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As a lady, did you know that Medium length hairstyles are commonly known as shoulder length hairstyles. Many women today prefer a medium length hairstyle because they are very easy to style and maintain. When it comes to that summer goes, many women opt for short hairstyles or medium-length hairstyles because they offer comfort. Today I put together a list of the latest medium hairstyles that every woman wants to try.

Medium hairstyles for women

In our featured photo can you See 4 beautiful ladies with cute hairstyles, but if you look closely you’ll notice that each of these ladies has different face shapes, so as you plan to copy their hairstyles, you need to define the structure of your face and decide on a suitable hairstyle.

New medium hairstyles for women 2013 gallery

Latest medium hairstyles for women

It is quite thick and so you will find that she spends less time and money on styling her hair. Unlike most hairstyles, this medium wavy hairstyle is very easy to style. You can make these waves at home when you are at home, but if you need a professional look you need to go to a hairdresser.


  • Side your hair: You will find this style very interesting and fan. You may not like your hair to fall all over your face, so you can choose to put something in your hair if you get a good example of it want, how you should side your medium hair, look at ladies ( Style 1), 3 & 5. )
  • Curl or wave your medium hair: Some styles will stay fashionable and even the way they look will be almost the same, try to curl up or make waves in your medium hairstyle. It’s very easy to make waves or curls, just condition your air, dry it with a blower or towel, roll your hair on a curling iron, and then for those who want waves in their medium length hairstyles, you can do yours Keep hair as a ponytail for at least 8-12 hours, but make sure your hair is well damp. After a while, pull out the ponytail and run your fingers through your hair to smooth out the waves. A good example is Lady in (Style 7)
  • How about a straight line like the lady in (Style 3) , To have this great look you need to iron your hair down, make sure the hair is not too dry as ironing will strain your hair. You can remove some hair to reveal the beauty of your face.
  • Try the pop style: show (Style 4), I know , that her bang isn’t well done it looks a bit messy, but wearing a well-trimmed ruffled bang with your medium length hairstyle will make you look stylish. Women with round faces will look great in this style.
  • The short bob style: In this style, you have to trim your hair and give it the same level. Then condition, dry and iron. To look beautiful, you need to spray your hair so that it looks thick. Get a good example of (Style 5)
  • The layered hairstyle: If you have thick, medium length hair, you can style it as a medium layer hairstyle, a good example is Lady in (Style 6)


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