Magnificent 90s hairstyles and hairstyles that need to come back with a bang

There was always something fancy and loud, and yet lovable about the good old 90s. Baggy jeans too anti-fits, flat shoes too wedges so chunky, loud make-up and the wild perms- oh yes, the wild perms, the fringed crowns and embossed the face, how can we not be silent about the 90`s hairstyles on these lines. Our Bollywood ladies of the 90s and colleagues overseas in Hollywood flaunted the wild perms and curls of 90s hairstyles like crazy. Today we would take a look at some of the good old 90s hairstyles that rocked the silver screens and then the fashion scene back. You would bet you want it to come back!

Quite trendy, but we want the best 90`s hairstyles back

1. What was once called stupid is now chic, and the perfect example would be Karishma Kapoor’s soft wavy hair-do of the 90s. Everyone Film she was in, she had this hairstyle until Raja Hindustani came around and she all went smoothly! Good for a change but Lolo was best known for her beautiful waves!

2. Gelled back and combed into a tight knot. Kajol and Aishwarya mostly had their hair tied up in a slim bun whenever the scene was mentioned in movies for parties or formal occasions. A style that caught quite well as one of the best 1990 women`s hairstyles, to be honest, we want them back.

3. The perms were wild and very fluffy at the time, and the ladies of the 90s, who especially flaunted such a style, were Urmila Matondkar and Karisma Kapoor. The look was that of innocence and, when paired with floral hair accessories or a simple hair crunch, the look came out so cute and college-going styles!

4. Fizzy perms were a hit in the west with greats like Madonna and Cher, but the trend soon in India with Pooja Bhatt, Raveena Tandon and the late Divya Bharati wearing their pearl perms like magic!

5. Some The leading ladies who made hairstyles in the early 90s had a signature of their own without following the herd mentality of the jammed lot- Raveena Tandon, for example, guaranteed them with the wild curls and stuck to their sleek look for most minimal went late 1990s.

6. The bubbly and very lively former Miss India and Bollywood star Juhi Chawla was then one of the few leading ladies who loved to keep their curls intact with style and greatest grace sometimes with two braids or a ponytail.

7. Kajol Devgan was a gorgeous PYT at that time, with that dark skin and beautiful wavy long hair to be seen untouched. She has now turned into a delicious mom with straight straight hair, but we really want au naturale waves from Kajol back – once at least the 90s popular hairstyles of long waves should come back!

8. She was laughing at for her tall legs but that she didn’t stop being the number one diva in the 90s, as long as she stopped playing her role and films. Taboo was known for its simplicity and very long straight hair, much apart from the run of the mill girl who kept it wavy and short cut!

9. Not much with the hairstyle of Madhuri Dixit Nene, apart from the length and color it seems. Madhuri in the 90s wore her hair wavy and short to the neck, and now she wears it permed and long! So let’s go, a leading diva now, and well managed with the hair of the 90s.

The mad curls and waves of the 90s even wrapped the crown of the Shilpa Shetty – then Ms. Kundra was known for her very long wavy curly hair which she bleached golden most of the time. Thank god she doesn’t do that now, but the long wavy curls is what we want back.

Here were some of the crazy women’s hairstyles that were hits like the 90’s haircuts. Let us know which of them should make a comeback and why!


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