Pixie haircuts for thick hair – new hairstyle style

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Pixie haircuts for thick hair

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Date: 28 January 2017 – 10:17 PM

Pixie haircut is the easiest way to go, brave and wild. This cut works for both thin and thick hair, but today we only saved it, pixie haircuts for thick hair. Draw pixies for thick hair additional Pay attention to your face and emphasize your bone structure. Very short pixies of flat girls and women with fine facial features and big eyes. Well, if you’ve decided to go for an ultra-short pixie, just consult with your stylist to know which option is good for your complexion.

This choppy pixie brings the natural shaggy texture of the strands and turns them in a super-hip style. The curls also have a dark shade, giving some details to the style. It’s a great option for women who like to stand out in the crowd and make a fashion statement. Note that the design looks absolutely great when paired with bickering outfit, as you can see below.

Waved pixie haircut

Don’t you know how you feel with your wild wavy texture? Prune it off! Go for a modern pixie cut, have extra long hair in the front and super short in the back. In this case, the waves can be beneficial since you don’t need to go for extra styling tricks instead of yours waves fall forward to a long fringe design. It’s a totally cool and mysterious look.

the curly pixie hair

If you think pixie cuts are not an option for their curly hair, it’s the best time to change your mind. Here’s the best example to prove that you elves look just as good on curly hair. This conical style keeps the tendrils manageable and neat. These are the main goals that are always the center of attention when dealing with thick hair.

Razored cut for thick hair

Indeed pixie cuts for thick hair should definitely be a bit edgy and interesting. If you are looking for a style like this, how can you have it. Try to play with rounded edges and razored layers to create a geometric-like design. Create a soft buzzed undercut with the top left a bit longer. You achieve a low-maintenance look that is totally easy to style.

Fringed pixie haircut

What is this style about? It works especially well for women with longer face shapes. The delicate feathered bangs are the perfect complement to a pixie cut like this. In this case the most important thing is that the bangs are right. Make sure you cut them with a serrated razored tool so that they look perfect. Color is not important, so feel free to choose your favorite hair color, update your pixie.


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