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May 18, 2018 — by MCutts0

Everyone has an ideal person that they want to be and beauty standards that they want to adhere to. With the increasing popularity of Korean music and television, it is no wonder that many girls like the Korean makeup style or the K-pop trend. This article is about makeup, skin care, and hairstyles. Please note, however, that trying to look like a particular race or nationality that you are not is not considered inappropriate and that this article is only intended to teach you techniques that are worn by Korean girls – it will not help you to look more Korean.

Get skin care products, including a lotion that moisturizes your skin, a foundation (pore covering), a liquid foundation like BB cream, and face powder. You’ll also need black or brown eyeliner, eyeshadow, eyebrow liner, tear liner popular with Korean girls, and lip tint.

To get a more authentic Korean look, you can go to Korean stores or shop online, or get product recommendations from Korean friends. South Korea produces many innovative new beauty products such as the compact pillow case. So keep an eye on trends and buy Korean products.

Koreans value clear, damp skin. Therefore, put on extensive skin care to ensure that your skin is hydrated, clear and free from oils, pimples or other blemishes.

Start by removing all the makeup. Use an oil cleanser to cleanse your face thoroughly and then cleanse it with a natural peel. Use a toner or refreshment, an ampoule or essence to lighten your skin, and a leaf mask to moisturize your skin. Do not tap the eye cream, but rub it around your eyes. Apply a layer of moisturizer and then add a night cream to refresh your skin overnight.

Many Korean girls wear their eyebrows straight and thick, so waxing the eyebrows improves the look. Designing your eyebrows differently can affect the way your entire face is perceived. Therefore, it is important to choose a style that improves your face shape. Use your eyebrows as an easy way to make your face structure look more Korean.

Use lotion and a primer that helps reduce the appearance of pores. Apply a primer with SPF, e.g. B. a BB cream. Then add face powder to finish your base. Consider using an anti-sebum powder that reduces facial oil. This is a very common product used in South Korea.

Use any color, but a medium shade of brown will often look best. Use a darker shade near the eye and on the outer edge of your eyelashes to create a 3D look.

Add wings by stretching it outward beyond the end of the eye and twisting it up a bit to give you an almost cat-like look. Then extend your eyeliner on the inside of the eye no more than 3 mm, directly under your tear duct. This will make your eyes wider and flatter, which is one of the most important features of Korean makeup.

Soak the eyeliner under your eyes to give them a very Korean shine. Popular colors are: gold, white and cream.

Remember, this is just your basic makeup. Focus on different aspects of your makeup to achieve different effects. Choose aspects of your face that look the most Korean to emphasize your makeup, or focus on using your makeup to hide or change other areas.

The goal of this article is not to look more ethnically Korean, it’s to use Korean beauty techniques to make you look the way you want. In addition, Kpop artists dye their hair frequently, so hair color in pop culture is much more varied than you think.

The way you wear your hair can highlight certain aspects of your face. Therefore, make sure you have the best haircuts choose styles and styles for your facial structure.

Pay attention to trends in Korean hairstyles and adopt those that work best for you. Popular styles are long straight hair with bangs, long and wavy hair with a middle part, short short hair and clips or large bows as hair accessories.

Even though Koreans usually have dark brown eyes, you don’t have to change your eye color. In fact, many Kpop artists occasionally wear colored contacts to make their eyes blue or light brown. Colored contacts don’t affect what you see, and you generally don’t need a prescription to get them.

This is a new trend in South Korea and across Asia. By wearing these contacts, you can adapt to Korean beauty standards that emphasize big doggie eyes.

Contacts can be expensive, and if If you have never used them, putting them on is dangerous. So make sure you take your contacts seriously before buying them. learn, how one use it before trying to put it on yourself.

Despite the widespread opinion, there is no stereotypical “Asian eye”. However, since eyelids are generally considered more desirable than monolids, it is becoming increasingly popular to get double eyelids. In fact, it is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery in South Korea. However, you can achieve the look without surgery. There are many special adhesives or tapes to create it.

As with all products, you should be careful when using tapes or adhesives for a long time. They can damage the eyes and face if used continuously, causing droopy eyelids or eye inflammation.
However, there is no need to change your monolids once you have them, as many celebrities and many average people choose to be happy with their natural looks. Some examples of monolithic celebrities are: Soloists Baek Ah Yeon and Boa and Minah from Girl’s Day.

Mark under your eyebrows with a highlighted makeup pencil to make your eyes look big and innocent. Complete the look with your favorite eyeshadow and eyeliner to make you look Korean.

Extend the eyeliner up out of your eye to create a dramatic, cat-like look. Fill it up with smoky eyeshadow to complete the effect.

This new style emphasizes the youth and vitality and not the dramatic sensuality of the cat’s eye. Get this look by stretching your eyeliner down from the outer corner of your eye to form a triangle. Fill it up with eyeliner or a dark eyeshadow for a more subtle look.

This style works well for puppy eyes or your basic makeup to achieve more Korean beauty standards. Get this look with eyeliner or dark eyeshadow, which is applied about half a centimeter below the back of the eye.

As mentioned earlier, it is imperative for Korean beauty to have a dewy, wet look. Lip gloss and tints are not dry lipstick. Although very natural makeup looks are the norm, many people wear a bright red lip gloss / lip tone.

This is a style that was first used in a Korean drama that has been very popular since then. Apply a light pink lipstick to the inside of your lips. Apply a small primer on the outside of your lips. Mix the two products over your lips so that they form an even flow. After practicing, try other colors like red, orange, peach, or lighter pink. This is probably the most common Korean beauty trend. Despite its popularity, it is sometimes seen as somewhat strange for westerners. So don’t be surprised if you get confused looks.


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