Prom hairstyles 2013 – 70 options

The scythe was considered an attribute of the simple villager, but the variety of weaving brought it to a new level. In addition, the look of such a hairstyle will always be fashionable. After all, the spit is very light to give the appearance of a natural disturbance. There are various ribbons and decorative textiles for weaving for proms and holidays. They can be invisible or become the main hairstyle. They are perfectly combined with all types of hairpins and jewelry pins.

It must be made clear that the braid is not just a kind of three-part cord that hangs behind the back. There are many ways to weave. It is fashionable to combine a braid with a tail that matches the chosen image. It is also very convenient to add different hair accessories to such weaving. These are not only different types of flower decorations or rhinestones, but also diadems or decorative tires. Festive braids on the prom are created with a secret, and it becomes harder to embody on weekdays. But the result is worth the effort.

Hairstyles with curls and curls

No matter what kind of curls are chosen for the prom, definitely curls – is a win-win situation. Usually girls tend to give them shine and a clearer shape. Curly hair always causes admiration and envy – especially when it looks healthy and thick.

In fashion – Curls look shredded. Natural taps look exquisite and do not cause a feeling of shine. It is the curls and curls that guarantee a romantic look, make the look easy. It has long been believed that angels have wavy hair. No wonder girls love this style. Hair can be combined into a hairstyle or scattered relatively loosely. To finish off, they are decorated with all types of mounts and hairpins.

Curls add volume to the hair, even if it’s light. Long flowing curls are still fashionable. They usually don’t need additional styling. Whether long hair or short hairstyle – there is always a suitable option with a perm.

The winning option is the so-called hollywood curls or waves. They give the image sophistication and grace. If you choose this hairstyle, make sure the hair is shiny. In this case, the hairstyle really looks "Hollywood".

Prom hairstyles on the side

Such hairstyles are not complicated, you just have to give your hair the look you want and set it aside. Surprisingly, this simple style of hairstyle adds a highlight and charm to the prom.

The hairstyles on the side of a wide variety, it can be hair strapped to a tail with curly tips, or for example loose hair lying on one side. Such a variation looks good and complex hairstyles that are decorated with braids or interesting accessories.

Prom hairstyles with bouffant

Hairstyles with a fluff on the prom do not lose their relevance. The bouffant can add extra volume to the hair, making the hairstyle more delicate and voluptuous. There are also many options for this hairstyle, the most popular option is when the top part of the hair is laid back with a small pile and the hair is twisted from below and dropped.

Ponytail hairstyles

Oddly enough, this hairstyle is suitable for any occasion, and graduation is no exception, the main thing is to take a picture correctly, and then even the "tail" looks like a nifty hairstyle. For a festive occasion, a tail with a small pile or a very smooth tail is sufficient. For a smooth tail, it is desirable to have thick, shiny hair. You can collect and lower the tail, throw it to one side, and twist the ends of the hair with a curling iron or hair curler. In such a variant, the main thing is slight negligence, leave a few curls on the face "free", they give the hairstyle a complete look.

Hairstyles for medium hair

The average length was the most common among graduates. This is the stage at which the hair falls on the shoulders and lies a little lower. To work with such a length, one must first make sure that the hair is straight. It doesn’t depend on the type of hairstyle – whether it is perm or straight, fashionable hair with a slight volume fraction. Such hairstyles can be done independently at the prom, but girls prefer to turn to specialists.

With Fantasy you can make a picture unforgettable in any case. If the length turns out to be short, apply curls and false hair. It is important that the hair looks a bit scruffy, but at the same time it should shine. Natural shine should flow over even curls. Also with an average length of fashionable bangs. Evening hairstyle with bangs looks aristocratic and humble at the same time. In addition, such a picture is very suitable for matching jewelry such as tiaras. The last squeak will be a weird or shortened bang – it always draws attention to its owner.

Elegant braids for girls

Braids on the prom are more popular than ever before. With long hair, you can let your imagination run wild, invent the most original options or limit yourself to the classic design in the form of a wide French braid. For fine hair, you can specify the volume by fluting. As a result, not only the crown, but also the braid itself will turn out to be more magnificent. Create a French braid as follows:

  • Curls are wound on curlers first (it is desirable to do this at night),
  • Form a bunch in the forehead,
  • Start by weaving a loose braid in which the structure of the curls can be traced.

Graceful strands for school and kindergarten

Some people consider traditional curls to be a boring and everyday hairstyle, but that’s unfair. In this embodiment, hairstyles for long hair make the picture easier, with emphasis on elegance and femininity. Another advantage of styling curlers or special pliers is the lack of accessories.

Hairstyles for girls in the senior year: trends for 2017

Prom hair for long hair are many possible options, among which the following solutions are particularly popular.

There are many options for graduate hairstyles

Greek style for long strands

Hairstyles for the 2016 graduation in Greek style – it is always a current picture that is only suitable for an official event and emphasizes the youth and romance of the graduates. Usually hoops and rims are used to create hairstyles, which are tailored to the chosen garment. Variations in Greek hairstyles are different – this includes partially matched hair, wavy strands that are completely braided into a bunch, and stylish braids.

Greek style image

High quality styling

You can choose this type of prom hairstyle regardless of the dress, as we are talking about the classics of the genre. We can distinguish the following possible options for high styling:

  1. Shell
  2. A high beam, also known as a ballerina’s beam. An open dress in the shoulder area, the neckline is decorated with decorative elements,
  3. Babette The founder of the hairstyle was Bridget Bardot. The hair density is irrelevant for this option, since in each case a comb is formed and a special hairdressing roller is used, which is enclosed under strands.

Which hairstyle to choose with an average length of curls

Graduation hairstyles for such strands are a selection of different models, including loose hairstyles and curls, which are put together in different ways, attached to the lower part of the head or created in a high shape. In the following priority fashion trends.

Medium hair length gives the wearer a wide range of hairstyles

Baby haircuts with bangs

Bangs today take on a wide variety of shapes and transform into a hairstyle decoration. Traditional straight lines are used together with oblique or torn asymmetries. It all depends on the boldness of the owner of medium hair. Lay curls, pay special attention to bangs, as it draws attention to the overall look. It is advisable to fix its shape by adding gloss varnish that highlights the brightness of the eyes.

Bang in the hair plays an important role

Retro style to create a nice picture

To lay in the style of past years is the following current solution:

  • Combined with an elongated, oblique bangs, the hairstyle of the modern moves in waves
  • Voluminous curls.
  • Curvy high bangs.
  • Sharp, short haircuts that frame the face,
  • Filled with strands that were pricked from the sides.
  • Original hair roller.

Retro style is always in fashion

Design options for the garden: hairstyle with weaving

Beautiful hairstyles for the prom, with stylish weaving. For example, the Halbmosa waterfall looks original and solemn. It is not easy to weave it, but the end result in the form of horizontally woven curls and threads emanating from them is worth it. Straight hair or curls that are lacquered in several tones are particularly fascinating.

Beautiful hairstyle with spinning

Based on curls

Curls can simply fall on the shoulders, frame the face beautifully or collect in the form of a hairstyle malvina, which is created by attaching the hair to an elegant accessory and twisting the strands into large or medium waves from below. In this installation, special attention is paid to the neck area, which helps to emphasize the neckline and the elongated earrings.

Girl with curls in her hair

Make a pile with your own hands

High quality hairstyles are developed for both long and medium hair. These can be clean, smooth or carefree, bulging grapes. It looks interesting for a phrase called the French bundle. The hair is gathered up and twisted in the shape of a shell. The strands are woven together into braids and then put together into a bun. The styling with the addition in the form of rivets decorated with stones or flowers is particularly impressive.

High hairstyle with a bun

For short hair

The opinion that styling experiments are impossible for short hair is wrong. Even with a minimal curl length, you can create a spectacular hairstyle and choose the right design option.

Option for short hairstyles

Antique car

If the hair is cut off with the bob technique or bob cut, you can do a nice styling as follows:

  • The hair is divided into zones.
  • Starting from the back of the head, the threads are gradually separated and blow-dried. For this purpose it is desirable to use a medium diameter round brush.
  • To create additional volume, the brush is guided towards the tips and remains on them for a while.

It is possible to complement the place with an elegant bandage.

Vintage Options

The current vintage again

Vintage doesn’t give up its positions and offers a variety of styles. An interesting solution is the Marseille wave, which is the oval of the face, the spectacular foam or a classic straight haircut emphasized, which is decorated with an edge with stones.

Vintage hairstyle

We use coloring

If you can’t create a voluminous masterpiece due to the length of your hair, you can also play with shades. This is a popular coloring that revives the hair, giving brightness and originality to the picture. You can replace the coloring with highlighting or trendy graphic coloring to highlight Art Nouveau.

The charm of asymmetrical hairstyles

With an asymmetrical haircut, which is characterized by strands of different lengths and creates the effect of torn hair, it is important to take good care of the styling. The following techniques will help:

    The hair is pre-washed and left slightly damp,

Wash your hair thoroughly beforehand.

  • Applying styling products that fix the hairstyle starts with styling.
  • To add extra volume, use a round brush called brushes (you’ll need an average size). Move your hair to the ends and add shine to the curls.
  • You can stick with the careless styling, which is a simple but attractive option. With this hairstyle, you tilt your head slightly forward while drying and comb your strands at the same time with your fingers, changing their direction to the side and upwards.
  • The right choice of styling to match the dress and overall style – a promise to create the perfect image that is recognized by others. In order to achieve an optimal result, it is worth rethinking and implementing possible options in advance in order to evaluate the final picture.

    How to start choosing hairstyles

    Hairstyle – an important element of the evening picture. She shouldn’t get too much attention with her anger and eccentricity in combination with a humble decoration. Your job is to decorate the graduate and complement his chosen outfit, dress.

    Unlike the hairstyle on the last bell, graduates can use complex options. However, do not forget the lightness and naturalness of the picture. These criteria are still the most important and unshakable criteria of today.

    What should be considered when choosing a hairstyle for the prom?

    • No dramatic changes in the evening picture. For example, if you were calm, gentle, and gentle all the time at school and dyed your hair in bright tones, a new ultra-short haircut is not the best way to stand out from others. Stick to an image that doesn’t violate character traits.
    • The hairstyle is after the clover >

    Caution! Don’t be afraid to experiment. Try out a few days before the ceremony: if the hairstyle option doesn’t work, you’ll have time to choose a better one.

    We offer various bright, elegant, bold and fashionable hair styling ideas for graduates.

    Bundles, bows or high hair

    Bundles in recent years – a reflection of elegance and femininity, so it is ideal for prom. Ideas to lay a lot: from a smooth bar to compositions with braids and curls that are decorated with fresh flowers, ribbons, bows or unusual, amazingly beautiful hairpins.

    High hairstyle means increasing the volume, which can be a bundle or a volumetric shell. This style opens the shoulders, the neckline shows the beauty and elegance of the dress and visually lengthens the neck. High hairstyles are perfect for dresses with an open back. As a result, such techniques make the picture romantic, feminine and elegant.

    We recommend checking The best collected hairstyles for the prom:

    For girls with short hair (four of a kind), stylists suggest winding elastic, small curls, making a parting parting, lifting the curls and fixing them with invisible hair. A few curls leave the face to add extra lightness and playfulness to the image.

    We offer another option for high styling girls with short hairstyles. In this case, the maximum volume is created from above with the call on the forehead. Looks very stylish and elegant, especially in combination with a strict dress.

    For owners of medium-long hair, you can try a wavy or straight stream. It is recommended to decorate it with a bow, beautiful rivets or a hair clip.

    Notice how expensive the bar with the tiara looks. Without a doubt, such a graduate will be able to measure himself against a Hollywood actress or even the queen.

    Many great ideas open up in front of the long-haired beauties. Try to combine the bottom bar with weaving. This option looks delicate and feminine and fits almost any outfit.

    The bows and ribbons woven into the bundle appear naive and youthful. It is only important to choose a bow that matches the evening dress.

    Hairstyles with tiara, flowers and border

    Luxurious tiara, bezel, hairpin – a simple but effective way to decorate any styling. Loose hair, careless curls, buns or French braids in combination with these accessories look impressive, radiant and refined.

    The following photos show some successful styling ideas with laced hairpins and diadem on hair of different lengths.

    Long-haired fashionistas recommend decorating the asymmetrical styling with curls. To do this, wrap the hair on large curlers, curl it and lay it on one side. Decorate your hair with a tiara, a beautiful hairpin.

    Headbands are often used in Greek-style hair styling. Such pictures appear feminine, with refined elegance, tenderness and grace.

    For those who lack tenderness and romance in the evening, stylists are advised to turn to flowers. Small branches, single flowers, large or small elements – your choice depends on the hairstyle and the length of the hair.

    Braids, tails and weaving

    Weaving is used as a win-win expression for grace, femininity and style. The spitting can be done independently or in combination with the rear beam. In any case, it is fashionable, beautiful and feminine. Moreover, Braids – a great way to hide thin and thin hair. The only limitation – they are recommended for the length of the strands under the shoulders.

    The French network conveys the image of a slight romance and lightness. It looks spectacular, but doesn’t always match the classic dress. You can decorate the weaving with pearls, ribbons, flowers. We offer several good hair styling ideas for finishing with weaving.

    Also relevant this season are two braids on the sides that gently frame the face. This hairstyle is also called "deineris", but this styling variant is only intended for long-haired beauties.

    Cocks Every year, this hairstyle is gaining popularity. It is simple and unusual at the same time, fashionable and light. Please note that the tail can be up or down. However, be sure to surround and ventilate it as shown in the photos below.

    Braid is often used to decorate the hair as a separate element rather than the base. It is enough to collect the curls in the tail and braid the French braid on the side.

    "Fishtail" – this type of weaving is also used when laying for a graduation party. Again, it is not necessary to braid all the curls, it is enough to separate their upper part and carry out the weaving. Just don’t forget to fluff the braid in the end, because the tight, strict elements are now out of fashion.

    "waterfall" – this hairstyle occupies a leading position in popularity. Remember, this is a way of styling loose hair using weaving. It looks feminine, smooth, neat and fits almost all outfits, is quick and easy to do.

    Complex, elaborate weaving has lost popularity in recent years, so are rare. Nevertheless, we have found some successful options.

    Decorated with bows, ribbons, hairpins

    Bows are always associated with school years, childhood and spontaneity, so they are often decorated with hairstyles for the prom. Important point Your color should blend harmoniously with the outfit.

    Bows can not only be used for long and medium hair lengths, they also fit for girls with short strands. A small arch on the left or right gives the picture playfulness and color, softens external features and gives it originality. Here are a few examples:

    Ribbons are decorations for long hair, but they rarely look harmonious with classic dresses. You can decorate the beam or the French braid. Adjust the ribbon to the color again so that there is no color contrast. White and pastel shades are relevant to dark-haired beauties, and dark colors can be used for light and light brown curls.

    Hairpins with rhinestones, iridescent stones and pearls – the perfect accessory for every celebration. This decoration goes with any styling. Notice, With the help of a hairpin, an ordinary tail looks stylish and extraordinarily beautiful. Note that if you can’t see a professional to do the styling on the prom, don’t be discouraged from buying a festive hairpin.

    There are countless variations of hairstyles that are decorated with hair clips. Every hairstyle looks bright, romantic, unique and above all always fashionable. Curls, set aside and decorated with a hair clip – a great option that looks luxurious, elegant, and irresistible.

    Or the usual low bun with a hair clip looks more harmonious, draws attention with simplicity and at the same time luxury and charm. Additional puzzles and romance in the picture – what you need for a graduate.

    Curls, curls, waves, loose hair

    Hair personalizes strength and beauty at all times, and long curls are the most important criteria for the attractiveness of the girl. Loose hair always looks great, brave and does not remain without the attention of outsiders. The only nuance of today’s fashion – the curls should look natural, neglected and untidy in the picture are not allowed, the strands match and complement each other.

    Use hairpins or weaves to decorate loose curls. In this case, the curls should be soft and big, in the style of Hollywood waves, but not an elastic spiral.

    Curls can be used for girls with short hair. The side parting, the raised fringes and the twisted ends are the perfect composition for a classic dress.

    Beauties with hair under their shoulders complicate the hairstyle with braiding.

    Hollywood waves look perfect, decorated with a light hairpin with rhinestones and pebbles.

    To create a romantic and feminine image, the hairstyle fits "malvina". Note that a small bouffant is made in the upper part, which is fixed by the invisible. To complete the hairstyle, you can use a hairpin, a ribbon, a small bow.

    Ideas for the simplest and most spectacular hairstyles

    You can create a hairstyle for girls with your own hands without needing the help of a professional. Watch out The quick and easy implementation doesn’t mean that the picture looks simple and discreet. We will show you step by step how to make your final hairstyle.

    The lower bundle of braids, decorated with an original hair clip, looks tender and interesting. The execution takes 5-10 minutes, no more. Make a little pudding on the top of your head, then weave all your hair in a regular braid or using a fishtail technique. Pull the braid together from below into a bundle and fasten the studs. Finally, let go of a few strands on the face, decorate the hair with butterflies or small flowers.

    One more thing Wave bouquet with weaving variantIt looks romantic and doesn’t require a long styling. Hair wind on hair curlers or hair curlers. Divide them into 3 parts: two sides and back. Gather the back of the hair in the lower beam, in some cases you can do a little refresh on the crown. Weave braids from the side strands and fasten them from behind over the beam. Decorate with beautiful hairpins and rivets.

    The next version of the installation looks original and fresh. Dissolve the hair, make a side parting, wrap, iron or curl on large curlers, fix with varnish. A light bouffant gives the crown more volume. Then braid a small one "mandrel" from one side, lint the braid.

    High knot or tail with a hair bow Looks original and bold. To do this, collect the high tail, place it on a roll and fasten it with a rubber band. Divide the hair around the bundle into two parts: braid the braid in one piece and place it around the bundle. Use the second part to complete the arch. The bow is simple: divide the hair into 3 parts. Make the sides of the bow from the side threads and the braid from the rest of the hair and place it in the form of a flower in the middle of the bow, attach it with a hairpin.

    Air jet with a tiara, hoop or bow – Possibility of laying for the laziest. Your job is to make an airy, carefree bundle before recommending twisting your hair. Decorate your hair with a tiara, a crown, a small bow or a beautiful hairpin.

    Braided light diagonally – Simple styling for a romantic, feminine image. You need to select 3 strands from the left temple, braid a braid in the direction of the right ear and gradually add a part of the hair with each turn. In the end, fluff the fabric and you can hide the top of the braid to fix the styling. Use small flowers or a beautiful hairpin for decoration.

    The following styling option wonderfully transforms you into a Greek goddess and looks at the ball for the prom. Detach the hair from the tips, twist it on the tape, a special chewing gum. Fix the hairstyles, remove a few strands from the face and twist them. Make a bow from the ends of the ribbon.

    "Flowing waterfall" – This style looks delicate, unmatched, delicious and goes perfectly with the prom. Note that the hair should be long. Make a side parting and twist the ends on large curlers, curling iron, iron. Pick a few threads in the forehead and weave a small braid around your head. Do the same on the other side of the breakup. Put on and fix both braids.

    Wrap long hair on curlers or curling irons, separate the top part, do a little juicy. Put the hair carefully on it, fix the varnish. Finally decorate with a pierced hairpin and sand.

    Hollywood ruffles – The trend that film stars used successfully. You need to make a side parting, wrap the hair on large diameter curlers, and put curls one on one. Strands lay on one shoulder and fastened the back of the rivets and the beautiful hairpin. If you don’t have bangs, you can visually lift the curls on your forehead.

    Hairstyles with bangs

    The owners of pony a week before the prom have to cut it, fix it. What kind of female hairstyle with bangs to choose for the prom, some fresh and trendy ideas, the answers to these questions await you in the photos below.

    Creative, unusual and bright options

    Brightness, eccentricity, the unique courage of the individual, stylists also recommend expressing themselves in a hairstyle. The following styling options help moderately brave and irresistible graduates:

    • two tall grapes look quite playful and unusual. At the same time they can be decorated with ribbons, bows. Pass small bundles over your head and twist the remaining curls,

    • big bows of your own hair is another compromise solution for brave fashionistas,

    • The retro styling decorated with pearls is no less radiant. Don’t forget the radiant make-up and stylish outfit

    • A rose made of your own hair or a complex network of strands looks artful and original. Please note that this option is the creation of the master. Do not try to repeat at home with no experience and special skills.

    • Express your own uniqueness, individuality of character and color. It is not necessary to use constant colors, it is enough to buy mascara, crayons of bright colors,

    • With braids of unusual, asymmetrical shape and size, you can create a no less brilliant and original image in the style of a cosmic princess, an unearthly beauty.

    Hairstyles with false tails, bows, hair extensions

    For those where the length of the curls cannot replicate the chosen hairstyle, the stylists recommend using the wrong hair, hair pieces and hair bows. No less bold step – to increase the locks before triumph. The main thing is to choose the wrong hair that will match your own hair so that they are not a bit different and form a single image.

    False tails and hair extensions are usually not hidden in bouquets, but on the contrary prove their beauty in such styling options:

    For lovers of beams, stylists recommend using hair bows. They are also tailored to the tone of the hair.

    Trends in recent years using the example of star children

    It’s time to grapple with celebrities’ lives, because many see them as style icons. The following photos show which hairstyles children of celebrities preferred at the prom.

    Femininity, tenderness and romance in the evening picture chose Alexander, the eldest daughter of the Russian singer Slava. Make sure that the curls collected from behind visually lengthen the graduate’s neck, demonstrate the young beauty and charm of the girl, the perfect figure, grace and of course an elegant outfit.

    Lily-Rose, the daughter of the famous Hollywood actor Johnny Depp, has also preserved the naturalness and tenderness of the picture. Charming, flesh-colored dress complements the sloppy and airy curls.

    The daughter of the Russian “tennis star”, Evgeny Kafelnikov, did not miss the opportunity to demonstrate beauty and style and decided at the closing ceremony for casual slogans, which were decorated with a gold border, to a bright, original dress.

    It is impossible not to pay attention to the chic hairstyles of the excellent parents, which will surely be noticed by future graduates.

    As you can see, modern fashion can’t take it "Oak", painted curls, just naturalness, romance and tenderness.

    Men’s hairstyles for prom

    It’s not just girls who worry about choosing festive clothes and hairstyles, this day is no less troubling for men. We offer some important tips from stylists on choosing male hairstyles:

    • Cascading haircuts with uneven, profiled tips are suitable for men with long hair. This gives the picture shape and lightness.

    • brave and extraordinary people choose asymmetrical hairstyles with long bangs. With special tools you can experiment with laying bangs,

    • Haircut in the style of "military" gives its owner a special charm and self-confidence,

    • Asymmetrical, slightly tousled bangs, shaved whiskey – that’s a popular haircut "Grunge".Suitable for men with thick hair,

    • Haircuts under the card are an opportunity to highlight bold, confident traits. These guys don’t stay in the shadows, but only in the center of the attention of beautiful women,

    • shaved zigzag lines, lines on the hair – this is an option for the brightest, most brutal personalities.

    Don’t be afraid to experiment with hair because there is still time for experimentation. This is the only way to choose the best, most harmonious, elegant and original styling that reveals all your virtues and charm. And the advice of our experts and photos of hairstyles for prom 9th, 11th grade make this solemn moment the most colorful and unforgettable!

    Useful videos

    Make top 5 hairstyles for the 2018 graduation yourself.

    Prom hairstyles to attract attention.

    4 rules for choosing hairstyles

    Rule number 1: First choose a dress. Your hairstyle should complement the dress and not compete with it.

    Rule number 2. For the ball: consider your individuality. You want to feel calm and relaxed on the ball, which means that you want to become an improved version of yourself. If you prefer beauty to convenience, never paint yourself, then building a social lion is pointless. But forget the strict classic hairstyle with which you went to school.

    Rule number 3: Don’t struggle with the texture of your hair, let it work for you. Curly hair looks great when you lift or dissolve it. Straight hair can be curled and put into a ponytail (with hairpins and hairspray). Wavy hair can be straightened or curled, and they’re also great for gathering or dissolving in a ponytail.

    Rule number 4: When choosing a style, think about the future that will come in 20 years. These photos can appear on Facebook in 2034, so you may want to look fabulous and fashionable regardless of the era. Before you appear in front of a photographer, read the article "How to look 10 pounds thinner in photos from the graduation ceremony". Thanks to these tips, you will stay beautiful in the photo forever.

    Exit No. 1 hairstyle: carefree bun

    Negligence in fashion. Such a hairstyle for your prom will look very stylish and will not go astray.

    hair type: This hairstyle looks best on slightly wavy or curly hair. If your hair is absolutely smooth, use a curling iron or thermal curler before you start creating a hairstyle. In addition, the hair should reach at least to the shoulders, but can be longer. Although you can put together a bundle yourself, we recommend that you use the services of a specialist or at least ask a friend.

    individuality: A carefree bun fits every girl.

    Type of dress: Looks great with a strapless dress because the bun emphasizes the neckline. Also great for a dress with straps. It is better to choose a different hairstyle if you want to wear a chic dress, if you wear a lot of jewelry under your neck or if you want to decorate your neck with something sober.

    There are dozens of jet variants. I suggest studying these photos and choosing some variations you like before consulting with a professional.

    Hairstyle for graduation 2: hairstyle with strands of hair that are stuck behind the back

    It’s no secret that men like to look at girls’ hair, but the possibility of simply leaving the hair out may seem too boring for a prom. Therefore, this hairstyle looks particularly sexy – because it releases skin and hair.

    hair type: This style is suitable for hair of any length and texture, except for haircuts that are shorter than the chin. So that your hairstyle doesn’t get boring, you can curl your hair, curl it, or add artificial strands.

    individualityA: This is a classic prom trend, so it is more suitable for girls who prefer the traditional, classic style. But you can add the picture devilishly with a roller.

    Type of dressA: This style works well for strapless dresses.

    Prom 3 Hairstyle: Classic Socket (French wisp)

    Classic prom hairstyles are the same grapes that the stars prefer to walk on the red carpet. Choose the hairstyle you like from the huge selection of different classic outlets, hairpieces and bars. Be careful not to pull your hair too tight or too deep, otherwise you will only see your forehead or neck in the photos. Stop your choice on the medium version so the beam is at a nice angle to your forehead.

    hair texture: Suitable for all hair types – from straight to very curly. The hair length should extend at least to your shoulders.

    individuality: This style is the best choice for girls with a classic, traditional upbringing.

    Type of dressA: Suitable for most types of clothes. Don’t choose normal flowing clothes. The hairstyle will look even better if you lift it off with a necklace, earrings or the embellished top of a dress.

    Prom number 4 hairstyle: loose hair

    Who said you are required to style your hair at the prom? The hair can be straight and smooth or wavy, beautiful curls lie. Just don’t appear the way you looked at school every day at the prom. If you prefer this particular hairstyle, make sure the hair falls under the top of your dress. Otherwise, the hairstyle may make you look fat. If your hair is not long enough, you can use artificial strands. Or grow your own.

    hair texture: Suitable for all hair types.

    individuality: It is suitable for every girl, although it is better for girls with a classic education to stick their hair into their hair.

    Type of dress: Find a balance between a tight-fitting dress and hair lying in soft waves. Loose hair looks great with both a strapless dress and straps. It is better to choose something different if you wear a dress with a closed top or with a shoulder strap through the neck.

    Graduation No. 5 Hairstyle: Spit

    This year, spittoons are more popular than ever. You can choose a rosette of braids, put it as a bezel or a romantic design of curls and braids.

    hair texture: Straight or wavy. Suitable for any hair length, except too short.

    individuality: For free, romantic and sporty girls.

    Type of dress: Depends on the appearance of the skewer.

    Finish haircut number 6: tail on the back of the head or on the side

    A smooth tail or a super trendy tail on the side will make you stand out from the crowd at this year’s graduation ceremony. If the hairstyle is properly combined with a dress and jewelry, the tail can be an ideal option for your prom.

    hair textureA: Best for long straight hair. If you have wavy hair, you need to use a rectifier. It is not necessary to stack the hair in a ponytail. Make up your eyes: Smokie-Ayz is best.

    individuality: Suitable for sporty girls with a sophisticated taste, free and well read. Just make sure the hairstyle doesn’t look like you’ve just returned from soccer training.

    Type of dress: Short with ruffled skirts, modern as well as long and loose – all these dresses look great with a tail.

    Here are some photos of such hairstyles:

    Hairstyle for graduation No. 7: hairstyles for short hair

    My favorite short hairstyle:

    Who Said Prom Should Have Long Hair? Short hairstyles are cheeky and bold. If you choose the right dress and jewelry, a short haircut with jagged edges also looks elegant.

    hair texture: Suitable for all hair types except very thick and curly.

    individuality: Sharp, spirited, free, sporty.

    Type of dress: With short hair, you can choose any dress. Choose a dress for a figure, but not for a hairstyle.

    Hairstyle for graduation number 8: bundle on the side

    It seems that in 2013 every celebrity on the red carpet tried on a hairstyle with a bundle on the side or did an oblique haircut for it, so we undoubtedly have to call this haircut the trend of 2014. Plus, it’s just amazing. To stand out from the crowd of other graduates, take a look at the photo gallery, which shows bars and tails shifted to the side, as well as weird haircuts.

    hair texture: You need relatively long hair for this.

    individuality: Suitable for anyone who wants to try something new.

    Type of dress: This year, the stars on the red carpet were adorned in dresses with a sleeve and a side hairstyle. If your dress only has one sleeve – great! Gather the hair from the side of the sleeve.

    Prom No. 9 hairstyle: hair bands

    There are a huge amount of beautiful hoops to decorate your hair with. Here are some of the ideas that can inspire you:

    hair texture: Any.

    individuality: For brave, sophisticated, romantic, sporty and feminine girls.

    Type of dressA: Best for simple dresses. Be careful, however, and don’t overdo it with accessories. If you choose a tire, it is better to choose bracelets and not to wear a necklace.

    Prom hairstyle # 10: fake haircut

    This hairstyle glowed on the red carpet, and if you get it right you will look absolutely charming. Everyone will decide that you’ve cut your hair!

    hair texture: Best for wavy or specially wavy hair. The length should be under the shoulders.

    individuality: For brave, romantic, fashionable girls.

    Type of dress: Goes well with sleeveless dresses and any other dress that goes with a short haircut.

    Important preparation phase

    • Any styling will hold and look better if you prepare your hair before you create it. They should be washed with shampoo and a mask applied.
    • After the desired time, the mask is washed off and a balm is applied with a comb. It is best to use professional tools that are selected depending on the hair type. Only salon products can properly prepare curls for further styling. she will you make them soft and obedient and give them shine.

    How to diversify tall hair for long hair

    High hairstyles for long hair represent a variety of types of this type of styling. They look good with and without bangs, wonderful for an everyday occasion and a brilliant celebration. Hair that has accumulated high above always looks very elegant and feminine, whether casual – romantic or strict and smooth images. Consider some of the possible options.

    French ray

    If you enter “photos with high hair” in a search engine, you will find a very gentle and refined hairstyle in the list of the most popular hairstyles, which was developed for truly romantic natures. French bundle is easy to do yourself. It is recommended to do this hairstyle on clean hair as it requires the creation of pomp and volume. To fix the French beam, hairdressers recommend using invisible hairpins that everyone knows. A number of experts also advise using a normal needle, and the thread should be the same color as the hair color. It is necessary to “flash” the hairstyle with these things, then shake your head lightly to ensure the strength of the replica style, and then simply fix the bar with varnish. You can use the method shown in the step-by-step photo.


    It can serve as a standalone hairstyle for long hair or as the basis for other, most complex styles. The peculiarity of such a styling is as follows: the hair should be combed straight, collecting all curls in the highest tail, which must then be guided towards the forehead. Next, you need to fix it with invisible hairpins and combs. Although there are many other ways to smooth the tail: smooth, with a bunch, carefree, with weaving. Learn how to change this long, banal, high styling for long hair here.

    High beam with a large rubber band

    This hairstyle is created as follows: First, you need to wash the hair and dry it carefully. Then collect them in a tight and stable tail. When you tighten the tail, you need to apply a large chewing gum or bagel that needs to be wrapped with hair so that it is not visible. Then the hair on the tail should be tied with a thin rubber band. And the last thing is to wrap the tips around the elastic and fix the hair with hairpins. When the hairstyle is done, it needs to be sprayed with varnish. A great solution for everyday office work.

    Here you can see the whole beauty of high styling with a bagel in steps for long curls.

    This styling is similar to the previous one. An incredibly fashionable retro hairstyle that runs on both long and medium length curls, but the main thing is that they’re thick. To create such a set, you first need to tie the tail tightly on the crown and split it in two parts (roughly a one to three ratio). Mostly combed and put into a half ring with the help of a large chewing gum (donut), which has to be fixed with invisible hairpins, whereby all unnecessary tails are removed and the varnish is sprayed to fix them. The remaining small strand can be used for braiding hairstyles, and you can make a neat hair bow out of it. The step-by-step photo clearly shows the retro styling.

    If desired, the curls can be supplemented with a border or a beautiful band, which gives even more charm and playfulness. And with bangs and no bangs on long hair, this high styling will look great.

    Babette is also a great mix for the bride’s wedding picture. When you decorate a tiara or crown, you get a breathtaking view.

    The simplest hairstyles for long hair using the bar that you can do with your own hands can be found here.

    You can learn how to create a beautiful and spectacular picture for the prom in the following video material.

    Top high hairstyles for medium hair

    High hairstyles for medium hair can become the standard when creating masterpieces with long curls. But not the other way around if the length of the hair may not be sufficient and the picture created does not look so spectacular. But also for medium length hair there are a variety of types of high styling that emphasize the beauty, elegance and originality of the picture.

    Spectacular curly hair – airy curly structure

    Lush styling with curly curls – an example of elegance and feminine sophistication. The hairstyle looks incredibly feminine and light curls give the image the lightness of a fluttering butterfly. To create a bunch, you need to apply foam to your hair to give it volume. From the roots should comb the strands in a chaotic way, gradually gather curls and lift them up. In this position fixed by the hands, the hair should either be fixed with hairpins or a strongly fixed lacquer should be used – and the final touch – to curl the ends of the hair with a curl. It turns out very simple and very spectacular hairstyle that every woman can do. A fleece and curls give medium-length hair more volume and this high styling causes a stir at every celebration, even at a wedding.

    Medium tufts of curls – everyday patterns

    Different strands also look good on the average hair length: with a pile, smooth, carefree, with weaving and others. In addition, they are very easy to do with your own hands.

    To make such a slightly careless hairstyle for medium hair, you need to curl the curls in a very strong tail. The remaining strands on the back of the head should be removed invisibly and fixed with a varnish. Then everything has to be sprayed over the tail. If you divide it into parts, you need to make a stack on each of the parts. The last step is to wrap the hair around the base of the tail and fix the entire hairstyle with invisible hair. This is the safest choice for thin and thin medium hair. If you add a fabric or a nice accessory, you can give this picture a certain joie de vivre.

    Such a hairstyle with a nifty approach can be done in just five minutes. The hair needs to be combed, the ends rolled up with a curling iron and smoothed with your fingers after slight movements. Twisted threads should be collected in the tail (as high as possible) and fixed with varnish (light or medium fixation is sufficient). Next you need to remove the tail curls, which need to be divided into two strands. You need to twist the straps around the base of the tail. All strands must be strongly fixed with stealth. To maintain the hairstyle, it should be sprayed with varnish. And you can add weaving to the beam so that the threads are not knocked out.

    Braid sheaf

    This hairstyle creates an amazing effect of femininity and sophistication. With all the beauty, a bundle of braids is done easily and quickly. We need to start with a coat that should be washed thoroughly beforehand. After that, you need to smooth the curls with your fingers and tie them with a rubber band in a high, strong tail. From the tail, the hair is divided into two or three parts, each of which is braided into a braid. And you can use the whole tail. It happens that the average hair length is not sufficient for such a styling. Don’t be upset before time! Finally, there are overhead strands that have been specially developed to solve such situations. The resulting braids should be wrapped around the tail and fixed with a varnish to fix the hair or invisible hairpins. The result of this styling is a beautiful and delicate hairstyle for medium hair that you can safely do for all occasions – for every day and for vacation.

    It would be desirable to have a small pussy – choose two tufts of hair. This picture is most often chosen by girls – teenagers or young girls. It looks particularly interesting with light spots.

    Original bow

    Given the different options for high styling for medium hair, you can’t ignore this interesting hairstyle. And she deserved this because of her original and pretty appearance.

    Hairstyle hair bow for girls and girls is one of the most spectacular and extremely stylish today. She is happy to literally do it for all occasions – the most appropriate is a graduation party or other evening event. To restore the hairstyle bow, you need to carefully comb your hair first, while giving it a little randomness and a little mess on the head. If you pull the tail firmly so that the tips of the tail make the passage forward and do not come out from under the rubber band, you should split the bundle formed in two. It is worth noting that you need to keep a small strand of hair that you have to pull back and fasten with hairpins. To achieve maximum effect, it is recommended to additionally spray the hair with a varnish so that it remains more reliable, longer and firmer.

    Festive high styling for girls – photos

    For girls, high hair is made like for adults – mostly it is tail-based rays. Less thermal effects on the hair, as children’s hair is very fragile. Instead, curlers are used to create curls.

    To decorate this hairstyle, you can use a ribbon or bezel that goes well with both the hair color and a piece of clothing from the closet. And it can be adjusted for long and medium hair.

    Don’t be afraid to experiment with pictures! Create yourself with great hairstyles!

    Hairstyles with curls

    Stylish curls can easily be created with a conical tweezer. Follow the directions to make these Hollywood curls:

    1. The hair is treated with a heat protection agent.
    2. The hair on the head is divided into three parts: the temporal and the occipital.
    3. With the help of tapered tweezers, the curls start to rotate from the back of the head.
    4. Small

      The threads are wound one after the other, with a certain time remaining in the tongs, and sprinkled with each varnish. For the hairstyle to be symmetrical, the threads must be the same.

    5. When all the hair is curled, the hair is sprinkled again with varnish. Then comb the hair lightly with a natural bristle brush and sprinkle again with all varnishes.

    A popular prom hairstyle is styling with side curls that fall on the shoulder. This asymmetrical hairstyle looks very feminine and gentle. To get it you need:

    1. Comb the hair and part of the crown so that the hair is much larger on one side than on the other.
    2. For curling with a curling iron or pliers.
    3. Remove the hair from the back and throw it on his shoulder.
    4. Attach the hair to the back of the head with invisible hair so that it does not fall on your back when moving.
    5. Fix the styling varnish.

    Braid-based hairstyles

    With the final braid, women of all ages (mothers, teachers) and even more – can use young girls or girls as evening hairstyles. Pigtail weave girl and graduation in kindergarten. But you can use them at an older age. You only need to modify the usual weave slightly and show a little imagination.

    Option number 1

    Hairstyles with braids are great for girls with thin hair, because with their help you can easily give the required amount of hair. For example, you can do the following hairstyle at the prom:

    1. The hair is divided into two parts, well combed and dampened.
    2. Weave ordinary braids, the ends of which are fastened with small rubber bands.
    3. The ends of the braids should be hidden by pushing them into the base of the other braid and then stealthily fastening them.
    4. Several strands are pulled out of braids and decorated with bows, hair clips and other accessories.

    Option number 2

    The fishtail looks very nice. A characteristic of this type of braid is that the hair does not have to be pulled tight, on the contrary, it must be treated with fluff.

    How to create a hairstyle

    The following tools are required:

    • massage brush,
    • Rubber and other decorations for the finished hairstyle,
    • a spray.

    Gradually the fishtail hairstyle is woven like this:

    1. Comb and spray hair well.
    2. Curls are combed back.
    3. A string should be separated at the temples.
    4. Pull back and cross strands.
    5. Hold the crossed threads with one hand and select another thread on the left with the other.
    6. A new left sequence is crossed with the right one so that it is on top and pressed with the left hand.
    7. The next strand on the right is held by the right hand and crossed with the left strand.
    8. Similarly, they braid hair behind the neck and leave the tail behind.
    9. In the tail, the lower threads are alternately selected on each side and continue to weave a braid.
    10. Attach chewing gum to the end of the braid and decorate the bow or hair clip. Romantic picture is ready.

    It is very difficult to weave such a braid from the top of the head without help. For independent work, you should choose a light version and make a braid starting from the low tail at the back of the head or the side fish tail.

    Option number 3

    A simple basket is one of the hairstyles that use braids at the prom. It is often woven by girls in kindergarten, but an improved version can also be appropriate at school. Make it easy:

    1. The curls are combed and divided into several strands.
    2. Each strand should be collected in a small tail. The result should be a circle of tails.
    3. Each tail is combed and intertwined with the next by hiding it.

    Bundles and high hairstyles

    The most popular are the high hairstyles at the prom. One of them is a vintage babette in the style of the 50s. It is somewhat more difficult to do a retrotrico because they require accuracy. In order for the styling to hold, you need a large number of invisible hairpins and hairpins – they do not allow the threads to move, as well as a special accessory – a twister.

    It is easy to do according to the following instructions:

    1. Curls

      Comb and moisturize.

    2. Then they are applied to the foam and divided into two parts – from the back of the head and the forehead.
    3. Hair in the occiput area, if desired, in the tail so as not to disturb.
    4. Take a twister or bagel, put the threads from the front of your head. The threads should close the hairpin completely so that it is combed and spread evenly over the entire surface of the twister. If there is no donut, turn the tourniquet bundle at the top of the head.
    5. The tips of the hair stole furtively so that they were not visible.
    6. The threads accumulated on the back of the head dissolve and give them volume with varnish.
    7. Optionally, you can curl the curls and decorate the edge of the babette end with hairpins with rhinestones.

    Hairstyle “knot”

    A great evening version of the high prom hairstyle – the so-called “knots”. It looks like this step by step:

    1. The hair is divided into a straight part. One part is stabbed and the remaining unassembled part is combed.
    2. Separate the thin thread from the forehead and fold it in the form of a knot wrapped on a finger. The end of the knot should be stabbed in secret.
    3. After grasping the end of the previous thread, take the next thread and fold it in a similar way.
    4. Continue twisting the threads in the nodules, fixing them invisibly, and gradually moving sideways to the end.
    5. The same should be done with the remaining half of the hair.
    6. The last strand should be rolled up in the form of a snail and fixed with a pin.
    7. Ready spreading varnish.

    air jet

    It is easy to create a smooth image by placing it in the form of a bundle and curls of air. Creating such a hairstyle with curls won’t take much time.

    • It is only necessary to wind up the hair and make the curls invisible.
    • Then the strands are treated with varnish and released.
    • Downstairs is made bouffant.
    • Strands beautifully placed on the head and fixed with varnish.
    1. To do this, first make the tail and separate the central strand.
    2. Its ottyagivat and fix varnish, rotating in the shape of a snail.
    3. Similarly, twist the remaining threads and leave several straight. They are needed to put the finishing touches on. They are also leveled with a curling iron and fixed with varnish.

    A romantic look is easy to create when you put a waterfall in your hair:

    1. The hair is carefully combed and parted.
    2. On the one hand, they separate the thin thread and weave the braid up to ear level.
    3. The lower strand of the braid is released and the loose strand is taken.
    4. Weave braid

      diagonally to the back of the head, secure the end with a rubber band.

    5. On the other hand, weave the same braid and attach the tip with a thin rubber band in the color of the curls.
    6. The braid links are loosened slightly so that they are not tight. Two braids attach stealth.
    7. Loose strands curl when ironing curls.
    8. The hair is fixed with varnish.

    You can add expressive hairstyles by using a light ribbon, braid, or lace that is woven into a braid. You can also decorate your hair with a bow, a flower, a hairpin or a hairpin with rhinestones. To keep the styling better, clean hair should be sprayed with a little spray or mousse.

    Stylist Tips

    Hairstyles at the graduation ceremony are best selected based on the shape of the face and the type of figure:

    1. When a girl is tall and tall, her hairstyles with long, flowing hair are just as good as neatly low buns. You should avoid high hairstyles
    2. With a full figure and a small stature, you should choose a styling that opens the neck. Also attract air.
    3. Slim and low girls should prefer curvy hairstyles.
    4. If the face is round, the hair should be raised. This visually stretches the face. Help and strands released on the sides of tall hair.
    5. With an elongated face, the hairstyle should open the cheeks. For example, a bundle on the back of the head is suitable, or you need to whip hair on the sides to visually enlarge the face.
    6. A diamond-shaped face is suitable for hairstyles that emphasize the temporal part of the head.

    Fashion trends

    Stylists predict that among the hairstyles for long hair for the prom in 2017, different options for braids will be particularly fashionable:

    1. Traditionally

      “Spike”, also called French braid.

    2. Spit, reminiscent of “waterfall”.
    3. spitting network.

    At the same time, it is recommended to spray the hair with glitter spray and to use various accessories.

    • The ponytail hairstyle was often noticed at the latest fashion shows. It is perfect for girls with very long hair. Curls that collect in the tail can be curled, bouffant and decorated with ribbons or hairpins.
    • For medium length hair, you can use hairstyles that suggest curls. So you can create a smooth and elegant picture of a young lady. The hair collected in a bun looks beautiful. A few curls should be loosened at the front and sprayed with varnish for fastening.

    Asymmetric styling will also be in fashion, with one ear visible and the other covered with a bunch or curls. Optionally, it is possible to split the hair into a parted part and stick it in such a way that the strands frame the face beautifully.

    For short hair, stylists offer hairstyles that include extravagant and extraordinary styling.

    You can do another fashionable styling. The front hair is combed behind the ears and flogged at the top, making them lush. The desired volume and airiness are created with a hair dryer, curling iron and hair foam.



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