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March 18, 2020 — by MCutts0

Marilyn Monroe, a myth that will never end. She is the most copied woman in the world and was the goddess with the incomparable sex appeal. Unfortunately, she died far too early.

Madonna has adopted this look many times during her career. Many other Hollywood stars have also been styled as Marilyn Monroe. Michele Williams, Christina Aguilera, Nicole Kidman, Scarlett Johansson, Dita von Teese, Kylie Minogue, Gwen Stefani, Penelope Cruz to name a few. For many it looks good, but for some it has not worked so well.

We took that as an opportunity, one Make-up instructions for a Marilyn Monroe look to create. For the tutorial we used an original template as a picture of Marilyn.

Of course, it suits the look when you’re already blonde. I think that this look was extremely successful because our model corresponds to the type and she was able to put herself in this role very well.

Want to look like actress Marilyn Monroe? No problem! With blonde hair – possibly with a wig – and this one Make-up instructions succeed the Marilyn Monroe look guaranteed.

However, I would plan some time for the transformation into such a celebrity.

If it is not made clean and perfectly made up, the whole look can look cheap. That would not do justice to a Marilyn Monroe!

The fitting Marilyn Monroe costume or a dress is of course not missing. In the table you will also find the most important products for make-up. Please scroll to the right or swipe:

Best Marilyn Monroe costume for her disguise

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The style icon Marilyn Monroe and her fascination

As a little girl in Los Angeles in 1926 called Norma Jeane Baker Nobody suspected that this woman would write Hollywood history a few decades later.

Your resume reminds a little of Cinderella, because the poor girl, who came from poor conditions and a life in an orphanage, became the star of entertainment overnight. But due to the definition of the cliché of the sex bomb and the naive blonde, Marilyn Monroe suffered from her short life.

Three failed marriages and tablet addiction mark their sad path in life. But on the canvas the film goddess shone like no other. It is not for nothing that the talented blonde is one of the greatest Hollywood legends and icons with fabulous fame – herself today yet!

Her fascination is probably due to her always perfect clothing style, which was sophisticated but never cheap. Her style has been copied a million times and that legendary Marilyn dress should be known to pretty much everyone.

Apply foundation

We start with a foundation that covers the whole face well. On even and fairly light complexion is very important in the Marilyn Monroe look. The foundation can be applied quickly and evenly with a make-up brush and the fingers remain clean. Then use the powder brush and loose powder to matt the glossy areas.

Marilyn Monroe Look – Foundation 1

Apply Marilyn Monroe Look – powder

If you are looking for a good brush set *, I can recommend this brush set as a basic equipment! All important brushes are included.

The quality is extremely good, I have never seen such a good brush set at such a low price!

Contents: 15 brushes

  • Brush set with quiver and bag
  • Vegan synthetic hair

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The brush set is available in 5 different colors. I like the rose gold best. But the colors cherry-red, ocean, coffee and candy are also very beautiful.

With good care they last a lifetime and how to best clean them, we describe in our article on cleaning makeup brushes.

Style eyebrows

The eyebrows are covered with a brown to dark brown eyebrow powder or eyeshadow and a beveled brush expressive and precisely shaped. With a slight upward swing up to a third of the eyebrow and the downward swing, the eyebrows get roughly the shape of the eyebrows as seen in Marilyn Monroe.

For an expressive look of the eyebrows there is now the eyebrow powder by Marie Jose *. This brings the eyebrows in shape and color at the same time, it couldn’t be better. There are five tones to choose from.

Marilyn Monroe Look – Eyebrows 1

Marilyn Monroe Look – Eyebrows 2

Eye make up for the Marilyn Monroe look

The eyelids are covered with a almost white or eggshell-colored matt eyeshadow completely matted and shaded up to the eyebrows. This primer is also the eye shadow. So apply one more layer.

Marilyn Monroe Look – Eye Shadow 2

Now we come to one very important element of this look, the eyeliner. Marilyn Monroe must have loved the eyeliner, it looks really good here. This should really be carried out very precisely and should not have any mistakes. You need a very good eyeliner brush and of course a high quality eyeliner. I prefer an eyelinergel or a cream eyeliner, which have the highest opacity and is the easiest to apply. Maybelline * uses this as a cream eyeliner. It is smudge-proof and waterproof.

Content: 3 g

  • Eyeliner in gel formula including brush
  • Oil and water free texture
  • 3 colors selectable

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Place the brush in the middle of the eyelid and with slight swing far above pull the outer corner of your eye. Reposition the brush in the middle of the eyelid and finish the line to the inner corner of the eye in a narrowing line. This procedure works better than pulling the line from front to back in one pass. This quickly creates small waves in the line, which we want to avoid.

Marilyn Monroe Look – Eyeliner 2

With a nude shade, i.e. a slightly brownish eyeshadow, we emphasize the crease in the eye in the shape of a crescent. There should not be a line, just a shadow, so shade well.

Marilyn Monroe Look – crease 2

Stick on eyelashes

Nice thick eyelashes are too asked for this look. If you don’t have long, thick eyelashes, you can use fake eyelashes. In this case, we wanted to place the accent on the outer corner of the eye. There are also artificial eyelash sections for this. In this case, I simply cut off a piece of the eyelash tape. Of course, you can also use the entire lash line. These false eyelashes from Red cherry * look very real.

Contents: 4 pairs + glue

  • Red cherry artificial eyelashes
  • 2x No. 43, 2x 747S
  • 5 ml adhesive adhesive

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Just order the eyelash glue from Duo * at the same time, I always use it, it’s really the best! And it is also available in black *, making it even more invisible.

Apply the adhesive to the edge of the artificial eyelashes and let it dry briefly. Put on the outer eyelid, press with your fingers and hold for a while. If you often use artificial eyelashes, you can stick them on within a few minutes.

Marilyn Monroe Look – Artificial Eyelashes 1

Marilyn Monroe Look – Artificial Eyelashes 2

On the lower edge of the eyelashes, use the same eyeshadow that was previously used in the crease and a narrow brush drawn a smooth line.

Marilyn Monroe Look – lower lash line 1

Marilyn Monroe Look – lower lash line 2

So that the artificial eyelashes combine with their own eyelashes, they are made with black mascara by light inking put together. The lower row of eyelashes is also brushed as normal.

Marilyn Monroe Look – Lashes 1

Marilyn Monroe Look – Lashes 2

The lower eye area is covered with a concealer refreshed and well incorporated. Either tap in with a flat brush or with a fingertip. For this I recommend my favorite concealer Touche Éclat from YSL *. For me is he is the best with his incomparable consistency and worth every penny.

Contents: 2.5 ml

  • Unique light reflecting consistency
  • Does not settle into fine lines and wrinkles

My conclusion:
"The best highlighter in the world! Very easy to apply, very effective in all desired places."

Make up blush and lips

The slightly brownish blush is applied below the cheekbones by a little to achieve a hollow cheek effect, the more lascivious. Marilyn Monroe didn’t have apple cheeks either.

To complete the look, a small mole is simulated with a black eye pencil. But it has to open exactly be on the right side, as can be seen in the photo. The mole is not a must, but only for those who enjoy the full version of the Marilyn Monroe look.

Marilyn Monroe Look – Typical liver spot

On another feature of Marilyn Monroe is the bright red kiss mouth. With red lips in particular Lipstick can be applied exactly. The red mouth does not tolerate bumps, otherwise it quickly slips into the unsightly. Therefore draw the lip margin with a red lip contour pencil. Use a lip brush to completely paint the lips and trace the edge of the lips accurately. If your lips are narrow, you can use the lip contour pencil to draw something over the lip edge. But be careful, really just a little bit, otherwise it will be one of many make-up sins: the lips, which are overpainted.

The red lipstick from Gaya fits perfectly and has the right Hollywood glam!

  • Creamy lipstick
  • Contains minerals, zinc oxide, titanium oxide
  • Colors can be selected

My conclusion:
"Perfect Hollywood red for Marilyn Monroe! Lipstick with minerals. Very moisturizing for dry lips. "

Finally, wet your lips with some clear lip gloss and you’re done the perfect red kiss mouth.

Marilyn Monroe hairstyle – tutorial to imitate

Of course, the perfect Marilyn Monroe look also belongs the appropriate hairstyle. Twist the hair in with a curling iron. Then toupee the hair and form a wave on the top of the head. Let the curls jump slightly and fix everything with a lot of hairspray.

Marilyn Monroe Look – hairstyle

Voilà … Marilyn Monroe is alive &# 128521;

To complete the style – Marilyn Monroe costume or dress

In order to style myself completely in the Marilyn Monroe look, I would go as close as possible to the outfit of the most famous film excerpt with Marilyn. I mean the scene where she is standing on the subway ventilation and her white dress is flying up. So that’s for Marilyn Monroe costume a white dress and white peep-toe shoes to match:

The cocktail dress * in the look from the film "The darn 7th year" has become a symbol for Marilyn Monroe. Also wearable as a summer party dress and for many other occasions!

Elegant sandals by Buffalo *, summery and light. Perfect for the Marilyn Monore style. Very similar to the one she also wears in the film scene on the subway shaft. A sandal that can be worn on many occasions. You can easily purchase both items of clothing through Amazon.

Marilyn Monroe Look – before and after comparison

Here you can see the before and after comparison of our Marilyn Monroe makeup look …

Marilyn Monroe Look Before

Marilyn Monroe Look After

Give my your feedback … how do you find the look?

Marilyn Monore: Who She Really Was?

Marilyn Monroe had no easy childhood. She came as an unwanted daughter of the film editor Gladys Pearl Baker, whose birth name was Monroe. Given away by her mother she grew up as Norma Jeane Mortenson with foster parents, until these family relationships also broke up and Norma Jeane became a social orphan.

The following years she lived with different foster families until Grace McKee, her mother’s best friend, took over the care. Finally she had someone in her life. But already in her youth, young Norma Jeane separated from Grace because she did not want to move to West Virginia. She stayed with hers Child friend James Dougherty, whom she finally married at the tender age of 16 – it was an arranged marriage of Grace and James’ mother to save her from having to go back to the children’s home.

From there it started the way into an exciting future…

The beginning of Marilyn Monroe’s career

Her career actually started more by chance. When her husband went to war, Marilyn had to fight for her living and work with every dollar.

She worked in a factory and was discovered for propaganda footage of the U.S. Army. The photographer at the time was enthusiastic about her and so a complete series of photos was created for the army magazine.

Shortly thereafter, the first orders followed as a pin-up girl. At that time, Marilyn was also closing trained as a mannequin. In 1945 she applied to an agency as a photo model. There she was very interested in her and the famous look of Marilyn was born.

Because the agency insisted, not only to bleach the natural brown, curly hair, but also to straighten it. Additional classes in posturing ensured that Marilyn – at that time still under the name Norma Jeane – became the agency’s most successful model. In 1949 she got a contract with a regular paycheck at 20th Century Fox, but the big breakthrough had to wait a while.

Between career and family drama

From 1947 to 1962, Marilyn Monroe starred in 30 films. She was never forgotten through roles in classic films such as "How to catch a millionaire", "The darn seventh year" and "Blondes preferred". On the other hand, Marilyn’s film from 1960 was not a commercial success, George Cukor Let’s do it in love. With the thriller Niagara (1953) it is known as Femme fatale and became a celebrated film star.

Your last completed film was "Misfits – Not socially acceptable ” (1961). Was a screenwriter Arthur Miller, Marilyn’s third (and last) husband. The two had met and loved each other during filming, but the marriage was overshadowed by three miscarriages – a sad family drama.

Not just through her acting talent, but Marilyn’s private life also led to her status as an icon and her fame. In particular, the marriages with the well-known playwright Arthur Miller and also her second husband, the famous baseball star Joe DiMaggio, ensured constant mention in the gossip columns of the media.

These films also have great ideas for beautiful Marilyn Monroe costumes. Try to tune in when one of the classics is on TV again. Incidentally, many of the photo rights to her pictures are held by the imago agency. If you are interested in Marilyn’s original outfits, you still have a chance, because an auction house is auctioning them off.

How and what died of Marilyn Monroe?

In 1962, her life ended abruptly with an overdose of sleeping pills and she regained it Immortality on Hollywood Olympus. She was found dead on August 5, 1962 in her villa at 12305 Fifth Helena Drive, Brentwood, Los Angeles.

To date, there have been many speculations about the exact circumstances of her death. To the conspiracy theories heard that she was murdered by the CIA due to a White House threat due to an affair and sex with President John F. Kennedy. Eunice Murray, the Monroe housekeeper who had spread rumors, was also not entirely innocent. At the birthday party of US President John F. Kennedy, she also had her last public appearance when she breathed "Happy Birthday, Mr. President" into the microphone. A mafia contract murder to put pressure on the Kennedys is also a variant of the theories.

A medical malpractice through the medication of two total lethal doses of sleeping pills would be possible, so that she died of an overdose. After all, conscious suicide cannot be ruled out and is ultimately cited as the probable cause of death in the dying customer.

There is insufficient evidence for any of the theories, and the exact circumstances of Marilyn Monroe’s death remain unclear! We have to accept that, but even today books and audio books are still being published about it.

Other instructions and articles that may be interesting

In addition to these makeup instructions for Marilyn Monroe’s look, we also have a number of other instructions for looks by prominent women that may be of interest to you:

Did my tips help you? If so, I look forward to your positive evaluation! Now click on "5 stars" on the far right. Thank you so much!

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