Stylish Guide to Men’s Short Hairstyles 2016

April 8, 2016 — by MCutts0

best short hairstyles for men

It is quite common thing for guys to sport a short hairstyle. However it doesn’t mean that this option is boring and has no creative potential. There is still a place for experimenting. Some short haircuts for men are classic now, such as extra short military-style buzz. The shorter the ‘do, the less time it requires to be cared of. But variants that demand longer locks often look really cool and trendy. So it’s up to you and your taste – there are plenty of options for a creative and stylish person.

How to choose hairstyle for men

how to choose a hairstyle for men

It can be difficult for men to choose an ideal ‘do that suits well and compliments the appearance. In order to always look fantastic you need to look through the best short haircuts for men and try most of them. But before you visit your hairdresser, stop for a minute and analyze your face shape. Knowing this basic feature of your appearance will help you to make right choices when it comes to style and fashion experiments. If you’ve got triangle-shaped face, then opt for short haircuts for men with a long side-styled fringe. Square face shape includes wide cheekbones and masculine chin. Guys with similar features should try combining short sides with long hair left at the top of the head. Most of the mens short hairstyles look great on blokes who have oval face. This shape is truly universal and gives absolute creative freedom. Circle face shape requires having some long tresses left. The ‘do should give an illusion of a more oval general shape of the head.

extra short hairstyles
very short mens hairstyles

Stylists recommend to experiment with the tresses’ length. Extra short hairstyles for men are quite popular nowadays. Sportsmen often prefer such cuts. This variant is extremely convenient and requires little to none care at all. Compared to the longer locks short military style buzz does not cause much problems in summer heat. Moreover, mens extra short hairstyles compliment the face making it look gorgeous and masculine. But keep in mind that such cuts require regular visits to your hairdresser, who will shorten the grown bristle. Try this kind of ‘dos if you prefer simple yet attractive appearance.

short length hairstyles for men
hairstyles for short length hair

However sometimes it is better to stand in front of the mirror a little bit longer and style your tresses with appropriate products to look really trendy. Middle-length short mens haircuts are quite popular among guys with a good taste and fashion sense. They allow to experiment more often than extra short ones, and can be easily styled. There are plenty of different options, so choosing one can take some time to decide.

male pompadour haircut
short hairstyles with fringe

Sure, short ‘dos that require longer locks to be styled right are not for everybody. You should love the process of getting ready and making your tresses look perfect, enjoy current fashion trends and know what to wear with this type of hairdo. Actually, it is absolutely worth it. Gorgeous male Pompadour or long fringe will make you look super cool, that’s why this kind is definitely one of the best short haircuts for men. Consult with your barber about which style will fit you 100%. Experienced professional will surely give you the best advice and teach you how to care of and style the cut right.

While experimenting all by yourself make sure you’ve asked the closest friends what they think of the final version. Sometimes what you may think looks cool appears weird or funny to people around you. So secure yourself and show the ‘do to the trusted ones first. If they approve, then go ahead and rock your haircut in public.

How to style short hair men

how to style short hairstyles

Modern fashion is really diverse and suggests lots of opportunities for developing individual style. Check out popular 2016 short hairstyles and learn how to maintain them well. Some fashion tips from professional barbers will help you to always look fancy. Get ready to spend some money on styling products that help to control your mane.

The way you care of your locks will result in the final look. Remember to rinse out the product with the clean water at the end of the day. Going to bed with the hair full of styling paste or wax may cause many health problems. So keep your mane moisturized, clean and healthy. It’s the basic requirement to make an awesome hairstyle possible.

Comb over ‘do

mens comb over hairstyle
comb over men

Got some longer locks on the top of the head? Don’t hurry to get rid of them. This trendy comb over ‘do is perfect for you. It suits great for both straight and curly tresses and allows to sport perfect contrast of cropped sides and longer locks on top. You can brush them the way you like: forward, backwards or on the side. Impressive variety of possible options will inspire you to change your appearance from time to time. Remember that sides can be even more stylish with fades.

Pompadour and faux hawk mix

mixed hairstyles for men

This is something all artistic or creative guys would like to try. Spectacular combination of male Pompadour and faux hawk looks extremely hot and exciting. Find the matching option of facial hair and Voila! Your perfect every day appearance is ready. For further experimenting try fades or disconnections, change your hair color. You can either sport this ‘do classic way or comb over the hawk as you like. It’s completely up to you!

Flat top haircut

military flat top haircut
mens flat top haircut

The precise flat top haircut is definitely a hot trend nowadays. The longer top tresses should be almost vertical at the forehead. To make it complete opt for fade sides. This way the hairdo will look modern and chic. Similar to faux hawk and fade mix this type consists of two separate hairstyles blended in one. That is undoubtedly a cool tendency.

Spiked and trendy

spiked haircut
short spiked haircut

Spiked ‘do is a never-out-of-fashion short hairstyle for men with thick hair. No wonder! Today you can notice most of the 90’s fashion trends are back. To get the look the sides should be trimmed but don’t let your barber shorten the locks on the top. Instead he should spike the tresses up using fingers in order to make it appear effortless and natural. Try to vary the look from time to time, detailing the tresses by twisting or piecing it out. Remember to apply gel or mousse only to dry hair. This ‘do is recommended to guys with wide face cause it will create an illusion of more oval shape. Avoid it if you’ve got a longer face.

Wild Mohawk

cristiano ronaldo mohawk
mohawk hairstyles black hair

If you’ve got great fashion sense then totally go for Mohawk haircut. Nowadays it is still as popular as it used to be. Visit your hairdresser and ask him to cut the sides and leave the hair strip right in the middle of your head on the top. You can sport the wide and thick Mohawk as well as more sophisticated one. The choice is completely up to you. The length depends on what you wish to see in the mirror and how long your tresses have already grown. For creative types: try to opt for faux ‘hawk or fade ‘hawk. To style your locks right make sure you’ve bought enough of hairstyling products. It is trendy to sport spiked Mohawk ‘dos nowadays.

Gorgeous Pompadour

haircut pompadour
male pompadour haircut

Pompadour suits thick-haired guys the best. However smart styling will help you to create an illusion of voluminous mane even if you’ve got not so rich tresses. This hairdo has been modified and developed since Elvis Presley has been rocking it brilliantly. Modern male Pompadour is often completed with disconnections and fades which make it look chic and trendy. Definitely go for Pompadour haircut if your face is square or circle shaped. To keep your ‘do really voluminous apply hairspray and don’t be afraid to experiment with texture.

Awesome cowlick hairstyle

hairstyles for cowlicks
hairstyles with cowlicks

Most people think that “cowlick” is equal to “bad hair”. That is not true at all. Nowadays cowlick hairstyles tend to become quite popular. No other hairdo looks that sexy as the one with a cowlick hair piece. You can add this feature to classic male Pompadour or undercut. The only condition is that the lock should appear natural. It can take some time to style the cowlick properly. Apply quality styling products such as gel or mousse to get perfect final result.

Sexy wavy undercut

curly hair undercut
curly undercut men

If you’re looking for mens short curly hairstyles then try wavy undercut ‘do. As you probably know undercut is extremely popular nowadays. And according to stylists it is a nice and highly-recommended choice for guys with curly locks. Many ladies are attracted to fellows with curls so why flatten the natural gift? Instead ask your hairdresser to make you stylish undercut with a modern twist: fades or disconnections. He should leave top hair long and curly, and then apply some styling product. These simple steps will help you to get an ideal cut. Vary the look and add texture to your mane.

Brushed and polished

polished men haircut

Sometimes you have to look as perfect as you can: whether it’s your girlfriend’s birthday party or an important business event. For special occasions sport this trendy brushed haircut. Longer locks should be brushed back, and to one side if you’d like. The sides need to be trimmed and appear neat. Opt for short bristle as a choice for facial hair. Done properly this fancy ‘do will help you when you need to appear fashionable yet masculine. Go to the local store to get good hairspray and gel.

Male Pompadour gelled style

male pompadour hairstyle

You think that lots of guys around sport male Pompadour and you want to stand out? Right product will help you to be different. Apply some gel to your Pompadour locks and sleek it back a little bit. Blonde and fair hair work the best for this cut. It is recommended to avoid facial hair. It looks just fine without it.

Messy yet stylish

cute messy hairstyles for short hair

Messy short haircuts for men are considered very attractive by the most girls. So try this ‘do: the both sides are quite short, and top locks appear to be longer. Keep it messy by spreading mousse or wax with fingers all over the top. Extra details such as few single pieces will perfect the overall haircut. You can use the blow dryer to lift up the tresses from the roots.

K-POP style

k pop hair
pop haircut

This one is quite popular with K-POP musicians. To get this gorgeous look sweep your fringe to one side and don’t forget to flat-iron the locks. Short asian men hairstyles are undoubtedly trendy and in style nowadays. Even if you’re not a Korean, Japanese or Chinese guy try this ‘do. Spend some time at barber’s. In front of the mirror apply mousse or gel to fix the side tresses right. Choose appropriate casual clothes and you are ready to go outside.

Side part fade with long bang

short hairstyles with long bangs
hairstyles for short hair with bangs

Although this one is considered as a short hairstyle, you have to posses some longer tresses at least for the fringe. Straight side fringe should look messy. To do so use styling mousse and hairspray. Connect the haircut with facial hair and beard. Some extra disconnections will part the fringe from the fade, making the ‘do look extremely trendy.

Hairstyle that varies the length

different haircut lengths

This short hairstyle type offers some place for creativity and experiment. You can have different locks length in one haircut. Sport this artistic quiff with brushed back top tresses. The circle-shaped descent gradually changes the locks’ length to the extra short level. Looks fresh and unusual. Do not mistake it for the classic undercut. This one is a completely different hairstyle.

Gorgeous texture

textured short hairstyles
short textured hairstyles men

Rough textured look is the one that makes girls go crazy. Sport short waves completed with contrasting short sides. Use some stying product to create volume on the top of the head. Make sure you have flattened both sides with your fingers. This is a universal haircut that suits the most face shapes. To master the styling process try it several times in front of the mirror before you go outside.

Tapered and side-parted ‘do

side parted hairstyles

Opposed to the wild effortless-looking locks this cut appears to be polished and very precise. What is very hot too! Get this classy look by using styling gel and wax. The tapered hairdo with parted side works best for office environment. However you can sport it wherever you want to.

Smart look

smart looking hairstyles
trendy hairstyles for men

Fashion makes cultures mix and thrive, so don’t be ashamed to adopt this Korean student hairstyle. It is extremely popular in Eastern Asian countries. No wonder – the cut is super lovely and sexy. Tremendous role is played by a proper texturing. Apply some professional wax product to get this awesome hairdo.

Braided pomp hairstyle

braided pompadour
braided mohawk

If you’re tired of simple and similar hairstyles then get ready to see something really cool and artistic. Pomp with razor and braid is not your average-looking haircut. However you will need some extra time for every day styling. But it’s totally worth it. Chic pomp made of longer tresses will create a beautiful silhouette, and side braid is a wonderful textured addition to your appearance. Keep in mind that you’ll have to buy professional products such as wax, paste, spray, mousse to get the perfect ‘do.

Tousled hairdo with highlighted bang

cute short hairstyles with bangs

Highlighted bang was popular throughout several years. Modern days are no exception: just look around and notice how often runway models sport this sexy style. So adopt this idea and let your tresses grow a little longer (but not too much). Then go to the barber’s and get angled layers done. After that your hairdresser should highlight the locks to create extra volume. When styling don’t forget to comb it with fingers and make it look messy and effortless. The hairdo is an ideal option for square, oval or triangular face shape.

Military style hairdo

military hairstyle
cool military hairstyles

In army guys usually have a short buzz that requires minimum time and no effort to be maintained. To sport this convenient cut and be original, you can vary it in some way so it will seem really modern. The hairdresser should shave sides of the head and leave short bristle on the top. The shape of the left tresses may help you to change face shape if it is necessary. Try disconnections, artistic shavings and other trendy twists in order to find your unique cut. No styling product is needed here.

Short shag haircut

shaggy short hairstyles
short layered shag hairstyles

Shag hairdo is both impressive and convenient. Stylists say that it varies a lot, so every bloke can find the one that suits him. However the most popular is straight shag. It is universal and works well for different face shapes. If you want to distract attention from some appearance features you dislike then it’s a right choice. Wavy shags look sexy too, especially if you have got rich dense hair. While styling add some texture to your cut. The best shag hairdo is the one that is effortless and messy. You also may add some highlights in order to make it voluminous.

Mens short hairstyles 2016


Fashion changes really fast. In order to get the trendiest look you will need to check out recent fashion shows held by the most influential brands. Notice how designers combine clothes with the haircuts, what colors or accessories are in style now. The following mens short hairstyles are extremely popular in 2016. Make sure that you have looked them through: maybe some option will be perfect for you. Rock these cuts today and be one of the most fashionable guys in the neighborhood.

Side part ‘do

haircuts with parts on the side

This is a hot trend for sure. You will need to grow longer tresses at the top of your head. So it is possible to sweep them over. It is very simple and gives great opportunities for experimenting with the every day style. Styling the side part will take you approximately from five to ten minutes. Not much at all. You can sweep it either to the left or to the right. But the best it will look if you use the natural part.

Feel the confidence

caesar hair cut
caesar haircut

The Caesar hairdo is definitely hot today. It is quite short at the both sides, however the top of the head is covered with a little longer bristle. Completed with the neat and short facial hair this option fits great for middle-aged guys. Moreover, imagine how confident you will appear sporting the ‘do named after one of the most influential conqueror in the world history. This option is easy to maintain and always looks perfect and natural yet classy.

Voluminous brush up mane

brush cut hairstyles

This ‘do is considered as one of the best mens short hairstyles for thick hair in 2016. No wonder: this option is quite easy to maintain. The cut is longer than the Caesar ‘do but they share some similar features. The sides and the back should be trimmed short and the top locks are left long. Thanks to this length you can brush the tresses up and backside. It appears casual and suits really well for every day use.

Simple and quick

cute simple hairstyles for short hair

Don’t want to spend too much time and money? Then this is the right option for you: simple short haircut is what you need to look classy while doing almost nothing. Both sides and back are trimmed short and on the top locks are just a little bit longer. Extremely easy to maintain, this hairstyle gives much freedom to vary it as you wish. Apply texturing spray or some gel to get perfect and effortless bed head appearance. Do not use much product if you have thin hair.

Stylish and sexy undercut

undercut style
undercut mens hair

Undercut is one of the hottest short hairstyles 2016, for sure. But don’t stick to only classic variant of it. Be creative and experiment a lot with fades and disconnections (or at least ask your hairdresser to change your undercut a bit). Beautifully styled facial hair will compliment your appearance a lot. It is a wonderful option to make your face look even more cool and masculine. High quality styling products such as mousses, sprays and waxes are your good friends, use them to get different trendy look on a daily basis.

‘Do with a texture and disconnected facial hair

urban cutz hairstyles for men

Sometimes we want to appear bald and fashionable. To do so, try this sexy fade-sided cut with longer top hair. Disconnected beard will definitely emphasize the cheekbones. The overall look is masculine and really bald. You will need some hairspray to fix the longer top tresses.

Sculptured texture for creative type

creative mens hairstyles
creative hairstyle

Well this is something not for everybody. To rock this ‘do you need to have strong sense of style. The top locks are sculpted to appear several chunky pieces, while the sides are skin-faded. The most fun part of this cut is the unlimited quantity of possible artistic versions. Make hair-sculptures more or less, thicker or thinner – it’s up to you. Don’t forget to add a little bit of texture in order to make the hairstyle really fancy.

Cuts with bangs

haircuts with bangs
boys haircuts with bangs
haircuts with layers and bangs

Bangs are one of the cutest current trends. So why don’t you use it? Mens bangs are quite universal: they can be styled as a side, straight forward classic fringe or brushed backwards. Messy option can be a wonderful alternative for every day looks. Combine it with a fancy undercut and get the sexy modern ‘do. Bangs can be highlighted with different tones of your natural color or, if you are fearless enough, with colorful magenta, green or blue. You will definitely need all of your products to get effortless style: buy spray, mousse, gel and wax. And then go for your trendy ‘do with a bang.

Add some texture to male Pompadour

pompadour hairstyles for guys

Adding texture to the classic haircuts is a new tendency in 2016. The recipe of success is pretty easy: take polished male Pompadour and make it look messy. Shaping asymmetric ‘do may be a right choice for you. To get the best result don’t be afraid to experiment with hairspray or mousse. Use your fingers to style the cut so it looks less perfect and more sexy. Remember to precisely detail your tresses. Right usage of hairspray will help you to stay gorgeous all day long.

Angular fringe

short fringe hairstyles

Wanna find a ‘do that will be creative and edgy enough for you? Then totally opt for this one. It is adopted from stylish Korean pop-stars that amaze the crowd not only with their voices but also with an original fashion. Angular fringe with extra short both sides is something to rock in the 2016, for sure. To style it perfectly right use your imagination and sense of fashion, not mentioning fingers and styling products. See how cool it looks with layers of different length. Try to vary the look with some hipster-ish facial hair. You are gonna be a trendsetter, no doubt.

Slick polished haircut

slick back haircuts

As you may know slicked hairdos were definitely popular back in 2015. And there is no reason to stop wearing them. 2016 proves that polished haircuts have a bright potential ahead and will take the center stage. So make sure you have bought enough pomade and ready to rock slicked ‘do every day. This technique is universal and can be applied to any hairstyle you like. Both long or short haired men may rock slick cut, however curly guys will have some problems trying to achieve the look.

The secret of this style is choosing right products. Opt for a high shine quality pomade. Use this product generously and you will totally get the style you admire. You Pompadour, undercut or Mohawk may get a fancy twist.

Textured curls

short hairstyles curly
curled hairstyles for short hair

Unfortunately we don’t see curly hairstyles as fashion trends that often. Mostly straight-haired ‘dos posses the catwalks. However 2016 is here to make some changes. It suggests a wide variety of ways to style your sexy curls. Stylists propose to pair locks with a skin fade or fancy undercut. The combination of curly tresses and chic hairdo is the new uniqueness. Make sure you emphasized the texture. Apply quality products to achieve the best results. Mousse or spray may help a lot. Show off your locks and prove that curls are the best new trend in 2016.

Fancy skin fade

fancy hairstyles for short hair

Skin fade itself is a hot trend that actively finding its way into different haircuts. The meaning of this style is in gradual shortening. The lower hair goes to the neck the shorter it becomes, until there is only bare skin. Stylists love skin fade for its polished and chic look. If you are bored with your current haircut then try this makeover. It is equally good for curly and straight locks. You may combine skin fade with whatever hairdo you’ve got. This trend works surprisingly awesome with undercuts, faux hawks, Pompadour or even buzz.

Short haircuts for black men

pictures of short hairstyles for black mens

African American men have naturally curly and dense hair. This treasure suggests lots of wonderful styling options. The right hairdo is a special way to tell the world who you are. Simple and masculine buzz, artistic Mohawk or sexy Pompadour may describe you better than words could. Use the natural gift you’ve got and experiment with different trendy short curly hairstyles for black men. And don’t forget to care of your locks right. Make sure you wash it only when it gets greasy: applying shampoo too often may cause dryness of your tresses. When choosing the styling product opt for the ones that include moisturizing extracts in it.

Precisely clean fade

clean taper fades

Fade haircuts are extremely popular among African American guys. The wide variety of this type allows every man to choose the right style that compliments his face. However there are some universal ‘dos that work great for everybody. Take a look at this really clean fade haircut. It starts with shaved skin and gradually gets longer. At the top is the longest part – the bristle. But you can ask the hairdresser to leave it even longer if you want to. Notice that this cut looks better with a geometrically precise and neat facial hair. It is a great opportunity for men with circle face shape to emphasize the jawline and make the face more oval.

Curly Mohawk for bold guys

mohawk with curly hair

If you enjoy changing your ‘do from time to time try this unusual version of the Mohawk haircut. This short hairstyle for black men requires a little longer curly locks on the top and side fades. It is easy to maintain indeed. If you’ve got naturally curly tresses you can spend almost no time styling it. Washing your hair regularly and brushing it will be fairly enough. You can turn this ‘do into the real Mohawk anytime if you wish so. Just let your locks grow longer on the top. Try to combine this cut with short jawline facial hair.

Accurate buzz

black men buzz cut

It may not be the most unique hairstyle in the world, but precise geometrical hairlines is something that makes it really fancy. It also allows to change your face shape a little bit. Combine it with super neat facial hair. This ‘do can be sported by any black guy, but it looks the best as a business man’s choice. Use facial hair to emphasize the chin or jawline. If you’re an artistic person then totally go for creative side shavings. It appears original and stylish. Anyway you’ll be known as a fashionable guy.

Simple and stylish

simple short hairstyles for black men

Looking for simple short hairstyles for black men? Then go for this easy to maintain and beautiful look. Ask your hairdresser to make you a fading buzz. Some longer bristle fade to almost shaved sides. Accent the cheekbones and jawline with neat and fancy facial buzz. Opt for strong geometrical hairlines, it’s a hot current trend.

Low Taper with parted sides

low taper haircut with parted sides

This is a perfect choice for young black men. Trendy and gorgeous cut will help you to stand out of the crowd. The most attractive part of this ‘do is its clean and precise side parts. If you want to vary the hairstyle, then try to add some disconnections, symmetrical or not. To style this cut you will need to buy some product. Opt for styling smoothie that has moisture effect. Apply it throughout the tresses and massage it in with your fingers. Now the hair will be healthy and shiny. Then brush the locks and shape the top precisely. Don’t forget to pull tresses away from the part. Doing so you will create a neat parting. This cut works great for the almost all face shapes. Go for it if you’ve got thick or medium hair.

Mini version for afro

black men afro hairstyles
mini black male afro hairstyles

Short hair isn’t enough for a classic afro cut. However you still can opt for a mini version of afro. To get it done you won’t need extremely dense mane and long tresses. Short locks will be just fine. This ‘do exposes the best features of African American hair – its beautiful and unique texture and cute curls. Use gel and hair conditioner to style the mini afro cut properly.

Straight hairstyle

short straight black men hairstyles

This beautifully styled brushed up haircut is a great variant for black guy who is eager to try new ‘do. Get ready to straighten your tresses with a flat iron. To control the locks apply quality mousse or gel, but not too much. The ‘do appears fresh and unique, especially for African American blokes. It will definitely draw people’s attention and admiration.

Partly dyed ‘do

short black hairstyles with color

Most African American men posses quite dark hair color that varies from medium brown to deep black. If you want to really stand out, dye your curly mane. Partial coloration is a cool modern tendency. Follow it if you want to show off with a class. Add some blonde accents to your cut or think of complicated geometrical pattern drawn right on your locks. If you are courageous enough, then try stylish red, blue, purple, green or whatever color you like. The result will be unique and truly original.

Short haircuts for guys

Best Kids Haircuts Boys With Front Slick Up Black Hair

Choosing boys short haircuts is not as easy as it seems. For young guys comfort is very important and using much styling product is not recommended. So an ideal variant should be simple and require minimum time to be styled. Look through some of the most popular boys short haircuts to decide which one is right for you.

Simple cut

simple guys hairstyles

This one is definitely convenient and works good for the most young boys. Short haircuts for guys usually do not require some extraordinary abilities for styling. While some dandies may find it dull, enjoy the unlimited freedom given by this ‘do. You need absolutely no effort to maintain it. The hairstyle still looks cool.

Creative edged out

Short Hairstyle for Boys with Lined Details

The classic buzz cut is quite popular with young boys. To make it look a little more creative add some fun shaved lines. Horizontal side lines are wonderful choice. The little guy will look cute and stylish. But the ‘do will remain easy to style. Visit experienced barber to get the most fashionable and unique haircut.

Slick and cute

Short Straight Hairstyle for Boys

Short haircuts for teen guys still require some longer locks to be done right. The back should be tapered, however the front side tresses should be left long. Let it graze the eyes. To get this look done use your fingers to push locks forward and sweep the fringe to the side. Make sure you’ve fixed the direction you desire your tresses to dry. After the hair is dry apply texturing and polish products. If you’ve got curly locks use flat iron to get more neat appearance.

Fashionable emo cut

emo cutting

Younger guys often rock sexy emo cuts. Some professional barbers consider this ‘do as one of the asian short hairstyles. It became classic cut which is extremely popular with teen guys. If you have got straight hair and ready to spend some time in front of the mirror, than totally go for it. There are plenty of versions of emo cuts, so choose the one that is best for your face shape. The ends can be spiked if you want to create an edgy look. Moreover, learn how to use flat iron properly. The classic color for this ‘do is black but some guys experiment with bright pink, blue or purple tresses. If you are naturally blond then you can keep the color if you want to.

Designed flat top for boys

natural flat top with mid fade and designs

Today everything made by a designer is considered super cool and stylish. Same thing with this modern haircut. You will need thick and dense curly tresses to get the look. The flat top fades gradually and finishes with extra short bristle. The most fun and interesting part here is the artistic shavings designs. It can be a lightning bolt, geometric lines/ pattern or whatever else you prefer. As your locks grow longer you will need to visit barber.

Curly variant

short curly hairstyles for guys

This hairstyle shows off your curly locks just perfectly well. The length of the tresses is left approximately two inches so the ‘do looks really natural. Pushed forward locks should be styled a little bit in order to get textured twist. Suits ideally for every day appearance. Hairdressers recommend to use some quality gel or wax to control the curls. Avoid applying the blow dryer, make sure the mane is getting dry naturally.

Mushroom shaped undercut

mushroom boys hairstyle

The mushroom shaped undercut ‘do is something traditional. However many 90’s trends are back today. So go for this look if you want to get a stylish appearance. Ask your barber to leave top hair long and straight, it should be circle-shaped. The back and sides are be trimmed extra short. To maintain this cut it is enough to brush it and keep neat.

Haircut for black boys

haircuts for black boys with curly hair

For young black guys with really curly hair most stylists recommend doing fade haircuts. However it’s not the only option at all. This ‘do includes faded sides and long top curls. Moreover, hard parting on one or both sides can be an extra twist. Overall this look is not what you see every day. If you think you’re dandy enough, then opt for it. Large number of versions for this appearance is perfect for the individuals that love experimenting. Brush it back or to one side, add few more parting or creative shavings – anything goes.

Induction hairdo for young guys

short hair guy hairstyles

Induction cut is quite similar to the buzz hairstyle. To make it look right the hairdresser needs an electric razor applied without a guard. The setting is #0, which allows your barber to make locks as short as possible. However it prevents you from being bald. The hairdo doesn’t require much maintenance. It is a great choice if you live in hot climate. The fun part is that you can decorate your head with stylish shaved patterns. Your scalp becomes a blank canvas that can be whatever you want. Moreover, this hairstyle is a great option for a wide range of face shapes. However if you live in areas with a cold weather make sure you secure your head with a hat.

Short and spiky haircut

short spiky hairstyles for guys
short spiky hairstyles guys

Short and spiky hairdo is considered timeless. It has been popular throughout ages and still gets a lot of attention. Probably the secret of impressive success is a low maintenance paired with an extremely handsome look. To achieve the right effect you need short medium or thick hair and some quality products for the spiked ends. There is a wide variety of cuts that can be spiked up: classic buzz, undercut or Ivy League. Apply the product you like. It may be gel, wax or mousse.

Your hairdresser will help you with getting a short hairstyle. Usually slightly longer locks are more easy to spike up. After that use the product in a place where you want to achieve the look. Then use a comb or fingers to lift up tresses a little bit. Be attentive to details and make small spikes as well as the larger ones. You can achieve this effect only on the top of your head or make overall hairdo spiky. The choice is up to you.

Short haircuts for older men

haircuts for older men with thinning hair

It is a well-known fact that with age your hair become thinner and drier. Not to mention they are more rare than in your 20s. Moreover, you may find your locks gray one day. That’s not a reason to panic or to get upset. Just remember that you need to eat properly and keep balanced diet. Second, look through the current list of trendy hairstyles for senior men. Right hairdo is your chance to create an illusion of dense and neat mane.

Some men forget to watch their style while getting older. However you can appear gorgeous and full of life at whatever age you want. So stay positive and try different haircuts for older and senior men. You will be surprised with the result and how fancy you may look.

Classy side swept hairstyle

side swept hairstyles for short hair

You can get older and stay classy. This ‘do will definitely help you to get fashionable look so try it. You will need to sweep your curly locks to one side keeping it textured. Make sure the overall cut is fixed with a hairspray but don’t use it too much. You don’t want to end up looking weird with frozen locks. Some facial hair will undoubtedly help to balance the appearance. Choose it wisely and consider your face shape.

Short and slICked back

older mens slick back hairstyle

This hairdo may remind of stylish 20’s, but it is totally a modern trend. You don’t need super long tresses to get it done. Regular short hair is absolutely enough. Specialists recommend to apply wax or mousse in order to get the sleeked back look. Don’t use too much product if you want to get effortless and casual style.

Sweep it back

swept back hairstyles

Take a look at this stylish and easy short mens hairstyle. It allows you to keep some longer top hair and sport faded sides. Try to avoid spiked ends: this ‘do looks better brushed back and fixed with a styling product. Experiment with facial hair: either don’t wear it at all or try different shapes in order to make the look even more masculine. However no facial bristle will make you appear much younger.

Short and razored ends

short hairstyles for older round faces

Wonderful and edgy haircut for a senior man. Sporting this look will totally earn you a fame of fashionable guy. As your hair became thinner with age razored ends will help you to create an illusion of volume and dense mane. It is kind of camouflage that allows you to appear fresh and full of energy. Try to avoid much facial hair as it makes you look older than you are. If you are okay with gray tresses than don’t dye it.

Deep side part hairdo

side part hair cut for older men

This deep side part haircut is extremely easy to maintain. You only need towel dry hair, then part it to one side. Use your eye’s outside edge to guide yourself. Spread the styling product throughout the mane with your fingertips. This step will help you to fix the haircut. Apply some hairspray to finish the look. The ‘do is truly universal – it’s definitely a plus. Whatever face shape you have – it will look awesome.

Stylish wavy cut

short hairstyles for older men with curly hair

If your tresses stay as thick and dense as it used to be at young age, then you are very lucky. Sport this wavy ‘do with a pride: not even every guy at his 20s has rich locks. Let your hair grow a little longer so you can style it properly. Brush up your wave at one side or backwards. Classy haircut goes well with gray tresses, the color gives your appearance a really dignified twist.

Easy to maintain

easy short hairstyles for older men

Probably this is the most convenient option for senior men. Bald hairstyle is the one that requires no care at all. Many famous actors sport this ‘do as they get older, so why don’t you? Physically strong and active guys, such as soldiers or sportsmen, often opt for the bald style. It doesn’t interfere their trainings and requires no efforts to look neat and finished. So go get your head shaved and start working out in the gym to stay fit and fresh. Don’t forget to apply some moisturizing products to avoid skin irritation.

To sum it up, short mens haircuts are definitely the most popular among modern guys. The secret of the success is quite simple. Most of the hairstyles are super easy to maintain. Comfort and effortlessness is what men appreciate first. And such hairstyles as extra short buzz or fades will save your time and money, while still allow you to look great. However, the wide variety helps you to choose the best option that will compliment your natural and masculine beauty. Consider the face shape when searching for an ideal ‘do. Some cuts require more time and efforts to be done properly. But you will totally love the result and appreciate the confident attitude they provide. So don’t be afraid to show off unique features of your appearance and have fun trying different short hairstyles from time to time.

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