Question – answer: why does she have a new hairstyle?

April 18, 2020 — by MCutts0

Is it true that many women with a profound change in their lives also get a new hairstyle? (asks Franz B. from Schwerin)

Hairdressers at work.

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"Experience has shown that this is often the case", says Anja Junghans, hairdresser from Hairport-Berlin. There are many reasons for this: a new man, pregnancy or birth, a new job, a breakup or just the desire to try something new. Even women who first Become a grandmother, try to set an example with a new hairstyle. For most women it is important to convey changes to the outside world. The new hairstyle is one way of doing it.

"In some cases, however, the courage or the decision for the new hairstyle or hair color is there first and only then does the change in life follow. Some women even hope for this effect" Junghans continues to explain. "Some women, on the other hand, who are not entirely satisfied with their change or who are disappointed because their expectations have not been met, then return to their old hair color or hairstyle."

Fast, painless and reversible

"In addition, changing the hairstyle, for example compared to body weight, is relatively easy to implement. Visiting the hairdresser is quick, painless and relatively cheap for a clearly visible but reversible change in the external appearance", adds Dr. Ronald Henss, Department of Psychology at Saarland University.

In a headscarf exhibition, the different models and the tasks of headscarves are explained.

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However, it would be wrong to believe that every woman, who changes a lot externally through her hair, always pursues an intention or wants to bring about a change in her life. Some just follow a fashion trend. Nevertheless, partners should be vigilant with strong external changes, because hair has up today an enormous social meaning.

"In the past and in almost all cultures, the social status of a woman was marked by her hairstyle", Henss continues. In our culture, women were literally brought under the hood. In Islamic cultures, woman’s hair is still hidden under a veil.

By the way: A new hairstyle or eye-catching hair color is usually not a reason for termination without notice. It is different, however, if the employer’s customers take offense at it or if the employee is still in vocational training. In addition, the employer is entitled to give notice of termination after prior warning if the hairstyle contains the risk of accidents and has not been changed by the employee after the warning.


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