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Every season has its style, but it’s not just about clothes that you wear on your body or the right make-up. Hairstyles also make a person, and in order to get through the fall perfectly styled from head to toe, you should probably get one of these hairstyles.

The asymmetrical bob

The bob hasn’t been in a while of the To think without heads. In autumn, this hairstyle is cut asymmetrically. So the look looks a bit more severe and part the hair can fall deeper into the face.

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Weave hairstyles offer a variety of beauty options for women with afro-textured locks. In essence, they are hair extensions that use either human or synthetic hair for more women who want volume or length. Whether you choose to sew in, mesh weave, glue / glue or braid, you can enjoy a variety of ways for a new look. Get inspired by some of our favorite ideas below.

1. Short weave hairstyles

Do you want to keep your locks short and flirting? You can go for this category of ties, all easy to maintain and design. In addition to the chic cut and the soft waves, you should also keep the ruby ​​color in mind as an idea.

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Have you ever wondered what you would look like with blonde, brown or maybe even bright green hair? Nothing easier than that: With the new ‘Style My Hair’ 3D app from L’Oréal Professionnel, you can now easily try on any hair color ‘live’.

‘Style My Hair’ by L’Oréal Professionnel: innovative technology

With the new ‘Style My Hair’ app you can try out an infinite number of looks without visiting a salon and taking unnecessary risks for your hair. The app uses augmented reality and thus ensures that the use becomes a real experience: thanks to the groundbreaking Modiface technology developed exclusively for L’Oréal Professionnel, it is scanned streak by streak and thus ensures that the result is amazingly realistic.

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Every season there are new hairstyle trends for us. You have to check them and take them to your stylists. From the short pixie hairstyle, the straight bob to the long wavy hairstyle, you only have to choose a favorite. You can also add braiding details to make your hairstyle look more beautiful and seductive. Scroll down in this post to find more inspiration with our fantastic haircuts!

Easy pixie haircut for red hair

Easy pixie haircut for red hair over

If you want a fresh and cool look this summer, short hair is the perfect choice. It has even layers of extremely short length.

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Twisted hairstyles for natural hair, for 2017

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Date: 28 November 2016 – 10:15 PM

If you are bored of wearing your hair curly or detangled, then it is the highest moment to experiment with twists. Twists are an alternative to braiding and many African-American women prefer to wear twists instead of braids. Expressions are easier and faster to create, which is crucial for busy women. However, you can create different hairstyles with the help of twists. If Not you Knowing how to wear your twists, then you should definitely check out our articles on twisted Hairstyles for natural hair, for 2017.

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Short hairstyles are a timeless style that fashionistas have worn across the country. Whether you’re reinventing your style, creating a striking look, getting rid of excess weight, or just wanting to try something more minimalistic and freer, short haircuts can be dashing and unique, and shorter ends mean less styling time and less hair loss.
If you’re looking for a new way to rock your short locks, or if you need short hair to take the plunge to shorter ends, from fun to end and flirting to elegant and soft, discover some of the most beautiful and different short hairstyles for women Now you run to your stylist! These hairstyles will inspire you and allow you to indulge in a hairstyle that is trendy and stress free. There is something for everyone, from super short exotic pixies to elegant, feminine curly bobs.
Proper styling will completely change your look. We’ll filter out the top 100 of the hottest, most unique, and most beautiful short styles hairstyles for women today.

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At the christening of her little nephew Gabriel, the crown princess dressed up properly. With this outfit she outshines everyone.

The absolute focus of the day on Friday (December 1st) was Gabriel of Sweden (3rd months), because the sweet mini prince was baptized in the castle chapel of Drottningholm at noon. Of course, the whole family came to this party and of course his aunt Victoria (40) was also there with her husband and children. Even if little Gabriel was undoubtedly the most important person, Victoria won the prize for the most beautiful outfit. The successor to the throne outshone almost all the guests present in a striking outfit in fire red. We show you the fantastic look and the sophisticated details in the video above.

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While the trend of endless lengths has prevailed, the short square is back in force. since In spring 2017, the bravest fashionistas succumbed to the reputation of the scissors and opted for the coupe, long asymmetrical bob hairstyles, for which you want very straightforward and precise. We love today for the "long asymmetrical bob hairstyles" which is a slightly longer version of the traditional.

All of these terms are used in the jargon of the hairstyle and sometimes the definitions can be confused. The original hairstyle is the long asymmetrical bob hairstyles. All others are derivatives. The long asymmetrical bob hairstyles in the shape of a square on the right (no plunge effect). The lengths most often stop at jaw height. Very popular in the 1920s, it is often worn with bangs. In the 60s brought up to date, it also experienced a revival in the 90s (see Victoria Beckham era Spice Girls).

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Is the best Haircut for thick hair one that makes it appear thinner? Not necessarily.

If you take good care of thick hair and style it beautifully, it is something beautiful that does not need to be thinned out. The only question you should ask yourself: “Do I feel like taking on the somewhat frizzy structure or do I want to tame it completely?" Once you’ve made your decision, you can be inspired by our selection of the best haircuts for thick hair.

Short haircuts for thick hair

Thick hair can look great with a blunt cut bob – if you can handle the volume. Every blunt haircut, regardless of the length or the bangs, makes your hair appear even thicker, but that’s not bad! Uncontrollable, flying hair also fits that Style and give it a relaxed vibe.

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Long flowing hair can be incredibly beautiful, but oh-so-boring if you don’t always have anything to do with it. Mix things up just a little bit by bangs! Long hair with bangs is a quick and easy way to completely change the mood of your hairstyle without losing the length of the main part of the hair.

Hot red bangs hairstyle

You know the hairstyle is hot when people mistake you for a star! This hairstyle is mostly a dramatic killer with its shaggy layers, vibrant color and long bangs. The bangs are styled over the eyes for a teasing effect. Definitely a hit!

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