Medium length hair for men

April 15, 2020 — by MCutts0

Nothing beats a short hairstyle? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! Shoulder-length hair is in demand again among the guys. Cool and versatile – because whether cut or styling, the modern mane definitely offers more options than the short cut. The best Looks for Men with medium length hair can be found here

The way of short worthwhile on (medium) long. Men who have made it know: more hair length, more styling options! Step through the hair, add bangs or hair from the face, redefine the look with a beard. In the picture gallery we show you what we do with "More is more" mean with the man!

Styling aids and hair accessories

Once you have medium hair length, all styling options are open to men:

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More hair, more options – that for ponytail tied hair from Will Peltz looks like a serious short hairstyle from the front

Vary that crown ply, To change the hairstyle: lay it in the middle, on one side or lower, pull it exactly with the comb or style it inaccurately with your fingers!

Try pony! Whether short or long – both suit the midi cut.

Even more spoiled for choice: layered cut or all hair on same length as a long bob? Pick your style!

On beard breathes that "Semi-look" Masculinity.

Many soccer stars take it with them hairband sporty – the accessory also ensures extravagance in the hair. For brave men who like to stand out.

Hair from the face, the second: if the mane is long enough: ponytail – or even better – a casual knot or half bun tie!

The best way to get a wet look hair gel out. The hair can be styled back with the fingers or styled with the comb close to the head for a serious appearance.

For stringy styles, put on hair wax. Spread it in your hands and accentuate the ends of your hair.

Give for (more) fullness in the approach volume powder in the hair.


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