Ombre blonde for long and medium hair (2019)

March 4, 2019 — by MCutts0

The ombre blond is a real trend hairstyle. The color technique, in which the hair is light at the bottom and dark at the top, takes one of the top places in the beauty trends. It looks stylish, light and feminine. The ombre blond suits every woman regardless of what hair type and complexion she has.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Alexa Chung were the first to wear this hairstyle. Nowadays the list of celebrities that Ombre-Blond likes to choose is big enough: Vanessa Hudgens, Drew Barrymore, Jessica Alba, etc.

The ombre blond is a good alternative for the pep of the looks. The hair color is not changed drastically, which is very gentle on the hair.

Those who wear the ombre blond always have summer in their hair. The light part of the hair is refreshing and summery.

It is important that the ombre blonde is suitable for both blonde and brown hair. You can also choose the color combination and blonde tones individually.

The best ideas for ombre blond

The ombre hairstyle has been a beauty trend since the 1990s. Back then the actress Sarah Jessica Parker particularly fond of wearing the ombre blond. Her brown hair with blonde tips and strands made this hairstyle successful. The ladies find the color gradient from dark to light adorable and beautiful. The ombre blond looks as if you have now returned from a beach holiday by the sea. Exactly the surfer girls have such a hair naturally, because their tips were lightened by the salt water and the sun. That is why the ombre blond hairstyle is also called the sun-kissed hair. The color technique for the ombre blond is that the hair is dark at the top and light at the bottom. The gradient is not abrupt, but soft and gentle.

The transition should start smoothly and from ear level and should become fluently lighter up to the tips.

In addition, the ombre blond is very practical because the hairline is not colored. But it’s also a bad idea to totally forget about the hairdresser. Because the grown bright strands are not particularly
look fresh and neat.

Hairstyle ombre brown blonde

The ombre blond suits every woman because every hair color fits perfectly. The women with the dark hair mostly choose the ombre brown blonde.

If you have brown hair, you can combine it with the lighter strands. The combination of light and brown colors beautifies the ladies. This hairstyle even has the name “Bronde”.

When it comes to the ombre brown blonde, it is best for the brunettes. The blonde tone should suit your skin type. If you have a fair complexion, platinum blonde is for you. With the darker skin type, it is better to choose dark blonde.

You can choose different color techniques for blonde or brown hair that you prefer to find.

To achieve the better effect, the ombre brown blond can be combined with the technique balayage, in which the strands are colored freehand along the entire length. The colored strands spice up the look and look natural. Balayage creates a hairstyle that frames the face beautifully and sets it right in the scene.

Don’t forget about care. The tips are often damaged due to the colorants, so they need extra help with strain. It is also important to have them trimmed regularly.

Cool hairstyles for ombre blonde hair

It doesn’t matter whether it is for everyday wear or for a festive occasion, almost all hairstyles match the ombre blond hair. Pinned up hair, braid or ponytail are particularly striking demonstrations of the skillful color contrasts. You can also decorate the hairstyle with the hair accessories.

Today’s trend hairstyles such as bun, half-up hair, half bun are also perfect for women with the ombre blond.

The short hair is super cool for ombre blond. It is important that the hair must be chin-length and the color transition must start from the height of the temples.

The bob or long bob hairstyle is also part of the ombre hair.

The ombre blond goes well with both straight and curly hair. For example, the famous beach waves, which are easy to turn, embellish the look and appear light and casual.

All you need for the smooth ombre blond is a flat iron and a hairspray.

Blonde ombre look: blonde tips

The light tips are most important for the ombre blond. You have to choose the shade of blonde carefully so that the hairstyle looks as natural as possible and to minimally damage the tips.

Our tips can be faded from the sun. But we won’t be sitting in the sun for hours to get the ombre effect.

There are two other ways to lighten the tips: yourself and at the hairdresser.

The hairdresser can choose the right shade of blonde and dye your hair professionally. But the ombre blond is usually very expensive. Therefore, they choose to bleach the tips themselves. To lighten the tips you have to find a color or bleach that matches the original color. But it makes sense if you are confident in your skills or your girlfriend can help you, otherwise it is better to apply to the professional.

Ombre dark blonde

The ombre dark blonde is suitable for women who have darker hair and skin type because the lighter shades of blonde can damage the hair. The main rule for every ombre blonde, including dark blonde, is the same: the transition from brown to dark blonde should be smooth and fluid.

In addition to the ombre, there is also balayage. The two color techniques are similar, but the difference is that not only the tips, but also the individual strands are colored by the approach freehand. With the balayage, the color transition begins gently from above and not from the ears like with the ombre.

Balayage technique looks more natural. But with the ombre dark blonde, the color effect is more noticeable.

You can also combine the ombre blond with strands. Such a technique is called "babylights": the natural hair color is retained and only individual strands are colored at the tips.

Ombre blonde for medium length hair

The ombre blond with the medium-long hair looks great. Bob and Long Bob are suitable for the ombre blond. It is important to keep the gradient alive. You are welcome to straighten or curl your hair. Everything will definitely suit you.

The ombre blond hairstyle refreshes the whole look without changing the whole hair color.

The combination of colors depends on the starting color on the hairline. When choosing the hair color for the tips, you also need to pay attention to your complexion. You can use different shades of blonde: platinum blonde, honey blonde, dark blonde, etc. The transition should be natural and light, as if its tips look like this due to the effect of the sun’s rays. With a light complexion you can also combine red lines in the strands. Caramel tones go well with brown hair and light blonde looks better with dark blonde hair.

So if you want to go from brown to blonde, the ombre blonde is perfect for your hair. The contrast between the tones ensures the excellent hairstyle, which is an eye-catcher.
The hair is not as damaged as with real bleaching.

Ombre blonde for long hair

The ombre blond goes best with long hair. The color effect and the contrast between the tones are well noticed. The choice of hairstyles that are possible with an ombre blonde is large. Different braided hairstyles express the splendor of the colors and decorate every look.

The new variant of the omre is reverse ombre, also two-tone look or reverse ombre. It goes particularly well with the natural light blond tones when the classic ombre is excluded. With blonde hair it is sometimes difficult to find even lighter shades and reverse ombre is well suited for such cases.

The color transition is reversed from light to dark.

You can also spice up the hair of the ombre blond with the colorful nuances. Pink, red, purple, gray are top hair colors that are enjoying success today.


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