Long hairstyles for mature women for 2017 – trend hairstyles style

Long hairstyles for mature women for 2017

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Date: 23 January 2017 – 8:53 PM

Long wavy hairstyle for older women

It’s an amazing hairstyle for older women and it means doing your strands some face-framing layers and styling them in waves. With a hairstyle like this, you will definitely have a few years off your face. Aside from the cut and styling, the color is also prominent, and it includes a combination of natural browns and grays to create the style that you see below. Give it a try and you won’t regret it.

Side parted hairstyle for older women

A properly chosen hairstyle won’t let anyone guess your age. It’s a simple long hairstyle that requires drawing a deep side part and styling the rest of the strands in provocative curls. It is impossible not to notice the color too. An intense hair color like this you will need, ask your colorist, space for a few light highlights through your black strands.

Natural braided hairstyle for older women

Older women looking for a simple headgear that lasts a few days here is the best option for you. This braided updo requires long strands, otherwise it will be impossible to create the same look. So you need to split your strands into two parts to the section and by dividing each of the sections into two different parts create two neat braids. Then you have to pull the braids back and twist to create a beautiful bun.

Long braided hairstyle for elder women

Here is the simple and casual hairstyle for older women out there. It takes less than two minutes to replicate the look you just need to make long strands for a better effect. Well, this side braid uses a simple three-strand technique, but if you braid well you can use a fishtail braid or Dutch and French Pigtails. You can even mix different types of braids that have a completely different hairstyle.

Elegant chignon for older women

If you prefer elegant hairstyles, you will find this chignon simply irresistible. It’s an excellent hairstyle for women over 50, although women of other ages can wear it too. This bun is boring and tiring far from us. What about the color It is a solid gray shade, doesn’t need to be polished.


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