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She was the first woman on the ARD correspondent square in Moscow and the first western correspondent to interview Mikhail Gorbachev. Her hairstyle is cult. Gabriele Krone-Schmalz’s new book is now published "ice age".

For four eventful years – from 1987 to 1991 – Gabriele Krone-Schmalz reported for ARD television from Moscow and became an expert on Russia. But Russia was already busy with the now 67-year-old since her studies in Cologne at the end of the 1960s.

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Horton hears a Hu!

More about the film? We have collected the most important background and facts for you: detailed table of contents, interesting facts about the creation of the film, detailed production notes. Click in!

Horton: The elephant Horton weighs more than a ton, but size has never been important to him. He can squeeze into the smallest gap when he is gripped by the thirst for discovery, or can twist his huge body incredibly to make his friends laugh. If he does something, it is right, and his size is not a problem for him. So why should being tiny represent one? He is a hopeless charmer who doesn’t ask anyone to like him ?? you just do it on your own. But his infectious enthusiasm not only ensures that the other animals love him, but is also the reason why the kangaroo is constantly watching him suspiciously in order to be able to censor any supposedly revolutionary thought immediately.

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I am sure you have long researched black hairstyles from 2019 and have not found the images you want. The latest trend is short, long, ponytail, bob etc. for everyone black Haircuts from the 2019 brand are in the right place.

2019 black hairstyles with weave

I’ve put together the special colors of 2019 while researching the hairstyles and haircuts of American women and African black women. Hair colors are very important because the hairstyle should be the right hair color for the most accurate detection. It is useful to get information from a hair designer.

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Everyone loves the perfect bobbed head. Whether long, short, layered or structured – there is always a nice bob hair cut that is meant for every face shape and hair type. To perfect the bob cut, it’s best to add a bunch of bangs at a glance and you’ll get an attractive hairstyle! If you are looking for a fresh new hairstyle, this article described below 10 fabulous and sexy bob hairstyles with bangs for the perfect look:

1.Red smooth bob hairstyle with bangs:

The bob is attractive and will turn heads. To apply this look, wash and dry the hair, and then root elevator to the crown followed by smoothing serum on the ends. Blow in the sections from the bottom, while the side says goodbye and wipes them with a small round Brush them in to stow them away. Finish off the look with polishing cream.

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Incredible ideas for short blonde Hair – Latest haircuts

Incredible ideas for short blonde hair – Latest haircuts Short blonde hair are such a standard fashion for sophisticated, active and women’s agency of the United Nations must be modern. You can’t blame their love for this type of hair as it is easy to maintain but powerful to always send the right feminine message.

they are available in wide ranges to say goodbye to and everyone you will ever dream of are there. Ladies, let’s get acquainted with the simplest of the short hair variations and see which one you will decide.

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How can you dye your hair at home??

Hello my dears,

When we talk about hairstyle, hair color should not be neglected at any price. Platinum blonde and ash blonde are part of the hair color trends 2017. And these colors offer women a wonderful change from the classic summer blonde. Would you like to try the colors? But not every woman has enough money to go to the hairdresser. Therefore, you should learn for yourself how to dye your own hair at home. Then we write this post.

Before you dye your hair at home, you need to make preparations.

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The 1930s in Germany were shaped by the global economic crisis and its effects on the everyday life of Germans. Was it the Germans in the 1920s still very good, the work became scarce, so that unemployment affected more and more people. Discontent among the population increased steadily and was reflected in political change. So came 1933 the National Socialists come to power and drove Germany directly to World War II until 1939. But not only the mood in Germany changed politically, there were also significant upheavals in the fashion world.

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Welcome to ours Top 100 long hairstyles for women 2014!

The top 100 short hairstyles for Women and We have already looked at the top 100 hairstyles for medium length hair, now it is time for a few fabulous long hairstyles to try out in 2014. Long hair can be surprisingly versatile: you can wear it open, as a braid or braided; You can pin them up or wear them with accessories and you can try out many different colors and styles. Some of our star inspirations include Kim Kardashian with her straight locks, Lea Michele with her curly ombrè hair, Blake Lively and her dreamy blonde mane and Rhianna with her ever changing hairstyles. Browse through our 100 long hairstyles and find the perfect one Hairstyle for Your personal style!

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Honor where credit is due: Wu Lei will get one on November 21st price for scoring so many goals for China’s soccer champions Shanghai SIPG.

If it is up to China’s president, his country wins the world championship title in football. But the league cannot act professionally – also because government-controlled projects are taking place. In addition, the professionals are harassed with absurd regulations – such as how their hairstyle should look.

There were moments this year that were perfect for polishing the tarnished image of Chinese football internationally. The 5: 4 victory of Shanghai SIPG at the series champion Guangzhou Evergrande three matchdays before the end of the season put the crown on an exciting duel in the Super League. One round later it was clear at the beginning of November: For the first time since 2010, the country’s best team has not come from Guangzhou but from Shanghai. The prestigious Beijing Guo’an won the cup with the German coach Roger Schmidt in two thrilling finals against Shandong Luneng and returned straight to the Asian Champions League. And China’s executor on duty, Wu Lei by Master Shanghai, far outshone all highly paid top stars from abroad with his 27 goals of the season.

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A good option for every day is considered classic Bob haircut with bangs cascade. Short haircuts for thin hair «Cesson» and «Bob» are easy to do and require special installation. Another hairstyle with bangs and without bangs on long hair can be done at home. Trendy hairstyles for medium length hair and short hair this year is very popular.

Stylish hairstyles for fine hair

Thin hair for many girls are considered a problem, but it is only a feature of the outside that should be considered when choosing a stylish one Haircut and the choice of means for fine hair.

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