Original wedding hairstyles for long, medium and short hair – ideas with photos

June 28, 2018 — by MCutts0

At the wedding, every bride wants to be unique, attractive, a queen, so it is important to think about every detail of the picture in advance. Original wedding hairstyles help create a great look. the typeface, color, style of dress: this choice can be guided by the current trends and the individual characteristics of the girl. Make the perfect wedding hairstyle fall out only in healthy, well-groomed hair, so you should do your recovery beforehand.

Variants of the original hairstyles for long hair

Long hair offers great scope for imagination. In this case, the bride can make a lot of fleece, weaving, curls, braids, bundles, etc. If the volume and length of the permit can let her loose, it looks very impressive. Collected wedding styling also looks good and will keep its shape throughout the day. Whatever the original version you choose, stylish accessories will add originality and taste. When choosing wedding hairstyles should take into account such things:

  • Bride Growth – Mini ladies fit voluminous hairstyles and a sleek, sleek look should be avoided. For tall brides versus splendor.
  • Structure – unweighted wedding hairstyles recommended for thick, coarse hair, thin and owners cannot limit themselves.
  • The shape of the forehead – bang hide elongated forehead, and with a short forehead lift better and combed the hair in the neck.
  • Facial features – curls, waves suitable for girls with small features and straight hair hide roughness.
  • Laying better means choosing a high quality, professional, and secure fit, and you don’t have to worry about the original hair splitting in photography or any other crucial moment of celebration.
  • Wedding hairstyle must be against tin soldier because it is much more difficult to correct than makeup.
  • Installation should be comfortable because if the studs and dig invisible pain in the head, you can feel gravity, then the comfort cannot speak. In this case, the vacation will pamper you after two hours if you have a headache.
  • Relevant of course – no varnish filled, wood curls. Curls must be airy, neat, clean.

Voluminous curls adorned with flowers

Voluminous curls look stunning with floral arrangements, a complete one image to create the romance. With pliers, curlers, you can make all curls that will look beautiful and spectacular. They can be in the form of promiscuity or combed left on one side, lifting the back of a beautiful hairpin crab. Flowers fit perfectly into a romantic picture that emphasizes tenderness, youth, fragility girls.

If your hair is thick, should give preference is modest, delicate buds are small. Main colors should be abandoned, otherwise the picture will look disproportionate. If you are using live buds, refer to the florist who can purchase these things that will not fade during the holidays and will not lose their sheen. As for the colors, then in most cases the use of pink, beige, white flowers. Besides ten, should them with the Bridal bouquet to be in harmony.

Hollywood rolls on its side

Hollywood waves – a reference picture, timeless, that stimulates the hearts of many brides. Well-known packaging film heroine 40s of the last century found in the modern world stars. This hairstyle is easy to create. The classic variant – a flowing side waves, in harmony with side parting. For this installation, it is important to choose bright makeup and stylish dress in the Chicago spirit. the original packaging decorating is permitted with beautiful hairpins, fastening folds, rims, stylish pads.

Bulk hair with a pencil

Bulk wedding hairstyle with a pencil – a practical and beautiful bride’s choice. This type removes the hair from the shoulders and face, firmly fixed they look elegant and stylish. The beam can be very different, so let’s see what the original hairstyle will be in harmony with your dress:

  • Clothing laconic, minimalist cut gives a good hair accessory, in the role that rim can act, flowers, beautiful hair clip, a pearl necklace, feathers.
  • Satin, satin dress made of any other smooth fabric, in harmony with a strict brilliant, smooth beam, but at the same time there should be volume.
  • If your wedding dress has lace elements, the beam will look beautiful with accessories reminiscent or repeating patterns.
  • Very comfortable surrounded beam looks with a fluffy skirt.
  • If the garment is sewn from light material, the beam has to be a little carefree.

Wedding hairstyles for medium length hair

On average hair gets the lightest, successful wedding hairstyles for stylists opinion. This is due to the fact that the length fits perfectly in a variety of curls, babette, bundles, braids, curls. On the average length, original masters simply create each direction, playing techniques. When choosing hairstyles should be based on the type of dress. This rule is strictly observed because the bride in the romantic dress with a cold wave in the style of the 20s, for example, looks ridiculous. Here are some examples of combinations:

  • For simple, classic clothing, suit high curls, tufts, tails.
  • Open back and neck ideally of high tail wedding, beam supplemented.
  • Retro style veils, hats, bows relevant to the bride in vintage dress.
  • Frame plaster perfectly on the small or large curls and curls.
  • Empire style dress looks great with Greek braids waves.

The important role that face shape played. For example girls with oval, round shape suitable pomp, asymmetrical farewells. If your facial features are large, the curls, curls, weaving elements couldn’t be better to hide this shortcoming. Square face shape of suitable wavelength and length – volume, the presence of a bang. If the bride is fragile, then casually stabbed her mop to emphasize it.

Cascade Falls

Cascade Waterfall – a stylish Art French braids in which part of the strand falls free flowing like water. This original wedding styling gives the image of romance, tenderness, fabulousness. Effectively, all this style sees wavy hair. Building muscle and highlighting visually increase the volume, as well as emphasize the wavy lines of the original hairstyles.

Greek style hairstyle

Original Greek-style hairstyle – a relocation goddess who one day descended from Olympus. It embodies the ethereal beauty, femininity. Types of Greek wedding styling very much:

  • based on entanglements and locked;
  • Beam in a difficult spot at the back;
  • decorated with universal accessories – dressing, and in addition can choose a lace or decorated with small flowers in the tone of the dress, rolled edge.

In the form of an arch

If you want something new and unusual, original and elegant, the help comes in the form of a bow in your hair. It is stylish, bright and surely draws attention to itself. Options for its execution – a huge amount, so that each girl can choose something suitable for her: bow quickly and easily positioned in the back of the head, the crown on one side. This original hairstyle is very flirtatious, so dress should be open, bold and unconventional. Bow barrettes can decorate stylish studs, flower.

Ideas of original hairstyles for short hair

Get original wedding styling for short hair heavy. Here it is necessary to train a maximum of creativity, because they are not only beautiful to lay strands, but also to find the right accessories that perfectly complement the picture. In most cases, short hair create styling styles are used:

  • a classic that completes every outfit of the bride;
  • Romance – implies curls;
  • Finesse – asymmetrical hairstyle where the hair is raised at the root and stacked on one side;
  • Retro – relaxed short hair to create a cold spell;
  • Minimalism – achieved through maximum lightness, naturalness, often supplemented with a large decoration.

Hairstyle with light swirls

Original hairstyle with curls on light short bridal hair creates a provocative, exciting and romantic picture. the rim, hat, veil, a large hair clip with feathers and stones, flower headbands, wreaths, tressuary, tiaras, tiaras, ribbons, short veils: accessories should be prominently added to give more uniqueness. This amount of furnishings varies giving you many ideas for creating the original style of the wedding.

Back with fleece

Fleece came to us from the 1960s. He is able to radically change the style of the bride, making it unforgettable and alive. The original packaging with fleece on the back short hair give the picture of a rebellious, provocative robbery. It should in fact be taken into account when choosing accessories and wedding dress, costume is a hairstyle so will look out of place.

With the effect of wet hair

The effect of wet hair first appeared in the 80s. The main advantage of such an original wedding styling is the ease of creation. Hairstyle is suitable for almost all girls who are ready for stylish, bold experiments. The main rule – choose strong fixation styling agents that reliably keep laying all day, but it won’t stay together strands.

Photo original hairstyles for the wedding for the bride

The humble beam, chic curls, strict lines or a romantic mess? Whatever you choose, the hairstyle is as important as the makeup of the bridal outfit. The same styling may differ on the bride’s soft or hard, light or dark, curly or straight hair. For better blondes to choose a fabric, braid, a creative chaos and brunettes should prefer large-volume curls, cleaned straight hair.


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