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February 21, 2019 — by MCutts0

The swinging sixties were amazing when it came to makeup. Everyone (at least the women!) Loved makeup and it was characterized by the brave looks most women wore at that time. Even the 1960s were the age of Alfie and Twiggy and cat eyes were long forgotten. Mod makeup or short for "modernist" makeup was all about eyelashes. Large, fluttering eyelashes that look super-cute and cute. Twiggy, the very famous model from the 1960s, has made this look extremely popular and in fact it is slowly coming back!

Let us show you a little what the fashionable makeup of the Swinging Sixties was all about:

Mod eye makeup

Gone are the days of the cat’s eye and 60s women now concentrated more on their eyelashes. This meant that mod eye makeup had the eyeliner, but this liner was doubled as it approached the edges. False eyelashes were placed above and below the eye for a baffle effect.

Eye shadow: Blue, white, and pale colors were the main ones in every mod-style makeup

Powder: Powder was very important when it came to mod makeup looks. The currently popular translucent powder look was actually very important in the 1960s.

lips: Little attention was paid to the lips and mostly women wore pale colors or bordered their lips with red.

Here are some of the best ways to recreate these iconic looks:

Twiggy eyes and eyelashes

As mentioned earlier, Twiggy made her eyelashes very popular in the 1960s and that is still an integral part of mod makeup, even today. To get this look, start curling your eyelashes with mascara. Apply three layers of mascara to your lower and upper lashes. Now comes the difficult part: take a pair of tweezers and clump your lashes evenly together.

Big hair, never mind!

Big hair is very important for the Look of the 60s. Most people wore their hair large and their curls loose during this time. To get this look, create curly curls for your hair. Now also tease the middle of your hair and the sides to create a lot of volume.

Now comb through the breathed hair to straighten it. Now use bobby pins to put these curls in place. Don’t forget to use a hair sprayer to hold your hair in place!

Naked lips

In addition to the eyes, mod makeup did not emphasize much on the lips and bare lips were the most popular at that time. Because big hair and eyes were important during this time, the dark lips of the 50s gave way to the bare lips. Here, bare lips don’t really mean that your lips look like they have nothing, instead the lips were actually the same color as yours, but they were definitely improved. The lips were creamy and with a little shine. One way to know if you’ve nailed the bare lip look is to see if the gums next to your lips don’t look too dark or too light.

Matte lipstick also works perfectly with this look and when you wanting to see a celebrity example of the mod makeup look, Lana Del Rey will be your example. Take a look at their latest mod makeup looks:

Mod makeup look is really fashionable again and if you want to try these looks, focus on the eyes and hair. Your eyes and eyelashes should all talk and don’t forget the big hair! Let go of those curls! It is really these two features that come out most in any mod look. Remember it’s not that hard! All you need is a little bit of guidance!


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