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Events from the world of football viewed through black and yellow and blue and white glasses

Wednesday November 19, 2008

Borussia furiosa

Hey, hey 4-0! What a result, what a game.
One of the top central defenders this season is also BVB’s best striker. Neven Subotic is the personified Hoffenheim in black and yellow rows. The last goal in the game was also scored by a defender. In between, the standard situation magic mouse Tamas Hajnal met. We can also shine like Hoffenheim, in whose game again 5 goals were scored, and Leverkusen, who are currently masters of efficiency and thus also powerfully dampen the blue and white slag. The BuLi classic FCB versus MG ended up surprisingly 2-2 and only Cassandrahans Meyer knew. Bremen scores goals again and doesn’t have to defend much against FC from Cologne, Hertha continues to scare everyone. Otherwise yawn.
Be prepared for something, because we black and yellow will continue to be magical! More than ever! And if Prince P and beautiful Timo come during the winter break, there is a lot in it for us. promised!

In this sense,

Monday November 10, 2008

Hrvatski brat

Sunday November 9, 2008

Petition against Marcel Reif

"I don’t want to be biased. But run, my little black friends, run."

Against the background of the sobering Niederlange against FC Bayern Munich, a class action lawsuit against Premiere commentator Marcel Reif should be called here. This has now repeated his clear preferences for Bayern while commenting on the game. In this case, he even laughed at the opposing team, FC Schalke 04, and insulted him badly when describing the course of the game. In the specific case, he commented on fouls by FC Baynern "negligible trifles", during fouls from S04 as "serious offenses" have been defined. It is understandable that inaccuracies sometimes occur during a nerve-racking game moderation: However, the multitude of clearly subjective, red-and-white colored comments is unbearable for enthusiastic fans. It is even more a shamelessness to end a game, which is more than clearly described by a corner ratio of 17: 1, then to end with the words: "Bavaria made it clever, Schalke once again foolish". We know from circles in the Schalke fan community that personal letters of complaint have already been sent to Premiere several times, referring to the irresponsible commentary by M. Reif. Each time, Premiere sent the same automatically generated feedback, urging the popularity and popularity of M. Reif. In the meantime, so many responses have been received in the Schalke fan clubs that you could use adhesive and a little bit of wire to recreate a cardboard figure by M. Reif (if you had the urge to do something so senseless). We would like in this context, call for a merger to plan and implement a well-designed coup against premier commentator M. Reif. It cannot be that you get a lot of money for such a subjectively colored game description.

Many angry greetings from the Schalke camp

Wednesday November 5th, 2008

Food Combining

Sunday November 2nd, 2008

Also successful in the East at 10

Lately it has become a little quiet here on the blog from the blue and white side. This was due to various things: First of all we had to find Kevin K. from Panama. As is well known, he went to donate for an international game and it took us a while to find it.

On the other hand, we have been having a hard time moving our hands down to the keyboard lately, as there are plenty of goals to be cheered on by Schalke (5 goals in the last 2 games is a lot for Schalke standards!). Recently in Cottbus the S04 proved that we can theoretically play and win with 10 men; even if it admittedly takes a little longer with the goals. Kevin K. (who now has to be cut out of the Nutella spots) has mutated into a real goal scorer. Freed from the clutches of jogi – I like Michael better than Kevin – Löw, he is increasingly developing into a defiant goal machine that translates national frustration into royal blue goals. However, the defeat did not harm the Schalke game.

Furthermore, the topic is brief "Albert quarrel" addressed. In the game against Karlsruher SC, the premiere comment was drawn into the flippant comment when substituting arguments: "Oh, now put the argument in the shop window for a few minutes"! As a Schalke fan, you would like to refrain from such presumptions and Fred Rutten also reacted promptly: Streit now played against Cottbus for almost 85 minutes and was able to demonstrate its quality. A move to Cologne can of course not be ruled out entirely.

First of all, that’s the most important news and comments about the last 2 game days. In the next post we will take a critical look at the effectiveness of Bordon free-kicks and long-range shots. You just have to talk about that!

Until then, luck up! 🙂

Wednesday October 29, 2008

Hopp or Klopp?

Tuesday October 21, 2008

And the derby animal greets every day

Egypt: Popular travel destination, permanent topos of mystical trivial literature and mecca for archaeologists. and now home to football players who play a decisive role. Here the CALCULATED can, should and should be here again, because in this way the Zidan (without ‘e’ and thus without a head butt) already written off by the black and yellow fan base achieved the more than late compensation in the class game against Werder Bremen. Overall, the duel of the North German offensive artists and the Dortmund youth group reminded of the result and the action richness of the already legendary derby this season. Again and again was equalized and twice in injury time. Zidan finally seems to have arrived in Dortmund (empty alarm.) And gave BVB a partially happy, but definitely hard-worked point. Both sunbed and hair gel goalkeepers failed and the coach interviews after the game could not have been more amusing: the always cheerful and chic sun boy Klopp praises his young hungry, while the notorious Nordic in-the-schnauzer-Nuschler Schaaf annoys the Point loss is buzzing. In short: 2 previously extremely entertaining teams offered a first-class football spectacle. more of that. (But then please with 3 points for BVB)
Meanwhile, the slag derby enemies only achieved a bloodless 1-1 against the leader from Hamburg. Apart from the continuation of the Trochowski gala and the first goal of the young defender Höwedes, the 5-point given by the kicker for the offended boy Boy Susi Sonnenstich was the biggest event. Losing words about this later is actually meaningless, but one thing is allowed because the national team is currently a mess where everyone fights against everyone (with scratching, spitting and pulling hair): Kindergarten (but with more pocket money)!
Back to the Bundesliga, which is currently x times more fun than the national team. And the main reason is still the Gallier village in Kraichgau. 5: 2 against Hannover 96: great cinema! Despite all the criticism of the capitalist locust mentality of local investors, one can only say: Thank you Hoffenheim! Thank you for the many goals, thank you for the offensive football, thank you for the revitalization in the BuLi, thank you for the Art Nouveau, thank you for Salihovic, Ba, Ibisevic, Obasi and Co.! Who needs tradition and big city flair when there is such chic ball kicking art??
The 2nd current Lieling of the blog writer (of course in the shadow of the big BVB), the pill-turners from the Rhineland, could not burn fireworks at 2-0 against the definitely troubled Frankfurt, but there Helmes hits constantly and in the next games of the The national gentleman, the nice Mr. Löw must finally see that only a Cologne assault duo Podolski-Helmes can get the store going again, especially since other strikers injure themselves when cheering. The very same master of 3/4 somersault with double cross-breaker ensured that his drunken tumbling giant FCB won 1: 0 against the over-team from Karlsruhe. yawn!
The second agile climber, i.e. the one from Cologne, won 1-0 against Cottbus and is well on the way to securing early relegation. or at least cement a little further on Daum’s pedestal of the Holy Throne in Colonia. The other relegation derby between Borussia from MG and VfL from BO ended after a really exciting game with 2: 2. But the best news about this game is from the edge of the field: Hans Meyer is back! We are already looking forward to the wonderful bon motes in the next 26 game days, even if it should go back to League 2 afterwards for the Gladbachers. What else was there? Oh yes. Hertha BSC vs. VfB Stuttgart 2: 1 = surprising; VfL Wolfsburg vs. Arminia Bielefeld 4: 1 = befitting (who needs Marcelinho if there is Misimovic?).
Conclusion: Many goals and a striking number of good games in the Bundesliga, national team annoying!

Tuesday October 7, 2008

Thank God, it’s international break

Saturday October 4, 2008

Gelsenkirchen beaver tail

When soccer games like the last one from Schalke 04 against Apoel Narkotisia ripple like a delicate brook in front of you and even the most committed fan is put into a light trance, it sometimes happens that the view from the game to the other more or less important things of life. This time he stuck to a player hairstyle that has been a matter of concern or discussion for weeks now. It’s about the strange growing back of Halil Altintop’s head. After a few weeks of nurturing and grooming, a dark brown arch has now settled on the neck, which tenderly vibrates with the rhythm when running and when countless chances are scored. Now one could assume that this is the Kuranyi experiment, one "mat" to get; but if you take a closer look, you notice that only the neck / back of the Turkish international is growing; the rest of the hairstyle to a certain extent "trimmed" remains.
We now have to ask: is this a new trend towards winter? And what can you call him? Well, he reminded us of those North American hunting hats that are made from a beaver and that just hang the beaver’s tail in the back. We want the altintop hairstyle because of the parallels "Gelsenkirchen beaver tail" name, which of course does not in any way answer the equally important question of whether it is desirable to also carry a rodent that has been shot with it on the neck. It definitely keeps you warm. It remains to be seen in which direction the hair will develop and whether his twin brother in Munich will soon deviate from the dark brown, pomadic standard Bavaria macho hairstyle and himself. forgiveness. puts a beaver on.

Not much remains to be said about the UEFA Cup game against Cyprus. Perhaps it should be noted that Kevin Kuranyi still hasn’t scored. So it is only a matter of time before local newspapers start counting minutes, hours, even months until the blue and white Nutella striker hits the box again. Maybe it will be something against Wolfsburg on Sunday. we will be watching the game closely.

Until then, luck on!

P.S. For all those who are interested in trying out whether you also have a Gelsenkirchen beaver tail, we have attached a template (see photo) that only needs to be printed out and adapted. Have lots of fun with it!

Tuesday September 30, 2008

Buddha at the fish

The 6th matchday is over and from a black and yellow perspective it can be said that rejoicing is definitely appropriate. The joy already started last week with the (admittedly lucky) 2-1 cup win against Hertha from Berlin, whose participation in the final will again only consist of making the stadium available.
On Friday the fun continued as the blue and white slaggers were able to prove that they were not (yet) quite up to their self-imposed claim to be a top team. A 0: 1 defeat against the formally weak and only marginally first-class 1. FC Köln made Dortmund’s hearts beat faster. Thank you very much dear FC! When the euphoria wave could hardly be increased, BVB’s sovereign 3-0 victory on Saturday followed. Even if Santana was more of a martial artist than a footballer when he scored, and Grumpy Jens freaked out and was hard to calm down, Kloppo can finally show his nice smile again and stay with his boys for a week in the sunny 5th place (by the way, with the Hernerns) ). The Borussen vector points steeply upwards and despite the onset of autumn, the atmosphere around the stadium formerly known as Westfalenstadion is anything but cloudy.
From cloudy to beet, which in this case can no longer become red. After a series of less than convincing to poor performances in BuLi and CL, the struggling defeat of the wavering giant FCB against the Hanoverians who weren’t exactly the title candidates followed. A magical free kick from Huszti was enough to win against unskilled Bavaria and Jürgen K. from Schwabifornia can now only hope for divine or Buddhist support before the H (oeneß) bomb explodes and with a loud ‘Ela Kabela’ the Säbener Str huge crater. Tick ​​tick tick. but also boom? The next days with CL and BuLi will show it. After the fall of the Bavarian one-party state, a second earthquake of this magnitude would probably force the Free State to dissolve. Therefore, we advise a big coalition between FCB and CSU to save the rest of Bavaria! The emperor as prime minister and Ede on the sidelines, hand in hand for Bayernland.
Back to more pleasant events and the usual candidates in this section: Hoffenheim, Leverkusen, Bremen. All three teams delight fans and neutral viewers with wonderful offensive football and score (and concede) goals on the assembly line. Although Ralf Rangnick sees it differently, the Hoffenheim Globe Trotters are the current main attraction of the Bundesliga, which otherwise often sinks in gray. But (luckily) they are not an isolated case. Bremen also play heart-warming offensively and if they concede 4 goals, they just shoot 5, each of which is more beautiful than the previous one. At this point, many thanks to the coaches and players involved for this high-class entertainment.
And Bayer Leverkusen also continues to play with a team of young attacking footballers who looked old against the gray mice from Bochum for a long time, but were able to score 3 points again thanks to 3 goals. The success of these 3 teams cheers all football aficionados, because youth and offensive finally bring the long-awaited fresh wind into the often dreary Bundesliga in international comparison. You can only shout: Bravo! Keep it up! (Just not against the poor black and yellow please)
The rest of the game day remained greyish gray with many 1: 0s and similar unsightly kickers. So nothing new in midfield.
Despite all the black and yellow vision, it remains to be hoped that the youth movement and offensive culture will continue to triumph. Perhaps the crisis-ridden Bavarians will soon join in and do magic again. As long as BVB plays internationally next year, the others are welcome to show great football art (apart from the blue-whites, of course, but they just don’t want to be champions)..

With this in mind, we are optimistic about the game against Udine (despite a 2-0 first-leg loss) and are looking forward to more glamor kicks in the BuLi!

Monday September 22nd, 2008

Earthquakes, battles, youth culture

What do Dietmar Hopp and Patrick Bateman have in common? Both are extremely rich, both indulge in an ‘eccentric’ hobby and both slaughter their opponents / victims without mercy. But while Patrick Bateman uses a classic knife and chainsaw, Hopp intricately uses a laboratory-bred professional club. Victim this weekend: The lovable traditional Bee Maja club from the Ruhr area, also known as BVB 09. And unfortunately, these 9 are given a particularly sad meaning in the club’s name these days, as the blue and white blog colleague kindly remarked. Although we did not score 0 goals, 9 goals conceded from the last 3 games are already a house number. But first back to the serial kill. uh. winners. 10 points from 5 games and the 2nd place in the table are more than remarkable for the football retort baby from the province. There is also no stop at the time-honored ball game club 09. The exhausted ‘traditional debate’ is not supposed to come up here again, but even the blue and white soul has to bleed when it watches the soulless grasshopper capital mercilessly roll over the traditional ‘workers’ association’. Enough hypocrisy and cliché stroking. The BVB was simply grumpy to the square and the lesson from the Uefa Cup apparently sits more in the tired bones of the black and yellow kickers than you think. As a small swipe, however, it should be noted that Udinese is a slightly different caliber than APOEL Nicosia from the football epicenter, Cyprus. But let’s not digress. The Borussia kindergarten defense is at most a rough diamond. At the moment it is more coal that has to be pressed for a few more years (as is fitting in the Ruhr area). The midfield is mediocre and agile Cuba, despite its rebirth this season, cannot alone provide the necessary train, the storm is Alex Frei and the goalkeeper is a very volatile in his performances and in his optics very meadow-esque journeyman, the games can decide, but sometimes does so to the disadvantage of his own team. The Uefa Cup end in the first round was foreseeable (especially when the opponent was determined), but the ritual cannibal at 1: 4 on Sunday was painful and unnecessary in this form. The project ‘Jugend Forsch’, which is currently being successfully tested in Hoffenheim, is a serious opponent, but after the terrific 3: 3 in the derby of the century there simply has to be more. Despite some successes in the stages, it can be stated that the ‘Kloppo 09’ project is swaying at least considerably.
In comparison, however, a veritable earthquake can be identified in the other project ‘Jürgen K, Sunnyboy and successful trainer’, which is currently running in Munich: 2: 5 against Werder Bremen, unconvincing performance in the CL, silent executive board on the PK, Hoeneß ‘ Head color gradually changes from red to violet. For a short time, the eternal champion was even 0: 5 behind the Werderans. Only ex-Bremer Tim B., who mutated into a berserk on the pitch, fought like an obsession against the absurd deficit and scored two honor goals. Again, it has to be said: EXCLUSIVELY Borowski EXCLUSIVELY against Bremen. Phew. is difficult, but must be this calculation. The convincing notion of the noble reserve Borowski does not hide the fact that the tree, if not the forest, is burning in Munich. and that is bright. This naturally gives water to the mills of the Klinsi critics, who will not use it to put out the fire. Indeed, it seems as if the good Swabian had underestimated the discrepancy between highly concentrated, but time-limited project work at the staid DfB and the day-to-day job at the Divenklub in Munich. It remains to be seen whether Buddha can get him out of there.
To get happier news: The funny Lümmelgarde from the pill-turning town of Leverkusen is cheerfully stirring up the league. And it’s fun to look at. In every game of the talented young football team, 8 goals are felt and even if the team leads, ruthlessly offensive play continues. So while the two Jürgen K.’s have to rethink their approach, Bundesliga newcomer Bruno Labbadia wins the laurels for his strategy. You can literally tell the team that the coach used to be a goalkeeper and are happy with the young guys about their exhilarating ideas. In particular, the former Cologne shooting star and designated Poldi successor Patrick Helmes was able to inspire with 3 goals and one template on this matchday. If Klinsi’s former tension man and current dressman Yogi Löw finally does not understand that only the ‘Cologne’ storm duo Helmes and Poldi can bring the offensive of the national team to the boil like the ‘Höhner’ the ‘Laughing Lanxess Arena’ (aka the Arena formerly known as Kölnarena), when then?
To stay with the strikers: Gomez scores again. Only once and from an offside position, but he knows again where the goal is (or at least suspects this). The self-confident Hitzlsperger doubles and Stuttgart wins in the ‘Derby’ (as one might not call it black and yellow) against the KSC with 3: 1.
The other national team candidate in the service of the blue and white Herner meanwhile continues to fumble goalless, chic hair and is booed by his own fans. Nevertheless, it is enough for the miners for such a victory against Frankfurt Eintracht. Own goal for 1: 0. Yawn.
Even more unsettling is the 1-1 draw from Cottbus against Bochum. Two relegation candidates share the points, nothing happens.
The Jojo team from M’Gladbach is defeated by the midfield permanent from the capital with 0: 1, Bielefeld robbed the Cologne team in the fight against relegation with a 2: 0 win en passant 3 points and the HSV can also lose, if only then right with 0: 3 against the not very popular car maker club from the football capital of Lower Saxony (always calm, dear Hanoverians, your team is abysmally grim, but you remain the state capital).
So much for the ‘news’ from the Bundesliga. Conclusion: The double project ‘Jürgen K. rocks the BuLi’ crumbles and crumbles, again lots of barley soup, the youth dominates, money beats tradition (and yes, tradition does not score goals), Helmes is (currently) the best striker in Germany, Hopp is Top and continue to slaughter cheerfully. and. oh well. um. er. how shall I put it. so. oh well. you know. so. Herne West is leader of the standings. It’s out, I have to go.

Sunday September 21, 2008

Short: 9 goals against in 3 games!

Saturday September 20, 2008

It’s tapped!

Even if this blog is primarily intended for the documentation of blue-white and black-and-yellow stories, a short look over the Bundesliga into Munich should be ventured on this 5th matchday. There Werder Bremen sent Bayern 5-2 to the Oktoberfest today. Osram Hoeneß (here reference is made to the lightbulb, not to be confused with Osama, even if parallels could also be made) alongside Klinsi almost broke his head when it felt like 5-0 for the Greens from Bremen for 30 minutes has stood. In the event of further failure, the Klinsi could in turn spark a first coach discussion (for a change, one that does not take place on Schalke). It’s not that easy without a Strenesse shirt yogi.

A few brief information about the course of the game so far: Schalke won against Frankfurt without much effort and is now waving to Bayern (and Dortmunders. Incidentally: Udinese was probably a number too big!) From the top of the table.

So far, luck up!

P.S .: The last time Bayern lost so much was against Schalke in the 1976/1977 season. With 0: 7!

Tuesday September 16, 2008

Blue and white sunglasses

There are derbies that are decided by a red card; then there are those who experience an unexpected turn due to a free kick or an unauthorized penalty. Only rarely, perhaps never in the history of the Bundesliga, has a derby been decided by the overweight of a single man. Lutz W. from Kriftel in the Main-Tanus district in Hesse, production manager during the day, was given the admittedly difficult task last Saturday of leading the game between the arch rivals.

Already in the early minutes, clever game observers noticed that the Lutz was always a few seconds behind the game – not in the psychological sense that he could not cognitively process what he saw, no, rather, deficits were clearly visible in the physical sense, although Mr. W. the DFB homepage in addition to football, which jogging calls his hobby. Interruptions in the game always sounded from a long distance away, only to slowly advance to the scene of the action. In the case of free kicks, the nervous shooters (e.g. Pander in the 8th minute / executed: 12 minutes) sometimes waited minutes until – with permission – the bodily man rolled up. ran came. This not only meant that situations were poorly recognized, which in turn heralded the plight.
It was then more than a miracle when Mr. Wagner recognized the first penalty for Schalke 04 in the 20th minute, whereby it must be emphasized that the whip arm stroke of Subotic, which can be located in volleyball, even for the Tönnies sausage seller in front of the Signal Iduna -Park was clearly recognizable. The fact that Weidenfeller could not keep the penalty shot by Farfan was primarily due to the Peruvian’s fabulous shooting technique. In addition, Roman W. had put on a Tim Wiese costume, which caused him significant difficulties in the lower abdominal area throughout the game.
Not much can be said at this point about the subsequent 2-0 by Rafinha and then more than deserved 3-0 by international Westermann (P.S .: does Dortmund actually have German internationals?). It should only be noted that, as a Schalke fan, one noticed that Olympinik Rafinha conspicuously slipped into the role of a referee consultant, which is perhaps also due to the fact that the obese first official from Hesse was always one step too late and therefore needed the friendly help of the Brazilian in choosing the card.
Nevertheless, what happened as a result was hard to bear for the Schalke heart. After Maya the Bee got out of nowhere by volleyball subotic’s 1-3 goal, which also indicated his qualities in the header game, the derby became unexpectedly exciting again. With the coproduction of Ricola co-inventor Alexander Frei and a referee assistant from the Lutz Wagner team, who adapted seamlessly to the level of his boss, Lüdenscheid-Nord achieved the 2: 3 only three minutes later and was back in action. This goal initially spoiled Christian "Funky pee" Pander’s desire to play (73 min) and in the 76th minute unconsciously caused Fabian Ernst to slip his main leg and his other leg so badly levered out Mr. Blaszczykowski on the host side that referee Lutz W. again pulled the cherry-red box out of the Had to pull pants. Rafinha, too, had done the same to his two teammates and already indicated a minute earlier that they no longer felt much desire to participate in the game until the final whistle. However, Rafinha’s advisory function mentioned above made him indispensable, so that Mr. W. unfortunately could not fulfill his heart’s desire for the previous evening.
In the 89th minute the wanted "umpire" then once again show the 80,552 spectators in the Lüdenscheider Wellblechhütte that he is a brave man who can make tough decisions not only as a production manager. Although the assistant referee did not raise a flag in the heated derby air at the edge of the field, the Schalke supporters decided as of that moment at the latest "Lu (t) zifer W." The referee dubbed the penalty confidently when Florian Kringe almost completely amputated Mladen Krstajic’s arm on the right-hand corner of the penalty area from close range with a bullet called ball. The Schalke defender could have unscrewed his arms beforehand and Mr. W. would still have whistled.
Tough and brave as he is, he then whistled the punctual – and disregarding the recommended time of the fourth official’s injury time – the game at 5:17 p.m. and thankfully ended his pale appearance as early as possible.
The following commentary from the kicker specialist magazine is meaningful: "Incomprehensible, the referee whistled the colored derby after exactly 90 minutes despite numerous delays."
In any case, this game will go down in derby history as one of the better ones, even if from the Schalke point of view you are more disappointed than satisfied due to the way the game went. This derby always provided pure emotion and excitement. The game ended in a 3: 3 draw, but it was characterized by its big loser.

So then, good luck.

P.S .: Three days later, Schalke won ONLY 4-1 in the UEFA Cup with Apoel Nicosia on Tuesday, the team from Lüdensche >

Black and yellow glasses

The 4th matchday of the Bundesliga was a very special one. Despite top-class games like HSV vs. Bayer 04 and the classic and pole show 1. FC Köln vs. Bayern Munich was the match day in Sign of big derbies between BVB and S04. And the game kept what it promised, if not more. There has been no such dramatic derby in years and a draw has not been cheered so frenetically for a long time. There was everything a spectator could wish for: lots of goals, exciting Scenes, offensive football, questionable referee decisions and escalations. And from a black and yellow waiting room you can confidently speak of a happy ending. The return of the Swiss wonder striker Alexander Frei could not have gone better. 2 goals and a template are already a house number (even if the two goals were gifts from the referee). But you can’t blame the likeable mob Lutz Wagner for giving a bad day to a badly battered player like Alex Frei. We all remember the tragic first game at the European Championship and the touching tears of the great storm talent. Apart from all debates about referee performance or refusal to perform, it can be stated that Alex Frei is back. with timpani and trumpets.
You could fill entire books with describing the last derby, but in addition to the Swiss Army Offense sensation, we limit ourselves to the ‘essential’ points from a Borussian perspective: Yes, we also have to admit that Lutz Wagner is probably on that day saw another game, which was not always only to the disadvantage of Schalke. Rafinha should have been put straight off the field against Valdez and at the latest in his second foul after the yellow card, the probably least likeable kicker in the Bundesliga should have left the field. Perhaps, however, Lutz Wagner could not or did not want to do without the whispering of the very communicative Brazilian, who stood gesturing and wheel-breaking in front of the referee after each whistle, regardless of the location of the action. The fact that the Sido of Gelsenkirchen football, who also saw Funky P, also known as Christian Pander, saw yellow-red and his bald-shorn twin brother Fabian Ernst Rot, was reassuring for the black and yellow wall, just in view of the brutality of their fouls and also ideal as a source of blue -White conspiracy theories (yes, we bribed the referee so that our 50-year-no-German championship celebration remains clear). The discipline lack of discipline of the blue and white sow heap may even have an aftermath, because the Jesus freak and super-Christian Marcelo "Catcherkreuz" Bordon is said to have spoken bad words to the poor inventor of slowness Lutz W. at the end of the game. And Mladen was natural "The Evil" Krstajic also included. In the end, the good guys won, because the ‘boyboy’ and joke master Jürgen Klopp and the emotional confederate Alex F. are very ‘objectively’ for everyone far nicer figures than the Schalke Klopper and hypocrite troops around Bordon, Rafinha, Krstajic, Ernst and Pander , Only the neat young man in the goal of the blue and white could be sorry because he couldn’t do anything for the 3 goals and would surely have imagined his debut in the Schalke goal differently. Regardless of this, the Dortmund team are happy about their disguised volleyball player and center forward Neven Subotic in central defense and roll their eyes when they see Klopp’s protégé and second- to third-class striker Zidan attacking worse than Klose, Gomez and Kuranyi. Overall, the derby gave fans of both camps (for different reasons) high blood pressure, joy, sadness, anger. in short all imaginable emotional qualities and quantities. Minds will have to calm down quickly, however, because this week the Uefa Cup matches are on for both teams and BVB in particular have a tough chunk in front of their noses with Udinese Calcio.
In other places, there was also play: Bremen won 3-0 against Cottbus. yawn. The only noteworthy news from the Weser: Diego is back and meets again. The gripping game between the two top teams from Hamburg and Leverkusen ended 3-2 for HSV. A former Dortmund player provided the final score, but unfortunately this really interesting game was completely lost in the shadow of the crazy derby. The good news from Hamburg’s point of view (in addition to the win) is: Trochowski can now really play football in the club. Two clubs that would like to be big, but never will, because in one case they have no tradition (yes, that is commonplace, but it has to be said again and again) and in the other case they make claims that are completely absurd and Commit players that nobody knows except the player advisors involved, separated 2: 2. Four goals and a missed penalty by the king of the idolatry make the game more interesting, but not the teams involved. The ‘new derby’ between VfB Stuttgart and the millionaire’s toy and youth performance center Hoffenheim was completely to sleep. The most sensational news about this game: It took place in Mannheim, which meant that VfB had a much longer journey. Scandal! Oh yes. and Lehmann is still playing and holding.
Despite Daumomania, 1. FC Köln lost 0-3 against Bayern against their home backdrop. And EXCELLENTLY (to use THE favorite word of all commentators) Lukas Podolski meets. Nevertheless, the Cologne cheered their ex-regent, the decency showed and did not cheer, because it was like "when you play against Poland". Toni hits again, but that doesn’t surprise anyone.
It was scoring in Hanover. The gray mouse of the Bundesliga showed 5: 1 against Bremen conquerors Mönchengladbach send soccer and after the wake-up call of his coach Jan Schlaudraff scored twice. But this great achievement from the Lower Saxony state capital was probably more of a snapshot.
Footnote: Abtiegendandendenduell Bochum against Bielfeld: 2 to 0. Everything (downwards) open.
Conclusion: The 4th matchday offered a lot, but the derby surpassed everything that thankfully brought boring Bundesliga malaysians like the Stuttgart vs Hoffenheim game into oblivion, but also unjustifiably put pearls of play like Hamburg against Leverkusen on the sidelines. Seen through the black and yellow glasses, it was an emotional rollercoaster ride with a good end to the end and benevolent recognition that others can also play football.
With this in mind, we are looking forward to the upcoming international games and are still happy that the blue and white Brutalos are ONLY playing in the Uefa Cup while we are ALWAYS in the Uefa Cup.
Kloppot in and see you soon!


  • February, 2008, whippet’s of giant couseway

    February 2008 February 27, 2008 The first big meal … … have now got the little ones too. At 3 1/2 weeks, I thought that they need more than breast…

  • Spring awakening: 2008

    quarta-feira, 5 de março de 2008 AWAKENING SPRING Children’s tragedy by Frank Wedekind Premiere: October 8, 2005 last performance in Wuppertal: December…

  • Club49: 2008

    Berlin Ohlauer Strasse 31 Kreuzberg Thiiiiiiimo San-der . Wednesday, December 31, 2008 // Posted by Kai von Kröcher // 10 comments I greet the old hat…

  • Archives for september 2018, tortsblog, tortssite

    paradox. Hong Kong cinema that has been choreographed and is worth seeing for that reason alone, which takes place in Thailand. Father and simultaneous…

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