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The receding hairline is an unpleasant problem for many men: 60-80 percent of men in Germany are affected. Here you will learn how receding hair reeds are made, what you can do about them and what hairstyles you can use to cover up your receding hair reeds.

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What are the characteristics & Causes of receding hairline?

The typical characteristics of receding hairline are bald spots in the temple area, which can later lead to a triangular hairline on the forehead. The formation of receding hairline can occur before the age of 20.

The most common cause of the formation and course of receding hairline is the genetic predisposition The receding hairline usually marks the beginning of hereditary hair loss, androgenetic alopecia. Here, an increasing loss of hair is to be expected, which only shows on the receding hairline and can extend to the back of the head and can mean balding in the final stage.

Development of hair loss in men *

* Simplified representation according to the "Hamilton-Norwood scale"

One reason for the development of receding hairline and hereditary hair loss is one Hypersensitivity of the hair follicles against the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the active form of the hormone testosterone.

Often, those affected suffer a lot from their hair loss. A dermatologist can be consulted for therapeutic advice.

In this short video, Kerstin Neumann from Johnson explains & Johnson, as the hereditary hair loss in men shows.

What can you do about receding hairline??

As a rule, receding hairlines are the first sign of hereditary hair loss (androgenetic alopecia). While there are people who have come to terms with the emergence of the receding hairline, many others feel hurt in their self-esteem and are looking for effective ways and means to reduce or even stop hair loss.

There are several ways to treat hereditary hair loss:

  • One active ingredient that can be used to stop hereditary hair loss and stimulate new hair growth is minoxidil. Minoxidil has a circulation-promoting effect and thus helps to reactivate the hair root. The effectiveness of Minoxidil to stop hereditary hair loss has been medically proven.
  • PRP (platelet-rich plasma) describes another method that promises to counteract thinning hair. In this method, blood is drawn from the patient, which is centrifuged to obtain plasma with an increased concentration of platelets. This plasma is then injected onto the scalp, which should stimulate cell renewal.
  • A Hair Transplantation is another alternative, that can be considered for combating receding hairline – especially if the receding hairline is very advanced. In a cosmetic-surgical intervention, own hair with healthy hair follicles, usually from the back of the head, is planted on the bald areas. Surgical hair transplantation is an effective, but also very expensive solution. It should be noted that surgical interventions are associated with certain risks and a successful result is not guaranteed – the root cause, namely hereditary hair loss, cannot combat a hair transplant. It is therefore also important to know that even if healthy hair follicles are transplanted to bald areas of the scalp, it cannot be ruled out that the surrounding, non-transplanted hair follicles will deteriorate over time due to hereditary hair loss and the hair will continue to fall out. The active ingredient minoxidil as contained in Regaine® MEN’S SOLUTION can stop this progressive hair loss.
  • If an operation or medication is out of the question for you, another option is to cover up the bald areas with a new styling of the hair, or also certain ones Short hairstyles, which are done by trained hair stylists to naturally optimize the appearance.

When you see the first signs of receding hairline, get advice from your dermatologist. The earlier an inherited hair loss is diagnosed, the sooner the progression of hair loss can be stopped. Your dermatologist will give you information about the means, that can stop the progression of hair loss.

Hairstyles: How to hide your receding hairline

You can use receding hairline with a corresponding hairstyle conceal. Hairdressers are very familiar with the problem of receding hairline and give you helpful hairstyle and styling tips.

The following hairstyles are particularly suitable for receding hairlines:

It often helps Change of the crown around Cover receding hairline.

In addition, a skillfully styled bangs distracts from the receding hairline and makes the hair look more voluminous.

at short hair the receding hairline and shrinking volume are less apparent.

use hair wax to get your hair in shape.

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