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New year, New hair – many women want a new look, especially in spring, and often the new hairstyle becomes the basis for a complete change of type. But why is spring so much better for a new hairstyle than other seasons??

Again and again it is said: A change in type in women is the sign of the end of their relationship. It is logical, because many women process a relationship end with the desire for a complete fresh start, including a new look. But there are other good reasons for a new hairstyle – right now in spring.

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2017 short hairstyles and hairstyles style for women

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Date: 1 December 2017 – 6:01 PM

Hairstyles are the main need of women because it gives you a great look and changes your overall look. There are many styles that are common among girls and these styles are different such as level, crotch, bob cut, side parting and many other hairstyles are common. You can make any style according to your face shape because every face has different appearance and shape , The ladies who have some long hair want to cut it in the stylish and trendy way and the hairstyles never stay the same, they are changed and changed depending on the season and time.

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15 most adorable blonde hairstyles for 2019

Long blonde hairstyle was once considered the most attractive hairstyle for women. It always reminds us of the most famous and sexiest American actress Marilyn Monroe. For most continue reading

45 hottest blonde hairstyles for black women

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16 sleek and clean long blonde hairstyles – with styling tips

When you talk about, most women associate it with dirt and fat, which is not the case. Actually blonde hair doesn’t just show dirt and grease Continue Reading

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Ponytail hairstyles with bangs for 2019

If you ask a lot of girls why they love cute ponies, they will all answer because they are versatile and easy to style. New />

Rope ponytail with sideways curved bangs

Rope Ponytail reminds us of Disney cartoons in which princesses wore rope-tail ponytails. In real life, you can also wear rope ponytails with side-swept bangs and feel like a Disney hero. It’s not a complicated hairstyle, you just need a real haircut.

Ponytail hairstyle with blunt bangs

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Shave your hair and go completely bald take immense courage and super high confidence for a woman. But if you dare to take the plunge with the right bald hairstyle and wear that with the right posture, it can look remarkably beautiful. You believe us.

Here are top 50 bald hairstyles for you to check out:

1st crucial bald hairstyle by Bernie Nolan:

Let’s start with this graceful Irish entertainer who at the age of 52 Nolan had left us last year to shave her head as she fought breast cancer. But it couldn’t affect her amazing beauty.

2.Amber bald hairstyle by Amber Rose:

This American beauty has almost made her style statement bald. In fact, for keeping her light natural blonde hair super short or going completely bald, she has risen to fame from time to time.

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61. Michelle Williams ’ Hairstyle for round faces: short, spotty bob

Actress Michelle Williams looks adorable with her short, shaggy bob. We love how it encompasses the growth phase and experiments with different styles. Try long, thin forehead fringes and your hair will grow longer for a romantic feeling.

62. Tatyana Ali’s hairstyle for round faces: shiny, fuzzy curls

The American actress and R&B-singer Tatyana Ali looks cool and casual with her shiny and fuzzy curls. This is a great, everyday hairstyle that is easy to maintain and optimizes a very stylish look. Experiment with accessories like hair bands, barrettes, or even flowers to spice up your simple, medium length hairstyle.

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by omermuhtarPublished 26 August 2018Updated 26 August 2018

The conversation about hair and Asian women is naturally endowed with beautiful and silky black strands. That’s why Asian hairstyles naturally have a glamorous appeal. Since most of the hottest hairstyles (I’ll also add the word "bold") come from Asian beauties, scroll down to get in-the-know of the finest Asian hairstyles young chicks should try at office babes during their next salon visit

Check out the best possible Asian hairstyles that you can try regardless of hair length.

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Medium length prom hairstyles

May 19, 2015 admin New hairstyles 0

Prom night is very important for the boys and girls as they leave their childhood behind and give youth with grace. When it comes to girls they all get dressed and plan everything for this special time in their lives. When it comes down to it, the girls especially want to try the new hairstyles for themselves.

The middle hair length Could seem like a problem when styling because there are very few hairstyles like flat straight or so that are suggested for them to wear. But that’s not true, the medium length hair can be styled in a unique way for your special night and we are sure to be here to help you out Medium length prom hairstyles .

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15 angled bob hairstyles that are trendy right now

The short hair trend is currently high. It has many advantages such as trend, manageability and versatility. You just have to chop it off. In this article, you’ll learn about various angled bob cuts that are used today. There would also be insights that it is widespread.

Of all haircuts, angled bobs are known to be the most versatile. The key aspect is that you can wear it wavy or straight. You can also style them as updos or even half hairstyles. You have to apply the best concepts to make them trendy.

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The blue and all its aquatic nuances excite the female soul and that’s why we decided to invite her to the beauty podium in the form of an extravagant coloring. But as if that weren’t entirely eccentric and the fashion trends continued. Today, the blue tones mix harmoniously or totally out of tune on our hair to express the complexity of female nature. Blue is often associated with serenity, wisdom and peace and is a perfect color to express these qualities. If you want to be inspired by the idea of ​​a maritime, a fairy or a mermaid, let yourself be inspired by the blue tie and dye technique impress. You can find the most inspiring tips and visions in the gallery below.

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