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November 10, 2017 — by MCutts0

The whole world seems to roar, “40s style! From pompadour, pin-up hairstyles and supporting roles, we have listed ten rockabilly hairstyles for short hair that really set a modern twist on retro styles. So if you want to break out mold from your everyday hairstyle, look no further than this A-Lister for inspiration!

Read on to find out more about rockabilly hairstyles for short hair to experience!

1. Pompadour:

The actress Jenny McCarthy, her Red carpet-Look that adds edginess decides on a glam pompadour. To recreate this look, part your hair in two sections and apply a voluminous mousse to add volume instantly. Now comb the upper part of the hair back and secure it with a pencil. Pull back the rest of the hair and mist with hairspray to keep the style up all night. The extravagant Upta was well balanced with flawless make-up, smoky eyes, visible cheek color and shiny lips.

2nd quiff:

Christina Aguilera goes back to the authentic Rockabilly period with her violent, sky-high receipt. The talented singer, a retro queen in herself, balances the bizarre look with dazzling, shimmering eyes, rosy cheeks and red lipstick. Remember: using a hairspray and curling wand, add a retro sass by brushing your hair inside.

3. Rockabilly Bandana:

If you are looking for something that is effortlessly chic and relaxed at the same time, choose Rosie the Riveter es hairdo, like the model at the Dirty Boogie Rockabilly Festival in Hong Kong. To achieve this look, dung with a powerful hairspray, tie a thin scarf around your updo and voilà. Glamorous!

4. Side Roll:

This is perhaps our favorite look at American singer Mary J. Blige. The short, perfectly rolled locks on the sides, the subtle, smoky eyes and the shiny lip – all markings for an impeccable look that will catch your eye. We love it!

5. Retro Updo:

We love a classic Blade Runner esque up ’do. Who does not? For the premiere of We Bought a Zoo, actress Scarlett Johansson took the form of an interesting, twisted lipstick and black dolce & Gabbana dress made a backwind to the old school. Structured, structured and bizarre – this is it classical Retro updo with a modern touch perfect for the party season.

6. Pin Up Hair:

Dita Von Teese is undoubtedly the queen of burlesque, and now, the vintage style. From her pin-up hair with a barrette to her dress and her light skin make-up, the talented dancer knows how to remind us of the rockabilly era. To restore this retro hairstyle, roll your short hair using a paddle brush and curling tong. Once done, crap with a strong hairspray and finish off the look with a sequin barrette.

7. Punk Rockabilly:

After rocking the pompadour, mohawk and quiff, hair chameleon Rihanna wears her half-shaved hairstyle with so much punk that it matches her alternative and edgy look. Not your everyday hairstyle, this hardcore mohawk takes a lot of styling, but with bronze makeup and red lips, the lively hairstyle is totally worth it.

8. Pink Pompadour:

Pink isn’t usually our first choice of hair color when paired with an edgy hairstyle, but Rockstar Pink amazed us with this cool pompadour. This is one of the most stylish short rockabilly hairstyles that is easy to create, Rosa demonstrates how there are spaces to glam a classy pompadour.

9. Edged Out:

Kelly Osbourne’s purple edgy Mohawk at the Alice Olivia store opening was a bold look, but she pulled it off effortlessly. The highlight of the hairstyle was lively, rolled mohawk and a single strand of hair that came out of it.

10. Back Roll:

Attention all your fashion lovers, take inspo from singer Gwen Stefani if ​​you are looking to channel your 50s hairstyle with a modern twist. To recreate the look, start by opening your blonde locks. Next, take a curling wand and back roll your hair for the edgy look. Once done, spray a good amount of hairspray. breathtaking!

So there you have it – ten slightly rockabilly hairstyles for short hair! Whether you’re wearing your hair in a back roll or pompadour, we’re sure you’ll look fabulous with your new "do." Let us know how you liked this post! Comment in the box below!


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