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Japanese hairstyles have a long tradition, the attractive updos for long hair and modern variants for short hair are currently back in fashion and can also be styled at home.

Historical woodcuts and ink drawings prove it – Japanese hairstyles have a centuries-old tradition. The artful updos had such a sonorous name as "Split Peach" and were worn on certain occasions. Typical for the hairstyles were decorative elements such as silver hairpins, the kanzashis, which were set with corals, pearls and even precious stones. Flowers and ribbons also adorned the intricate top knots. It was no wonder that the Japanese geishas slept on special neck pillows so as not to destroy the hairstyle.

Japanese hairstyles for long hair are easy to style
The Asian look is currently very trendy for hairstyles. Of course, modern women rely on easy-care yet extraordinary hair fashion. Japanese hairstyles are suitable for all hair lengths, however long hair are best styled for updos. You don’t even need to visit the hairdresser. The entire hair is gathered at the top of the head and tied into a bun, traditionally this hairstyle does without a bangs. For fine hair, a pillow or ring gives more body. Then the hairstyle is decorated with flowers or combs. Another possibility is crosswise inserted sticks, they give additional support. Hair lacquer fixes the hairstyle and ensures a silky shine. By the way, these hairstyles are not only suitable for dark-haired women, blondes can also look quite attractive with an Asian knot hairstyle.

With short and medium length hair you don’t have to do without Japanese hairstyles
For half-length hair, the easiest way to get an updo is a hair piece made of synthetic or natural hair. Fastened with clips or combs, it can be fitted with a suitable one Jewellery as easy to style as a knot from your own hair. Modern Japanese hairstyles for shorter hair are characterized by a voluminous, straight cut bangs that reach up to the eyebrows. What is important is the stressed back of the head, the hair is heavily teased here. The sides are smoothed and are longer than the hair on the neck, sometimes they are cut asymmetrically. In any case, the hairstyle is decorated with decorative elements, which can be flower clips, but also colored strands. Plenty of gloss spray serves as the finish.


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