Make romantic curls yourself: this is how you handle the curling iron properly! hairstyle trends

Did you know that curls were the trend thousands of years ago? The Egyptians still tried to transform their straight hair into an artificial curl. The reason – the curls look incredible nice and feminine and fascinating with a touch of romance! The romantic waves are back in fashion and with them the curling iron! But curling iron does not mean magic wand and sometimes the hair curls quite differently than intended or the romantic splendor quickly unhooks itself, especially when she her Make curls yourself. So that your hair looks magical and the curls last a long time, we will show you the most important style secrets and how to properly curl with the curling iron!

Dealing with curling iron with success – golden tips for a perfect curling iron

The market offers you a wide selection of curling irons – with or without a clamp, large or small, with ceramic or Teflon coating. All of these have many properties, the better comfort when styling and more hair shineOffer. The quality of the curling iron and the result, however, are mostly determined by two components – the coating and the temperature. If you make curls yourself at home, we strongly recommend that you choose a ceramic coating, as it is gentle on the hair. The change in your hair does not come from the shape of the curling iron or the coating. Not lasting either. The only reason is the heat. Therefore, the following applies here: the higher the temperature, the greater the effect. For an even better result, choose a curling iron with many temperature settings and many speak for a shiny result good experiences with the Babyliss curling iron . Once you’ve selected the perfect curling iron, we’ll show you tips and tricks on how to handle it easily and properly!

Piece by piece for curly splendor with the curling iron – make instructions for curling yourself

  1. Spread heat protection in the hair and knead.
  2. Divide the hair into five centimeter thick strands and separate them.
  3. Start with the under hair. Use the curling iron to turn the strand. Keep it short.
  4. Now loosen and let curls fall.
  5. Now you can style your curly hair as you like.

Here is our step by step guide:

Are you wondering what is shown on the last step? Hair spray, hair care or lotion for durability? Scroll down to see the answer!

Make curls yourself: So the curls with curling irons last a long time!

Everyone thinks that only styling with a curling iron is important. We can see that in the last picture in the instructions above – styling after curling. This really helps with fixing and styling but not so much for a longer durability of the curls. Too much wax or hairspray complains and the curls disappear early. Hair care before curling does a lot more to keep the curly hair longer. Hair dryer lotion, also known as spray setting, sprayed onto the hair before curling extends the shelf life. We spoke to experts especially for you about which hair care products guarantee the durability of the hairstyle and recommend them the Rosense rose water (test report) as a hair freshener.

Make quick curls: how to get a beautiful hairstyle in just 5 minutes:

Life is not always perfect, but your hair can be! We hope we helped you make your curls perfect with the curling iron! How to enjoy life with romantic curls!


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