Make simple hairstyles yourself – with instructions!

Dutt hairstyles have been part of the hairstyle trends for some time now. Photo: Shutterstock, (c) Alter-ego

Bun hairstyles are old fashioned and conservative? Not even close! In combination with simple braided hairstyles, worn on the side, asymmetrical or wrapped with colorful ribbons, the bun is sometimes elegant, sometimes cheeky and always very feminine. So there is in many different versions. With one exception: the casual men Dutt. However, this can also be worn by women. And if you want a festive piece of art on your head for a big occasion, it is best to put yourself in the hands of a hairdresser.

Bun hairstyles for every type

The bun is in recent years coming back. You could almost say that it is almost one of the hairstyle trends of 2019. Dutt hairstyles can look cheeky and girlish, be extremely feminine or apart from men. Do you like asymmetrical hairstyles? Then a side bun will definitely suit you. A bun is easy to implement and always looks professionally styled. Get inspired! We have several bun instructions for you!

Simple do it yourself hairstyles

For one simple hair bun you pull your hair into a ponytail and fix it tight with a hair tie. Use a simple hair tie, preferably a thin soft elastic without a tag. Now you take your hair in your hand and twist the braid tight. The twisted hair is placed around the hair tie like a snail. The Hair tie is the center of your bun. When you have almost wrapped the twisted braid around the hair tie, you hide the loose hair tips under the twisted hair and the elastic. With very long hair, this simple bun will hold on its own. If you have shoulder-length or slightly back-length hair, you may need to put a second hair tie around the bun. If the first attempt doesn’t work, get a friend to help you, with a little practice you can get the hang of it quickly.

Dutt hairstyle with hair bands, bows and ribbons vary

Beautify the bun hairstyle with hair bands, bows and ribbons. Photo: Shutterstock, (c) Alter-ego

You can vary the hairstyle with different hair bands and bows: the more you care for yours Haardutt around, the more varied and colorful it looks. cotton tapes, Scarves, width hair Bands with fabric covering and thin scarves are perfect. If you are more into the hippie look, go for it thin leather straps in different colors.

Side bun and Japanese bun: how it works

Japanese bun hairstyles are very popular in certain scenes. Photo: Adobe Stock; (c) Kostyazar

Should he Dutt a little fancy you can place the braid that serves as the starting point on the side instead of in the middle of the back of the head. Just behind the ear, where a side braid usually sits, a side bun is placed just right. If this is too boring for you, do two or more braids and twist your hair into small buns. You may know this from the Japanese cartoon series Sailor Moon. The heroine has her blonde hair on the top of her head twisted two big buns, and the ends hang loose. In Japan, the simple hair bun is done a little differently, because Japanese hair is very strong and unruly. It is not grasped and twisted, but simply turned over without the elastic. The loose ends get caught and the loop created in this way is wrapped around the starting point several times directly on the head. Then the very loose, loose bun is fixed with a hair band or hair tie. If you have very long hair, this technique also holds for European, finer hair. If the bun hairstyles aren’t that easy for you, you can she with secure a hairnet. The network is available in hairdressing supplies. You simply put the net around your bun and, if it doesn’t hold on its own thanks to the elastic band, fix it with a few hair clips from the drugstore.

Elegant do-it-yourself buns

So you can make the bun yourself. Photo: Fotolia, (c) alter_photo

A simple guide for one elegant bun there is of course also: Use a thin hair tie to fix a ponytail at the place of your head where your bun should sit! Braid the braid! All flat types of braiding are suitable for this, for example simple braiding with three strands, Flemish (hidden) braiding or the four. You fix the hair tips with another thin hair elastic so that the braids do not come loose. Now place the braids loosely around the hair tie on your head so that the braid pattern comes out nicely and the hair tie is covered. Hold the hair bun and insert hairpins from the sides so that the braids are held in the bun.

More complicated bun hairstyles for longer hair

You can make the simple, twisted bun with shoulder-length or slightly longer hair. But the more complicated the bun hairstyles get, the longer the hair has to be. And the bun is only really voluminous if you have hair that is almost hip length or if you use a bun cushion. If you don’t want the hair bun to look voluminous, but just elegant, here is a bun guide for you: gather most of your hair into a ponytail at the top of the back of your head. You leave a thin wreath of hair all around and don’t tie this hair in. Now you loosen a strand of hair from the ponytail and take a thin strand from the loose hair. Start braiding the loose hair with the strands of ponytail hair using herringbone technique. It doesn’t matter for these types of bun hairstyles whether you are clockwise or against around the ponytail moving around, whether you only manage one turn or spiral out many fine braids: these bun hairstyles look stunning!

Stylish bun hairstyles from the hair stylist

Of course, it doesn’t always have to be the homemade bun. If you are invited to a party and want to wear your long hair festively in a hair bun, you can book a styling at the hairdresser you trust. The hair artist will be happy to give you a festive hairstyle with a bun conjure, for example by combining a simple braided hairstyle with an updo.

Rediscovered: the men Dutt

The bun is now also a trend for men. Photo: Fotolia, (c) sasamihajlovic

The Men bun is of course not braided, but very simple. For a simple men’s bun, the hair on the middle back of the head is braided with an inconspicuous hair tie. The hair is pulled through the rubber several times as usual. The last time you pull through, you don’t pull all the way through, but leave a small loop. This casual bun can too Ladies with shoulder-length or chin-length hair wear well. They look boyishly fresh and a bit messy – so they’re more for leisure.


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