Men’s Medium Hairstyles and How To Style Them

April 23, 2016 — by MCutts2

hairstyles for men medium hair

Medium hairstyle for men is becoming very popular because they are very versatile and offers more options for styling. Whether your hair is straight or wavy, styling medium hair lets you whip your hair into various desired styles that would suit your personality. Their length ranges from 2 to 6 long and they help keep your head warm during the cold seasons. A false popular conception about hairstyling is that longer hair-do are harder to fix and maintain, this is not true, especially about mens medium hairstyles. Straight or curly hair types, coarse or smooth hair texture can easily fit into the numerous hairstyle options that the medium sized hair presents. With awesome styles like slicked back, Afro, spikes, fixing and maintenance is as easy as reciting the alphabets. Here are some amazing men medium hairstyles that 2016 has to offer.

Mens Medium Hairstyles For Wavy Hair

medium dreadlocks
medium length dreadlocks
Medium Cropped Curly Hairstyle
Medium Length Dreadlock.

This hairstyle, although used for long hair can be very effective for medium length hair. It is ideal for both thin and thick hair. It is easy to maintain although not so easy to style as it takes a long period of time to grow a dread. It is the oldest hairstyle, popularly to have belonged to the African culture. Other cultures like Greek culture are also associated with the hairstyle and it is very popular among modern society men and women because of the convenience in maintenance and the stylish look it gives its wearers.

It is also called ‘natural hairstyle’ because you do not need to add much hair product. Contrary to believe, the hairstyle like other hairstyles requires you to wash in order to keep it neat and healthy. It would also help keep your head warm in cold seasons and is fit for all occasions. It also provides a lot of options for styling some which include twisted bun, curly dread, braided locks, etc, so you do not have to worry about running out of hairstyles.

white men afro hair
medium afro hairstyles
curly afro hair

Although rare, the Afro hairstyle is fast growing popular among men. The hairstyle which involves letting the hair blow out to its fullest grows naturally for hair types with kinky texture and it is ideal for men with thick hair. Men with straight hair would be able to groom their hair into Afro by the application of gel and other solidifying hair products. The hairstyle has been popular since the 60s and 70s when African Americans started promoting their identity and resurfaced later around 1999-2000, with varieties of hairstyle associated with it including the Afro-puffs. By this period, famous black celebs were spotted with the hairstyle, Beyonce Knowles, Kobe Bryant, Wiz Khalifa, Lauryn Hills to name a few.

Although international variations of the Afro had been worn even before the 60s, they only became popular much later around 2000s. Hairstyles like the isro, coined from Afro.

In recent modern times, Afro is no longer a cultural statement but a fashion trend, with more and more men embracing the versatile hairstyle. It can be worn for both formal and informal occasions and is sure to give you the stares as it presents you with the androgynous appearance that most men are looking for.

You would need shea or coconut butter, to give your hair that thickness that characterizes the hairstyle. You would also need a hair dryer to give your hair volume, shampoo, hair conditioner and a good hair pick.

After you have gotten the perfect size for your Afro, the next step is to stop combing your hair completely, Instead use your fingers or the hair picks to groom the hair kinks and just moisturize to prevent dryness which will result in breakage. It is as simple as that.

Washing your hair when you on an afro hairstyle is important as you do not want your hair having a bad odour. Detangling and washing using a silicon free shampoo would take forty minutes tops.

braids by design
cornrows for boys
pics of cornrows

Cornrow is a method of braiding the hair close to the scalp. It can be styled both with medium sized and long-sized hair. It is a method of grooming the hair that is ideal for men with thick hair. They can be braided straight or curved, forming amazing lines across the scalp. Although not so easy to make, they are popular among men for their easy maintenance: all the hairstyle requires is regular washing and steady oiling of the scalp.They have been initially worn by women in the ancient times, as far back as 3000 BC, but the hairstyle became popular with the menfolk since the 19th Century. History depicts Ethiopian royalties and soldiers wearing it.

Cornrows came back in the 60s and also in the 90s when popular basketballer, Allen Iverson made the hair go viral. Just like the Afro, it was initially worn as an expression of tradition but in recent times, it has been worn internationally as a fashion statement. They are suitable for all hair types except thin hair growth and cannot be worn for all occasions. Some formal situations may not permit the hairstyle. Another downside of this hairstyle is that wearing your braided hair for too long might lead to breakage.

If your hair is too soft or silky, you can choose to apply gel to toughen it up but it is not a necessity for the hairstyle.

Cornrows have been styled with many varieties including the mohawk cornrows. artistic cornrows, cornrows with partings and the list goes on.

jerry curl hair
jerry curl hairstyles
Jerry Curls.

Created by Hairdresser and inventor, Jheri Redding, Jheri Curls became popular in the 80s. But then it was expensive to maintain as its wearer had to go to the salon to retouch it. The process of styling the hair also too much stress and the hair product left the hair dry. Wearers of the hairstyle had to heavily moisturize their hair and also had to apply hair spray which was greasy and hence had to wear plastic caps to sleep to keep the hair from getting dry. All these turned men away from the hair style and the people who only made the Jheri Curls were the only celebrities or other wealthy people who could afford the money and time to maintain the hair.

Comer Cottrell Pro-Line Corp in 1980 to help make the maintenance of the hairstyle cost effective and available to the masses. The kit also enabled people to wear the hairstyles without having to leave the comfort of their homes. This made the hairstyle more popular.

Celebrities like Michael Jackson, Eazy-E, Ice Cube, Samuel.L. Jackson all wore the hairstyle in this period.

The Jerry Curls has become easy to style and maintain and is a lot versatile as well as fit for any occasion or situation.It would, however, not be suitable for men with thin hair because It involves turning your hair into free loosed curls that hang down your hair and thin hair types would risk exposing their scalps.

The First step in getting the Jheri Curls Hairstyle is to Soften your hair, making your hair loose and getting it ready to be permed before permanently curling and then adding the curl activator to maintain the curls.

Men’s Medium Hairstyles for Straight Hair

modern bowl cut
bowl cut hairstyles
short bowl cut
The Bowl Cut.

Although becoming popular in the depression era because of it is easy application- It was so easy to wear that even a non-professional can attempt a neat style, it has become a major fashion trend for men in recent years. The Hairstyle involves a fringe or moderate length dropping on the forehead and the rest of the hair being cut to the size of the fringe. While it was a normal haircut in some societies, in other societies it was an indication the wearer could not afford a barber. In the 90s, the style started to become trendy as celebs who could afford any style they wanted started rocking it. It came with flattering variations like partings in the fringe or a longer hair at the back and sides of the hair.

Recently, the hairstyle is growing popular among both men and women. Rihanna, Jim Carrey, Alicia Keys are among the celebrities who have been spotted with the hairstyle, and like the Afro, it gives men an androgynous and boyish appearance that is very flattering and becoming increasing trendy. It is very suitable for men with straight and thick hair.

There are different variations of the Bowl cut today, leaving you with different options; you can decide to have an undercut, or live the hair on the side and back of your with varying lengths. You can also decide to go with a messy bowl cut which would give you that casual and laid back look. You can also apply a bit of fade to give you a flattering look.

Getting the bowl cut is easy. It has to do more with hair cutting than it has to do with styling. How low and in what manner you decide to cut the hair on lower side and back of your head depends on personal taste and desired look. Gel and other hair product are applied on the hair to relax the hair and make it sleep’, brushing would put a good finishing touch, that is if you are not going for the messy look.

layer cut for long hair
medium layered hair cuts
Short layered hair cut
The Layered Cut.

The Layered Haircut can be made short which would give an illusion of volume, or medium which would give an illusion of length. The hairstyle is suitable for men with straight hair and would be best on you if you grow thick hair. It involves dividing the hair into layers and cutting the layers. The layers on the top of the hair are cut shorter than the layers at the back or side of the head in order to let the hair blend through.

A number of layers the hair is divided into would depend on personal taste and has led to varied forms of the hairstyle being worn to fit different face shapes.

The layered hairstyle is also versatile and can easily go with an undercut or faded cut. It is suitable for all occasions and it does not take much to maintain. It can also be left messy or be styled into a quiff at the top of the head, leaving the sides layered. It can hardly fit thin hair growth.

mens medium hairstyles slicked back
slick back hair styles
david beckham slicked back hair
Slicked Back.

The slicked back hairstyle is a vintage hairstyle popular since the 1920s. Men wore this hairstyle because it complimented the gentleman look and it gave a great sense of belonging. It later resurfaced in the 1950s. Now, celebrities like Leonardo Dicaprio have been spotted with the look and it is growing popular among men because of it gives a classic appearance and also it is easy to style and maintain. It also suits both thick and thin hair types.

The first step in making this hairstyle is to wash your hair and use a towel to dry so that is not too dry- damp. A wet hair would not have the ability to hold the hair products needed to achieve the slicked back, too dry hair would make the hair too stiff to comb through. The next step is to use your comb to subtly pull your hair backwards. You do want to pay attention to the direction your hair grows so that you can have a perfect slicked back. Apply pomade through the hair to soften it. If you have a curvy or wavy hair, you would need to apply more pomade that men with the straight hair types. Rub the pomade thoroughly through your hair, from the beneath to the top, to let the pomade reach every inch of your hair root to tip. Styling with your comb comes right next, pulling your hair mildly downwards and then press down stubborn hair strands.

The slicked side hairstyle is a variety of the slicked back. instead of combing the hair to backwards as you will do when styling the slicked back, you use the comb to pull your hair sidewards, taking care to note your hair growth direction.

An undercut or a faded cut can also be applied to the hairstyle to give you an amazing appearance. Other varieties of the slicked back hairstyle include: The quiff side part which like its name suggests, involves side sweeping your slicked hair, the front hair being curved into a quiff and then applying a pattern, The side swept includes the lower back hair being cut low and the top slicked hair being side swept so that it forms a circle when you look at your head from a top view. The slicked back hairstyle offers a lot of options you can choose from.

medium spiky haircuts
spiky hairstyles for medium length hair
The Spiky medium Hairstyle.

This hairstyle has its origin in ancient Britons. Warriors would wash their hair in limewater which would spike it and also leave it blond. In those days, one only spiked their hair if they had killed an enemy.

With the emergence of British subculture in the 1970s, the hairstyle resurfaced. The British punks rebelled against the smooth and straight hair worn by disco fans and hippies. Initially, the spikes were worn short but later in the 1980s, the punks began to grow their spiked hair longer and dye them in unnatural colours. Gothic fans also picked up the spiky hairstyle but dyed their own black.

Recently, you do not have to be a punk fan or a goth to rock the spiky hairstyle. It is fairly easy to style and easy to maintain as well. It is suitable for straight hair types and can be combined with other hairstyles and haircuts to form easy-to-style variants -it is versatile. It can be worn in all situations, whether informal or formal. The hairstyle involves you straightening your hair especially if you have curly hair with a straightening iron after you have washed and added conditioner, then adding the spikes with subtle massaging, directing your hair into desired style. Lastly, spray the hair to give it that shine.

curtained hair
hairstyles for medium length straight hair
cute hairstyles for medium straight hair
The Curtained Hairstyle.

The Curtained Hairstyle is a classic hairstyle which originated in the 1840s. The hairstyle involved parting the hair in the middle and sweeping it backwards, using pomade to hold it. It originated as a result of the popularity of sporting activities in which the younger men were wont to get involved in. Later, the longer version became in vogue. In the late 1980s, the hairstyle resurfaced in the 80s and 90s with Tom Cruise, Leonardo Dicaprio and Brendan Fraser wearing it in the movies Mission Impossible, Titanic and The Mummy, respectively.

Celebrities like Chris Hemsworth, Brad Pitt, David Beckham, Johnny Depp are bringing back the hairstyle with vigour. The hairstyle is quite versatile and can be worn with all hair sizes: long or medium. It does not require much to style and maintain. The hairstyle which involves parting your hair in the middle is very suitable for the straight and curvy type of hair and can be styled with an undercut.

First wash your hair, and then dry with a towel. Do not make it dry so it’s malleable and easy to control. Do not make it too wet either so it can hold the hair product you will apply.

Use the comb to create a parting in the middle of your hair, long enough that it reaches the end of your top head after applying hair pomade to make your hair shine and then rub thoroughly with your fingers. Comb the hair on either side of the parting so that they form side fringes. Blow dry the hair so that it is lighter and does not drool and apply Hairspray.

medium long straight hairstyles
mens hairstyles short sides medium top
The Medium length Taper Look.

The taper is a long asymmetric hair that results from lowering the hair on the side and back of the head. The taper can be manipulated into variety of looks that would suit your face shape and give you a flattery look. The medium length taper lets you brush your hair into a quiff, ideal for men with both thick and thin hair and would fit the straight hair types . It can suit any occasion and it is easy to maintain and style. It involves cutting the hair and also styling the hair so that the taper is neatly placed on the hair or allowed to drop on the side of the forehead.

Normally, the hair is cut short on the sides and back and blended to about 3-4” on the top of the head. Styling cream is applied to increase shine and can be cut into various length that would suit your personality and any situation you find yourself.

Medium sized hairstyles are becoming the best choice hairstyle for men not only because of their versatile nature but they are easy to maintain and can fit all face types. Most of the styles that come with the medium hair size are acceptable in all situations and just by combing your into different directions, you can entirely change your looks. In general, medium sized hair for guys tends to make most men look very classy and distinguished. However, it is very important that you know which style fits your face shape. If you have a round face, avoid styles that have fringes on the forehead or side of the head because they would give the illusion of a very wide face. If you have a long face, side fringes would do well for you. Also, be careful to use hair products that suit your hair type. Kinky hair textures do not need too much hair product, just a moisturizing the hair would do, especially if you are going for the Afro.

Lastly, since styling medium hairstyles give a lot of options, you should learn to be more creative with the styles you choose. Mixing hairstyles is not a bad idea, especially if you are bold enough. You would be able to know a range of hairstyles that would fit you no matter the occasion. However, you should be careful not to go overboard with this as too much mixing can ruin everything.

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