Let yourself be inspired by julianne moore hairstyles

February 17, 2019 — by MCutts0

Get inspired by Julianne Moore hairstyles

Get inspired by Julianne Moore hairstyles

Julianne Moore is one of the few Hollywood celebrities who are blessed with gorgeous lush strands. After being bullied for her red hair at school, she had turned into a red-cheeked fashion icon signature with an equally red lipstick and her fascinating green eyes. Let’s brush up on some of Julianne Moore’s most inspiring and eye-catching hairstyles.

Julianne Moore hairstyles – short and medium length

Julianne mostly had long hair, but didn’t hesitate to follow the trend and use short or medium length hairstyles and hairstyles. Some of the memorable Julianne Moore hairstyles are listed below:

1. Short hair

Although this short cut and gelled short hair adorned at the premiere of “Cast a Deadly Spell” in August 1991 didn’t last long, Julianne looked pretty sexy by finishing it off with her trademark red bold lipstick. Pretty feminine!

2. Straight bob

In 1998, at the Oscars, Julianne Moore’s short hair was styled in an elegant straight bob in its characteristic shade. Coupled with her shiny scarf, which was thrown over her white dress with three-quarter-length sleeves and her statement lipstick, she looked like the epitome of timeless beauty.

3. Medium wavy cut

With her medium-length serrated edge with a middle section and diamond chandelier earrings at the Forget-Me-Not Gala 2015, Julianne shows how minimal enough can be to make hearts miss a beat.

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While she pulled a large volume at the bottom of her medium-length red strands, Julianne went red with a red dress and red lipstick during the EE British Academy Film Awards. Can someone be held responsible for falling under the red spell?

5. Structured waves

For the premiere of “Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1” 2014, Julianne simply made a middle part and ironed her hair to give her a face shape. With gentle and structured waves and flattering eye make-up, Julianne had redefined glamor and sexy.

6. Slim side part

Julianne graced the premiere of ‘Mr. Turner ‘at Cannes 2014 with her hair styled in an elegant and simple cut. The stylish side part with long bangs was all that was needed to create the mesmerizing effect.

Julianne Moore hairstyles with updos and buns

Julianne Moore buns and updos are nothing short of a fashion icon and totally inspiring. Let’s look at a couple of them.

7. Loose bun

The loose buns, paired with striking diamond swirl earrings and the black dress gave Julianne Moore an edgy elegance at the world premiere of “Hunger Games: Mocking Jay – Part 2”.

8. Classic rolls

A timeless beauty, Julianne rocked the smooth, shiny and elegant everlasting classic bun at the 67th Cannes Festival, which is accented with an edgy side part and elegant dangling green emerald green earrings to emphasize the crotch hold effect against her red hair.

9. Top knot

At the “Hunger Games” cast party, Julianne looked cheeky and sophisticated with her red top knot, paired with colorful danglers and the green dress.

10. Beehive

The classic retro-style beehives with a partial side part in the front with sultry smoky eyes were enough at the NYC screening of "What Maisie Knew" to create the magic of fresh and vibrant inner beauty glow.

11. The French Twist

For the premiere of “Game Change”, Julianne looked sensual and chic with her elegant French touch, the soft look with the long, side-swept bangs for the soft edge and the high-octane tint lipstick for a dramatic effect.

12.Bobby pinned updo

With her long strands covered with soft, short pony skins, smoky eyes and her typical lipstick, Julianne saw no less than a seductress at the Pirelli Gala Dinner in New York City.

13. The chignon

Julianne graced the 2015 Academy Awards and looked glamorous and very feminine with her slim, slim chignon, accompanied by a deep side part; long side pops flat, eye-catching make-up and cleavage dress.

Julianne Moore hairstyles with long hair

Finally, we draw some of Julianne’s long ones Curls hairstyles, who are weak with their sheer volume, styling and gloss knees.

14. Straight and slim

Although red and green are opposite on the color wheels, Julianne created the showstopper effect at the New York premiere of “Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2” in her green dress and straight straight hair, free of a deep side part.

15. Long wavy cut

Her long strands, which flowed with subtle waves around her dark shiny blue dress, smoky eyes, light pink shiny lipstick, were enough for an alluring and sensual chic look.

16. The ponytail

Even though it was just a simple side ponytail made at the National Board of Review Gala, Julianne makes it really sophisticated and stylish.

17. The layered cut

She has styled her long, fiery curls in smooth layers and complemented them with liquid liner and deep magenta lipstick. Julian’s sultry retro look thrilled everyone at the 2012 amfAR Gala.

18. Loose undound waves

In March 2011 cover of InStyle Magazine, the thick loose Curls with undone waves flow around the softness of Moore’s textured wrap. With her pretty pastel make-up, Julianne left her sensual appeal even at the age of 50.

19. Long wavy cut with bangs

She let her long, curly hair run casually behind the ears and the bangs gave a soft edge to the face. Julianne had a stylish, casual look at the Hugo Boss Fall / Winter 2012 fashion show.

20. The side sweeper

At the 82nd Annual Academy Awards, Julianne was the ultimate sex bomb in white glittering robe and diamond jewelry that highlights her red locks in a glamorous side sweep.

Julianne Moore shows everyone that it doesn’t take a complicated hairstyle to miss glamor and sensual appeal. A healthy thick mane in simple styles is equally potent in hypnotizing everything and forcing her to her knees.


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