Photo tricks with hairstyles: what does a new hairstyle look like for me, philognosie

November 28, 2016 — by MCutts0

The first impression we leave on other people is often largely determined by our appearance, i.e. H. the styling, the face and the hairstyle. Unfortunately, it is difficult for us to predict how a different hairstyle or a different style of clothing would work.

After all, experiments cost a lot of money if we want to test different styles of clothing or different hairstyles. And what’s worse – things can go wrong. Because who wants to make a fool of themselves with a weird hairstyle that doesn’t match their own charisma at all?.

So that you "safely" can experiment with your type, different hairstyles and clothing styles, there is a funny program on the Internet. It’s called "HairMixer" – with it you can conjure up all kinds of different hairstyles on your head with your own photo (passport photo format).

  • You can find this program at "Testing new hairstyles" via the link: "Hair mixer – test new hairstyles with my photos".

What do I need to test new hairstyles?

You need a digital photo of yourself (ideally in a passport photo view) on your PC, in which your face is clearly visible from the front.

How does the program work "Hair mixer – test new hairstyles"?

1. First click on the Hairmixer link already mentioned and click on the link there "Your computer" (above the left picture) and then on "Search". Your Explorer will then open – navigate to the location where your portrait is saved and then double-click on it.

2. Then click the link below "Submit photo", to upload their picture.

3. Next, pull the square section of your face to the correct size – an example of this is the image on the right opposite.

4. Select the link on the right "Gallery" and choose one of the many portraits you like. If you on "Click to see more" click, further hairstyles / styles appear.

You should now see your portrait on the left and the third-party portrait (with the test hairstyle) on the right. (Example – please refer following figure).

5. In the middle (between the two pictures) there are two buttons – click on the upper one to put your face in the right picture.

6. Now a mix of the two appears pictures – Now drag your projected face (white frame) to the correct proportions with the mouse and look at the result. (Example – see next Illustration)

You will now see a section of the transition. The quality is quite decent, enough to see how you would look with different clothes / a completely different haircut (hairstyle).

Since this tool to project faces on top of each other is free, you can do as many attempts with new hairstyles as you want without inhibitions. Of course, this explanation is not exhaustive, it is only meant to show how you can use the program "HairMixer" can experiment.


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