Latest bob and shoulder length haircuts for 2020 – cheeky hairstyles

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Many stylists believe that medium hair length is the ideal playground for all hairstyles that exist. Medium length hairstyles 2020 will completely change your look.

Trust us, if you look at what we have prepared for you, you will see every offer of trends for medium length hair 2020 love.

Please enjoy this medium hairstyles for the 2020 fashion season.

1.Medium curly hairstyles 2020: combed waves

If you have curly hair, everyone seems to be careful to advise you to comb them.

However, few people know that simply combing curly or wavy hair can and will create chaos on your head.

However, there is a way to use the comb to your advantage.

If you want to achieve this soft and fluffy hair volume, wrap your hair around the Velcro rollers immediately after blow drying.

30 minutes should be enough for average hair to get this beautiful, rich texture.

Of course, you can add some hair products to the look to make the carpet red.

2. 80s free curls

Among the medium curly 2020 hairstyles, this is one of the most popular medium length hairstyles 2020.

This look is great if you don’t want to spend a lot of time styling.

Free curls won’t let you down on a wet and rainy day. Blow drying your hair after a shower is enough for this cute hairstyle.

3. Trends for medium-long hair 2020: medium-long haircuts combed back in 2020

middle Hairstyles for 2020 with hair combed backwards have many versions. Stylists have made sure that styling options have something for everyone.

This kind of wet looking hairstyle gives a unique detail to the whole look.

It feels almost careless until you realize how much work has gone into this particular look.

Consider using pomade for any styling options you want to try. Only a small amount of it will help you ensure that all hair is laid out as it should be.

4. Bounce and loose waves on medium length hairstyles 2020

There are several tricks to this 2020 medium length hairstyles.

One of them is the way to reach the waves in the first place. If you think that only one curling iron is sufficient, you are deeply mistaken.

In order for these voluminous waves to fall on your shoulders so carefree, you should curl the strands of hair in smaller sections.

Remember that you need to clip them to your head while waiting for them to cool off.

The finishing touch should be the addition of a fixation spray to ensure this gorgeous updo lasts a long time.


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