New haircut: at these intervals you should recut with your hairstyle

by Redaktion April 14, 2018 at 9:51 am

A new hairstyle also brings new impetus to the personality. In order for it to look good for a long time, you have to have your hair cut at regular intervals.

Done! You have been flirting with a new hairstyle for a long time and finally you have struggled to do so. A great thing! The new haircut not only changes your appearance, but can also have a positive effect on your personal sense of self. It’s a shame if after a few weeks the hair grows shape-less and structure-free and the tips become brittle.

How often to cut hair?

If you go to hair cutting regularly, your new hairstyle will stay energetic and pretty. The only question is: how often is it necessary to get the haircut back in shape at the hairdresser?? That is very different – depending on cut and hair type . The common rule of cutting hair every six to eight weeks is not always helpful. Depending on the hairstyle, you can expect the following periods:

1. Long hair – wavy or straight: eight to twelve weeks

Provided that you regularly care for your hair with masks or oil and make sure not to style it too hot, this hairstyle does not tend to split ends quickly. Then you have up to twelve weeks time t have your hair cut.

2. Curly head: eight to twelve weeks

If you have curls, your hair is healthy and gets enough care, then you don’t need a new haircut for up to twelve weeks either . If the hair structure is quite fine, then go after eight weeks to the hairdresser, because thin curls quickly look streaky.

3. Long step cut: six to eight weeks

Here the golden rule actually applies "to cut hair every six to eight weeks". Do you want to keep the momentum of your new hairstyle , then heed this rule. Otherwise the stages grow out.


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