Men’s graduation hairstyles for 2019 – modern bob hairstyles 2019

December 9, 2017 — by MCutts0

Men’s graduation hairstyles are probably the most sought after. Your hairstyle naturally depends on the length. Long hair requires more time and practice in the comparison to others. Longer locks will definitely highlight your winning personality and character.

If you If you have a medium haircut, opt for hair pomades and waxes for an excellent hairstyle. Short haircuts are always practical and with this length you don’t have to think too long. We have for all hair lengths the graduate hairstyles For Men 2016 selected. Feel free to check them out.

Asian men graduation hairstyle

The Asian man’s hair is cut into bangs, with the back being longer. Somehow it reminds us of the strait, but the sides are quite long compared to mullets. Thick hair owners will easily achieve it. This hairstyle is one of the best finishing hairstyles that men should definitely try.

asian men graduation hairstyle for 2016

Medium graduation hairstyle

In this case, you need to get a good root elevator if you have naturally thin hair. Then you get a light side part to get a varied look. Keep the front hair straight and the back curly and messy. Finally, give a finishing touch with a qualified hairspray. Make sure your hairstyle stays in place until the end of the day.

Medium length hairstyle

Messy hairstyle

Since messy hairstyles are in demand, all men choose them. You can see that graduation hairstyles also belong to messy dos. Such hairstyles are suitable for men of all ages. It is also possible to get the following look with the help of hair pomade. The long and structured top allows for a messy look Sports.

Wet looking hairstyle

Another eye-catching and impressive finishing hairstyle is shown below. The curls are serrated, cut into layers and swept away with the help of hair tone. It got wet due to hair care products. Try to wear this hairstyle with optical glasses and leave the impression of a "smart" one.

side-swept graduation hairstyle for men 2016

Short spiky hairstyle

Central hair has a chic and impressive look. You need a texturing glue to achieve this look. You can keep the sides and back straight, or opt for an undercut haircut. It is a hairstyle for all occasions. Feel free to rock it on your final day too.

Natural curls

If you want to keep your boyish look, opt for thick and sleek curls. All of the curly hairstyles look natural, which is pretty handy. Curls or waves definitely complement your medium length hair.


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