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Long flowing hair can be incredibly beautiful, but oh-so-boring if you don’t always have anything to do with it. Mix things up just a little bit by bangs! Long hair with bangs is a quick and easy way to completely change the mood of your hairstyle without losing the length of the main part of the hair.

Hot red bangs hairstyle

You know the hairstyle is hot when people mistake you for a star! This hairstyle is mostly a dramatic killer with its shaggy layers, vibrant color and long bangs. The bangs are styled over the eyes for a teasing effect. Definitely a hit!

Bright red long hair with bangs

Like style:
Blow it with your fingers, then use a large barrel to quickly throw in some loose curls. Pull through the curls before they have completely cooled to straighten them to get the same effortless look. Tease the bangs with a brush for the wavy look.

Best hair product:
Absolutely dear Sebastian Re-Form. Helps with effortless styling, you get some hold, plus your hair is still palpable and you can style it all day again !

Best face shape and hair type:
Any face shape (your stylist should help you with the right face frame and bang length depending on the shape). Hair type should be a healthy density at whatever your length is with some natural texture .

Tip: If you are not blessed with the natural texture, fake it! Use a texturing spray or salt-water spray on the base, it grated a little.
Heavy, heavy bangs hairstyle

The rich red color that fades to a lighter shade at the ends is a must-have for fall and foreseeable future. Heavy structured bangs and curls make it even better!

Long red hair with bangs and big curls

Like style:
After your hair is dry, wrap it around the barrel of a curling iron for a minute, then let it fall. Once curls are chilled, you go through and can piece them out to separate them and put them where you want them. Use a round brush to blow out your bangs (instead of rolling the brush to make your bangs round, lay it on your roots, blow dry from root to end, and pull them almost straight out) so that You don’t end up with a jelly roll to look for them. A finishing hairspray will help everyone look fabulous!

Best hair product:
Use a finishing spray like Paul Mitchell Freeze and Shine Super Spray to get great influence and amazing shine – all in one!

Best face shape and hair type:
Any face shape, thanks to the total length and bangs! Most hair types, depending on what the texture and density are, are closer to the ends.

Tip: If your hair looks really trashy long, take a few inches off and see how much better it looks! You may think it will make a big difference in length, but once it’s gone, you won’t miss it. The way the fresh ends feel you will get to get them cleaned every 6 weeks or so.

Amazing fabulous voluminous hair isn’t natural for most people, but it looks great on pretty much everyone and is manageable with the right products and tools. Warm tones inviting. The shine keeps it fresh. Note the color in the bangs.
Side bangs with long hair

Like style:
Start with a volume shampoo and condition, but just go extra on the air conditioner. After is already towel-dried hair, in your favorite volume mousse or other styling product. Heat protection spray may or may not be necessary depending on your styling product choice. Blow dry your hair mostly dry, then use a large round brush or flip your head over your head for more buoyancy at the roots. Blow dry the rest of the way. Use a working hair spray to coat strands with a product that will help in keeping these curls looking longer without being stiff. Use large hot rollers for the extra bouncy castle volume spend curls. Use your fingers to style curls the direction you want them to go. Smooth bangs on one side, then spray all that with a little finishing spray to lock it in

Best face shape and hair type:
Any shape and hair type. Ask your hairdresser which products give you the most body for your hair type .

Best hair product:
For super giant hair, try the Big Sexy product line .

Tip: Curling irons smooth out the strands, like filming your hair through the clamp. Hot rollers (rollers in general) help maintain the round shape of your hair so that you have another full looking curl that lasts much longer.

Twisted bangs

Look together and professional with this fun side twist. The bangs serve to soften a style that can otherwise be tough. Highlights make it interesting, especially when there are multiple tones.
long ponytail hair with side bangs

Like style:
Blow hair after applying heat protection spray. Smooth over strands with flat iron at low setting if necessary. Use round brush to bangs in the direction you want them to fall, smoothing roots to the ends. Gather the upper half part of the hair in the back and use a clip or hairpins. Bring hair over a should and divide it in two. Let one part fall straight down, then flip the other part around the outside of it, securing the ends with bobby pins or a clip. Done with a light mist of medium hairspray .

Best hair product:
Try a smoothing product designed to keep moisture out and give it a great healthy glow, like Aveda Smooth Infusion Style- Prep Smoother .

Best face shape and hair type:
Oval, some round or angular, heart, subtle long. Most hair types, especially for those with some natural texture .

Tip: If you have a hard time sticking the twisted part, try turning it just a little bit of your own in the opposite direction you wrapped it. You can also hide a couple of hairpins up the length of the twist on the inside to help keep things together .

Deep dark gently wavy hair looks mysterious but not overly serious. Side-swept bangs either cover large and / or wide foreheads, or just the edge of the hairline. It is tangible and clean, fresh and healthy, not too shiny and overall just right.
Smooth, rich and dark bangs

Deep dark gently wavy hair looks mysterious but not overly serious. Side-swept bangs either cover large and / or wide foreheads, or just the edge of the hairline. It is tangible and clean, fresh and healthy, not too shiny and overall just right.

long dark hair with bangs

Like style:
Use a styling product designed to straighten hair and help control, then blow out hair. Once the hair is dry, wrap large parts on the outside of a curling iron barrel. Smooth curls cooled to create the thicker tendrils with a soft brush with natural bristles, then spray with a finishing spray.

Best hair product:
Condition hair on a weekly basis or use a small amount of a product like Orofluido to make hair look naturally juicy. You will get a much better look at your finished hairstyles.

Best face shape and hair type:
Oval, round, square, long, heart. Most hair types can get some variations of this type. If your hair is super thin or fine, don’t be too shy to try extensions .

Tip: Instead of adding glossy spray, use products that pull hair with a natural shine so your hair doesn’t end up looking plastic -y .
Hide behind these deep bangs

Bright red and copper coins crown this fun style. Deep bangs and some subtle facial frames finish the style and soften it.

Deep bangs on long hair

Like style:
Add a styling cream to damp hair and blow with a large round brush. Once hair is completely dry, use an iron on a very low setting to straighten any breakaway hair. Top it up with a quick burst of medium hold hairspray.

Best hair product:
Try the Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment (it’s a balm). Super focused so you don’t need to do it so often. Amazing if smelly, product .
Best face shape and hair type:
Oval, heart, round, square, long. Any hair type (adjust hair length depending on the density of the hair) .

Tip: For more gloss locks, pamper your hair with a weekly or bi-weekly deep conditioning. You can do it yourself at home or head to your local salon for their professional version.

Long hair and angled bangs

This style is a breeze if you want to combine bangs with longer curls. It’s easy and a classic to fall back on if you’re not sure what exactly you want to do with your hair. Keep it looking fabulous with fresh colors and healthy hair practices .
Long hairstyle angled with bangs

Like style:
Apply your favorite styling product while hair is damp, let it air dry for a while, then finish blowing dry with a good paddle brush or large round brush. Smooth it out with a flat iron if you need to. You should need a lot of hairspray or other product to hold it in place, but if you need anything, use a light hairspray .

Best hair product:
Try Kenra Platinum Smoothing Crème. No holding properties, but it is lightweight and will leave hair feeling silky and smooth.

Best face shape and hair type:
Oval, some round or angular, long, heart. Most hair types have this style, but it’s easiest if you have naturally straight hair.

Tip: Visit your hairdresser every 6 weeks like clockwork with the ends looking fresh and clean. Lets them go longer than the ones you risk looking frayed and frizzy .
Framed choppy bangs

Flaunt what you will be able to grow with super long curls and deep cut bangs. A slight rounding of the corners and possibly a small amount of face frames is necessary to touch all the equipment with this style outside of the bangs. Easy to style, easy to maintain .
Hannah Simone Long hair with bangs

Like style:
If you have this naturally straight hair, put a little styling cream in it while it is a little damp and let it dry. If you have more texture on your hair, blow it with a large round brush or paddle brush instead. Iron on low setting, but only when necessary. You don’t want to rob yours " do the natural Volume ! Mist a little light hair spray for fly-aways and you’re done!

Best hair product:
Sebastian Trilliant is a large heat protection spray and gloss spray.

Best face shape and hair type:
Oval, round, a few square meters, long, heart. Most hair textures can achieve this style, but it can take extra effort if your hair has a lot of natural texture too.

Tip: Accelerate your drying time by using a leather towel to kidnap excess moisture. It won’t make your hair frizzy or fluffy like your hair dryer can.
Immaculate deep and parting

Real or not, long straight hair can be really gorgeous! Customize it with deeply separated Side swept Bangs and a dark rich color and you’ve got a total hit .
Kelly Rowland with Bangs Amd Long Hair

Like style:
After hair has completely dried, run a flat iron through it to ensure that hair goes in gently curved instead .

Best hair product:
Use AG Set It Straight Straightening Lotion .

Best face shape and hair type:
Oval, round, square, heart or long. All hair types.

Tip: If you don’t feel like you have enough hair density through the front of the hairline, pull the bangs too low, try a piece of clip-in extensions made specifically as bangs. You can custom cut them to blend with your natural hair and they can look really natural .

The blunt fringe

Long, layered, loose, free and light. That’s pretty much sums up this carefree but amazingly stylish hairstyle. Style is held by the over the top of a warm tone instead of several tones that could be distracting.
Rachel Bilson with long hair and bangs

Like style:
Blow your favorite styling product onto damp hair with a round brush after application. Volumizing spray on the roots can help keep them from looking apartment. Instead of just pulling ends with the round brush, twist hair around the brush to make sure that the direction of air flow is from the root to the end. Brushing my hair with a brush instead of an iron will give you more voluptuous curls. Set the style with a light to medium hairspray .

Best hair product:
For a little more volume, try Redken Guts 10 Volume Spray Foam .

Best face shape and hair type:
Every face shape, almost every hair type. If your hair is really good around the hairline or behind your shoulders it thins out a lot, making adjustments to the style, so it still looks fashionable instead of tragic.

Tip: With the special nozzle that came closest to helping blow dryers, give you more control over where the hot air is blowing. It’s amazing what that little piece of plastic can do!
As long as Kim

Always ready for the camera, Reality Star is a professional at making her hair look 100% spot-on every minute, every day. Even their ponytails look trendy! The super long length and more strokes that just graze the eyes look polished and also every time they kept pace .
Kim Kardashian with long straight hair with bangs

Like style:
Let naturally straight hair air dry after applying your favorite styling product or blow out wavy hair with a large round brush. Flat irons are perfect for straightening all hair out of control or just polishing the strands. Always use a heat protection spray if you plan on using any heat from a hair dryer, curling iron, or flat iron.

Best product:
If you really want to imitate Kim’s hair, let her slide the products used on her to get her hair just recently: the Orlando Pita product line. Elevate setting spray was applied to damp hair then blown out. On dried hair, her stylist uses a T3 flat iron, then a little boost serum for shine.

Best face shape and hair type:
Any face shape, hair structure naturally smooth with at least one medium density .

Tip: You don’t have to be born with hair to look like a Hollywood star. hair extensions look better and better all the time. Investing in a good fall (piece that will cover a large part of the back of your head) or bound individual extensions can really change your look .


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