: the top coat must be clearly present. It is significantly longer than the side parts to conjure up corresponding rockabilly hairstyles. So if you have hair like James Dean, Buddy Holly, Elvis & Co, you have to take care of your top coat and care for it. You can only do the classic short hairstyles if it has grown long enough the 50s imitate directly. Don’t worry, as a rule, this wild, rebellious hairstyle actually suits every man, as long as the right outfit has been selected.

The haircut – rockabilly or rockabella from head to toe

It is important to get rid of prejudices here, the hairstyle does not make you a rockabella and by no means a rockabilly of you. Without the right clothing, your hairstyle will hardly come into its own or even go under. Especially since in most cases the hairstyle alone does not have the desired eye-catching effect. Hairstyles like Marilyn Monroe, Betty Boop or infamous pin-up girls only come out well if you don’t stop at the clothing.

Rockabella is a way of life, on Vintage-Look that always stands out. If you like it, everything must be right from head to toe in addition to the hairstyle.

Attention dear men, this also applies to you! A rockabilly hairstyle will not make you a rockabilly if the clothes do not match. You are rockabilly from head to toe or not at all. Because only the hairstyle – that would simply not look.


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