Online styling games for girls – free decoration games and more

The whole stress of the wedding preparations has turned Ellie into a real bridal monster! She totally freaks out when she sees the dresses that the bridesmaids selected to have. Can you help them soothe the bride and quickly find new clothes in this wedding dress up game?

Princesses also get pimples! Can you help the two royal sisters remove their pimples in this online makeover game? With magical soap and other fantastic beauty products, your skin should be beautiful again in no time!

Ellie’s cat is a real fashionista, just like her mistress! She is the coolest and most stylish cat in town! Pick out cute outfits and accessories before you start your super-stylish day in this great dress-up game for girls.

Snow White is still looking for a cute dress in the kingdom, because she has an appointment with her dream prince. Help her find one in this adorable dating and dressing game?

Pepper Kaya’s laptop with your fantastic taste.

Anyone who says math could not be interesting AND fabulous?

Tris is preparing for a fun day in the city. The night before it was snowing and she has to dress warmly. Help her put together a few things from these gift boxes. So she is sure to find a suitable outfit that is warm and stylish at the same time in this beautiful dressing game.

This cheeky vixen played with the bunny in front of her hut and ran into a bush. Now her fur is full of burdock and that hurts. Can you help the vixen in this cute online game to remove all burdock and get it clean again?

This stylish girl is experiencing a major fashion emergency: she is far too late for a glamorous party. Can you help her get ready very quickly in this girls makeover game??

Tris really wants to try on the new clothes she just bought in a cool hipster boutique. Help her unpack and find out if they are her in this great dress up game?

Reddy needs a makeover, from head to toe, because as a princess she wants to make a good impression on the red carpet. In her wardrobe you will find lots of shine and glamor and many high-quality looks that you will also need for a real flash of lightning!

Crystal is totally in the Christmas spirit in this dressing game and design game. Can you help her decorate the tree, choose a beautiful Christmas outfit and more?

The dragon queen marries and the wedding begins at any moment. But the bride was so busy with her adventures that she didn’t have time to prepare her dress! Can you help her quickly make a wedding dress in this bridal dressing game and design game? She also needs your advice on which makeup to apply!

Ella finally wants to be on the ice, but her skates are in pretty bad shape. Help her repair and decorate her skates in this online girl game. She also doesn’t know what to wear. Pick her outfit from the closet.

Style the Japanese girl with nice clothes and accessories!

Ellie celebrates this season with fantastic tropical outfits and a matching make-up. What should she try next? You decide in this cool fashion game that fits perfectly in the summer time.

These three students are preparing for their school prom. Do you want to dye your hair? What clothes should they wear? And what shoes? You have to make so many decisions! Help them put their outfits together for the big evening in this great dress up game?

This teenager loves sweets almost as much as fashion. Help her design a hot new look that is crazy and totally cool in this fun dress up game?

This girl wants to have some photos taken at her favorite farm. Can you help her get the perfect look? Above all, she is looking for an outfit that is cool and rustic at the same time in this great dress up game for girls.

This busy seamstress has to tailor a lot of ball outfits this afternoon and there is terrible mess in her workshop! Help her find all the work materials before she greets her first customer in this magical simulation?

This former mermaid has always wanted to visit Japan. And since she was magically transformed into a human being, she doesn’t have to swim there, but can take the plane. But which suitcase should she take with her? Help her make this decision and make sure he gets through weight control. But first she needs a suitable outfit.

Eliza urgently needs your help in this wintry online game! Your sledge is stuck in an enchanted block of ice and sinks into the lake! Can you help her free him before it’s too late?

What has Crystal in their perfumery? Find out in this cute simulation game! She is working on her latest and greatest fragrance and desperately needs your help to choose the right ingredients. Help her make her perfume a success!

Dress your film star in beautiful clothes and accessories and make her a star on the red carpet!

This fashionista wants a completely new look. Can you help her in this great makeover game? She needs a new make-up, a new hairstyle and of course a cool outfit. Then you can show her how to do it the perfect Selfie makes.

Dress the girl to rock properly!

Eliza and Ben have just become parents and are preparing everything for the new family member. Help Eliza choose a pretty outfit before working on the nursery in this great decorating game?

These three friends are having a party at one of the biggest and best music festivals of the season! Decide together with them whether there should be fireworks, which decorations to use and which outfits to wear! Help them with advice and action as they prepare for an unforgettable evening in this cool dressing and design game?

Princesses also like cheeseburgers. Go to her kitchen with Dede when she prepares a burger that meets the highest royal demands in this delicious cooking game.

It is the first day of spring and these two sisters want to go for a walk in the park. You need great outfits for that! Help them create a fashionable look in this exciting dress up game for girls. You can also design new hairstyles.

Ally is a gorgeous little girl and today she is invited to a princess ball! Help her find the perfect outfit for the occasion. And of course she needs appropriate accessories!

This princess wants to take a Caribbean cruise on her next vacation. Join her when she looks for suitable outfits for a pool party, a romantic dinner and a trip to a tropical island.

Nina found her dream job as a flight attendant at one of the most exclusive airlines in the world. And now she can even decorate a first-class cabin of the Jumbo Jet. Can you help her choose the right decorations, a great uniform and more in this online game for girls?

The only true Anna Chic wants to spend a wonderful day on the beach with her friends. But what should she wear? Pick one or two fantastic outfits with her and what to take with you in this adorable dressing and design game for girls.

These two sisters have had a busy week and want to really let it go when they dance. Help them pick out some great outfits before they go to their favorite club in this exciting dress up game.

The spring folk festival takes place again in the magical kingdom and the princesses are looking forward to your visit. But you need your help in choosing makeup and outfits. You can pick out some stylish, matching looks for spring in this girls makeover game?


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